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I recently purchased a New Albany, Indiana paperback book “Postcard History Series” by David C. Barksdale and Robyn Davis Sekula.  On page 83 it shows a photo taken in 1907 during a flood. The caption reads “This building was located on the northeast corner of East Third and Water Streets.  For years the building housed the John E. Meyer Saloon.  In 1907, when this area flooded, the building was vacant., etc”.

Copies of 4 U.S. IRS Tax Assessment Lists for the years 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865 show my Great Great Grandmother, Maria Eva Meyer paid tax for this liquor business. This would lead me to believe that she owned the business prior to John E. Meyer.  Since they both have the same last name there seems to be a connection.

I have used an old 1925 map and it appears the location would be the same for the photo and the tax info I have.  I’m thinking the building would be between 3rd and 4th on Upper Water Street, as below is how the Tax Assessment Lists read:
The 1862 tax info lists “Upper Water” and “Hotel”
The 1863 tax info lists “3 & Water streets” (twice)
The 1864 tax info lists  “Upper Water”
The 1865 tax info lists “Upper 4th and Water st)
My GG Grandmother married on January 5, 1867 in New Albany and moved to Louisville with her new husband, Charles Rott.  This would explain why she sold the business. If your readers have any information, I look forward to hearing it.

Cathy Rott Nuzum 

This is the picture from the Postcard History book. The New Albany Beer sign seems to be an ad for the New Albany Brewing Co. - a continuation in 1886/1887 of the Market Street Brewery.

Dribs and Drams

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Dribs and Drams

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