Dribs and Drams - Spooky edition

What's Happening

Wed - maybe Saturday: Tomlinson Hall in Indy will have the GABF medal-winning beers on tap from tonight until they run out (2-9pm) Wed/Thurs (Noon-9pm Fri/Sat. These include
Bier Brewery - Sanitarium (Belgian Quad)
Flix Brewhouse - Generation Alt (Altbier)
Mad Anthony Brewing Co. - Auburn Lager
Sun King Brewing Co. - Sun Light Cream Ale
The Tap Beer Co. - Electric Stinger (Honey Beer)
Taxman Brewing Co. - Qualified (Belgian Quad)
Friday: There's an in-store tasting at the Cap 'n Cork, New Haven. Oct 30, 5-7pm.

Friday: Flat 12 Haunted Zombie Brewery Tours 6-8pm.
Saturday: This will be the last weekend for a while that doesn't have at least a half-dozen things going on. If you are Central Indiana stop by the Indy Brewery Collectibles Show on Sat. Free entry. 9am-1pm. Pick up some decorative bottles/cans or a tap for your cooler. Or a poster or calendar for the wall.  Or a copy of Hoosier Beer or Indiana Prohibition.

Saturday: If you're in the northwest, Four Fathers Brewing is having a beer dinner on Halloweeen. $50. RSVP required. 7-9pm. Costumes optional.

Saturday: Bent Rail Twangtoberfest. 9pm++. $10

Get your samples now. November looks to be bleak.

Hoosier News

Jeffersonville. Beer Syrup. Pancakes. What do these have to do with each other? Answer: Russ Meredith.

Rita talks about hops.

Flix Brewhouse in Carmel will be serving a Russian Imperial (stormtrooper?) Stout and a Belgian Double during the release showing of Star Wars. Dec 18.

Scarlet Land and Taxman have teamed up to release Heaven and Hell. See this link for tasting schedule through the weekend.

Upland has news about expanding the Sour Ale program. They're going to build a cellar at the 11th Street brewpub. In use by April.

Sun King and the Pacers will be doing a pick and role with Tip-Off Ale.

Here's a long report on Scarlet Lane and its origins.

Get your Amber Smashed Face before all the fans of Cannibal Corpse get their teeth into it.

Indiana on Tap asks owners What's it Like Running a Brewery in Small-town Indiana. Parts 1 and 2.

And other stuff

Will Mega Beer Merger Lead To Higher Prices & Fewer Choices For Consumers?

MillerCoors Gets Court To Throw Out Blue Moon “Craft Beer” Lawsuit. You know the one - where a guy in California started a class action lawsuit wanting to impose the Beer Association's definition of "craft" for a few bucks. California allows fictituous names on beer (as does probably every other state). MillerCoors says their trademark registration is enough to let buys know Blue Moon is a MillerCoors beer. Guess you just have to take your trademark registry with you at all times. Might not be enough in this case since they've trademarked "Artfully Crafted" also.

So you get a craft beer and you get a craft beer and you get a craft beer. Everyone gets a craft beer.

In defense of pumpkin beer

Go ahead and pair wine with Halloween candy.

What's the Right Way to Make a Margarita?

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