Indiana Beer News – April 27

Logo-FourHorsemen-SmallerThere’s another startup brewery in South Bend and here’s what Eric Strader and I have  learned.

Four Horsemen Brewing Co. is located at 710 Fellows St., owned by Sam and Ben Roule. They plan a production brewery, bottling, with a tasting room using the equipment they bought from Mishawaka Brewing a couple of weeks ago. These tanks have been moved from Elkhart already.

Distribution will be through Indiana Beer Inc., formerly Metro Beverages distributors which Sam and Ben sold a while back.

More pictures, etc. at the link above to their facebook page.

This weekend: More, including liquor store tastings, can be found at IndianaBeer’s Calendar.

  • Thurs, Apr 28 - Ram Spring Fever tapping. 6:30 Fishers. 7pm downtown.
  • Thurs, Apr 28 - Indiana Breweries, Book Signing. Thr3e Wise Men. 6-9pm
  • Thurs, Apr 28 - Ceremonial First Tapping of Moerlein Maibock. Neon's Unplugged, Cinci. 5-9pm.
  • Fri, Apr 29 - Indiana Breweries, Book Signing. Barnes & Noble Clearwater Crossing. 11am-1pm
  • Fri, Apr 29 - Indiana Breweries, Book Signing. Nate will be at Flat 12 Bierwerks 2-6pm. John will be at Sun King 2-7pm. (also on WISH-TV at 9am).
  • Fri, Apr 29 - Bier Prost. Horseshoe Casino, Elizabeth. For IUS(e). $35 </TDALIGN="LEFT">
  • Sat, Apr 30 – Dark Lord Day – SOLD OUT
  • Sat, Apr 30 - Upland Maifest and tapping of Maibock.
  • Sat, Apr 30 - Indiana Breweries, Book Signing. John will be at Lafayette Brewing 11:30am-3:30pm. Nate will be at People's Brewing Noon-3pm. (also on WTHR at 8am)
  • Sat, Apr 30 - Indiana Breweries, Book Signing. Beer Geeks Pub, Highland. 6-9pm
  • Sat, Apr 30 - Cask AleFest Dayton, OH. 1-5pm. $40
  • Sat, Apr 30 - Kahn's bus trip to Heaven Hill, Four Roses, and Horseshoe Casino. $95.
  • Sat, Apr 30 - Beer & Wine tasting. Sahara Mart east, Bloomington. Noon-4pm
  • Sun, May 1 - Indiana Breweries, Book Signing. Haymarket Pub, Chicago. 11am-2pm
  • Mon, May 2 - Great Taste of the Midwest ticket orders must be postmarked today.

Urbain Coutteau of De Struise Brouwers will be wandering Indiana and Louisville for a couple of weeks.

May 3 - Collaboration brewing with Three Floyds (a Belgian IPA)
May 4 – Collaboration brewing with Half Acre and Pipeworks
May 6 – Party at Louisville Beer Store
May 7 – Beer Ball at Holy Grale, Louisville.
May 8 – Collaboration brewing with NABC (Mint Julep IIPA)
May 9 – A second collaboration with NABC plus Office Hours visit

This week at the Bier Brewery and Taproom: Kolsch,Weizengoot, Wildflower Wheat, Belgian Blonde, PDG Pale, Hock Hupfte IPA, Dred Brown, and Belgianwheatfruitsomethinoranother

mgd-64-lemonade Seriously?

“MGD 64, the beer that established the super low-calorie beer category, is furthering its reputation as a category innovator with the creation of the first-ever flavored super low-calorie beer. The limited-edition MGD 64 Lemonade, a 64-calorie light beer with the taste of lemonade, launches nationally beginning May 1. The special brew will be available only until Labor Day.”

Indiana Beer News – April 26

The upper limit for Indiana breweries to have a pub or tap room, sell directly to the public, and self-distribute has been raised from 20,000 bbls to 30,000 bbls by both the House and the Senate and is heading for the Governor’s desk. See you again in a couple of years. article

Rita Kohn’s True Brew has been named a finalist in the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards.

Headline: Ohio State Fair to Allow Beer & Wine Sales for the First Time Since the 1880s. Ohio-made beer and wine from 90%+ Ohio grapes will be dispensed at two locations at the fair this summer curing concerts at least.

Hoff-Brau from Ft. Wayne was named the exclusive beer provider for the Indiana State Fair in 1940 before the fair went dry in 1947.

beer_682_1294674a4120808808_f4343e4207_oAleheads looks at the 20 best beer companies – for labels. link

Flying Monkeys Brewery has been told by the Ontario Liquor Control Board to change the name of their Smashbomb IIPA.

Guess where Viagra is available without a prescription. Brew Dog, that’s where. Royal Virility Performance has sildenafil citrate, horny goat weed, and chocolate.

But there will be no beer at Willy’s wedding reception. Just champagne and wine.

Indiana Beer News – April 21

One more “opening soon” makes it 9 breweries in the works in Indiana. The Bulldog Brewing Co. in Whiting doesn’t have much on their web site yet.

On tap this week at Bier Brewery and Taproom: Brew Bracket DFG IPA, Weizengoot, Witbier, Hock Hupfte IPA, Roggenschnizzle, Belgian Pale, Belgian Dark Strong, and Belgian Wheatfruitssomthinoranother

Flat 12 Bierwerks in on tap all over the state. From the Chubby Trout in Elkhart, through the Heorot in Muncie and Yogi’s in Bloomington, to Charleston Pizza in Charleston and the 605 Grille in Madison.

It’s Butler Winery’s Spring Sale again in their homebrew store. Thru Apr 25th. Glass: 10% off; Grain: 20-25% off. All other supplies: $15 off.

Weekend Calendar: More, including liquor store tastings, can be found at IndianaBeer’s Calendar.

Thursday, Apr 21

Friday, Apr 22

  • Tapping of Infinite Wisdom Tripel, Upland. Art Show at the Bluebird by Norton Wisdom
  • Mad Anthony Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout release and Shigs in Pit BBQ.

Saturday, Apr 23

  • Concert for Infinite Wisdom Tripel, Upland. at the Bluebird. $5
  • Beginning Brewing Class. Great Fermentations, Indy. 9am. $15
  • BJCP Study Group. Indy. 12:30-6pm. Contact Ron Smith
  • 20 Goose Island beers plus a vertical Matilda. SmallBar Fullerton, Chicago. $25. 7pm

Sunday, Apr 24

metromix-brandy-barrel-dark-lord Dark Lord Day. It isn’t just about the Dark Lord anymore. There will be a raffle for some bottles of =========>

Market Behavior for Rare Beer: eBay Auction Prices in Review. A pretty complete look up to Midnight Sun at $544.77 (per 12 oz). Sit back and have a read.

Brasserie DuPont is going to start sending more than Saisons over the pond. Later this year look for Monk’s Stout, Redor Pils, Beloeil (another Saison), Posca Rustica (a Gruit with woodruff and bog myrtle), and Foret Blanche (organic wit).

Indiana Beer News – April 18

Avery is leaving Indiana. With supply unable to keep up with demand, lots of reductions in distribution scope throughout the country are happening, it isn’t just DFH and Avery.

World Class Beverages has spring and summer beers. Bob Mack suggests Bell’s Oberon, Barley Island Sheet Metal Blond and Flat Top Wheat, Oaken Barrel Alabaster, Flat 12 American Wit and Puppet Show Pale, Brooklyn Lager, Schlafly Summer Lager, and Victory Headwaters Pale Ale. article

South Bend’s City Wide Liquors has beer from RJ Rockers (NC), Caldera (OR), and Laughing Dog (ID). Eric Strader has a list of titles.

Doc’s Music Hall in Muncie is considering making moonshine. article

Ohio liquor stores sell growlers all the way up to a 32oz Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence for $20 at the Party Source near Cincy. article

Inevitable headline: Brewdog launches Viagra beer to celebrate royal wedding. “A beer should be brewed with a purpose, not just because some toffs are getting married.”

Hint: Never name your beer phlegm.

BrewBracket - IPA

Mike Sale and Ryan Cole had an idea last winter. Have a March-madness sweet sixteen of Indiana IPAs. A BrewBracket.

Here’s some pictures and then I’ll direct you to Gina’s writeup for the detailed results and more pictures. Right soon DoItIndy will have a video up also.

Sam Smith reports:

The inaugural Brew Bracket tasting tournament was held in Indianapolis at the State Fairgrounds on Sunday, April 17th. The Brew Bracket event featured 16 Indiana brewers each bringing the same style of beer. The brewers were randomly seeded into a tournament-style bracket, and the closes to 300 event-goers blindly taste two beers at a time, voting for their favorite between the two. A majority vote moved that brew to the next round, with one brewer ultimately emerging as the People’s Choice Winner. The inaugural Brew Bracket People’s Choice Winner was Jerry Sutherlin’s Hop Bomb IPA of Rock Bottom Downtown Brewery.

The event raised $1200 for the Boys and Girls Clubs.

P1040822 P1040805  P1040813
Two-fisted pouring. That’s gotta be tough on Mike’s shoulders.

The DoItIndy guys had a big tripod for a professional touch.

Mad Anthony Brewing Company Anniversary Week - April 18

Mad Anthony Brewing Company is celebrating their 13th anniversary this week, April 18-23. Check out their website ( as they have daily events planned today thru Saturday at their Fort Wayne, Auburn and Warsaw locations. They have also added some new foods to their food menu.

Fort Wayne Free Beer Tastings - April 15

Cap n' Cork Dupont location (10020 Lima Road) - Today from 5p.m.-7p.m. they will have numerous beers available from Boulevard Brewing Company to sample. Come out and perhaps find a new summer beer to enjoy this summer. Attendees must be 21 years of age or older with valid photo ID. Tomorrow, April 16th, Belmont Beverage (10311 Illinois Road-in the Shoppes at Illinois Road) will be hosting a beer tasting from 4p.m.-7p.m. At last count from Belmont personnel, there will be approximately 35 beers or so for sampling. There will be will industry representatives from AALCO, Cavalier Distruting, Five Star Distributing, Mad Anthony Brewing Company, and World Class Beverages. There will be free appetizers provided by Aboite Grill, artisan cheeses from the Wisconsin Cheeseman and coffee drinks from Espresso Gallery Coffee Roasters. Attendees must be 21 years of age or older with valid photo ID.

Indiana Beer News – April 14

Triton Brewing is coming along. Their old mule barn in Fort Ben (Lawrence) has new concrete floors and the stud walls are up. Soon, electricity and plumbing. They’ll have the Warbird equipment right behind the tap room bar through a big window. RO, coolers, etc. are in the back and the boilers will be conveniently located in a jut-out to keep the place cooler in the summer. Right now, though, it’s a hard hat zone.


Eileen Martin and Bloomington Brewing have parted.

A Few Tips for a Successful Darklord Day.

Upland is looking for a Marketing Manager and a Beer Advocate. full-time positions. Hey, wait a minute. There’s an old resume around here somewhere that I can send in.

Three Floyds Cortez has been seen on tap. A single hop (El Dorado) Pale Ale.

Flat 12 Bierwerks has Rob’s Glazed Ham Porter back on tap. Think clove.

The Indy Beer Meetup Group was out in force with about 25 congenial people at the Barley Island Restaurant and Brewhouse in Broad Ripple as they tapped some Bloomington Brewing beers. They have over a dozen events each month and they aren’t all listed in IndianaBeer’s Calendar.


Flying Dog Raging Bitch and the Michigan Liquor Control Commission aren’t playing nice together. article

"Yea, I say to you, blessed are the cask-makers, for they build the houses in which dwells the ale."
--anon – or probably Jeff Alworth.

Indiana Beer News – April 13

Uberweizen is back at the Oaken Barrel.

The Indiana Senate has added a 30,000 production cap for breweries, up from 20,000, to House Bill 1132 which previously dealt only with winery issues. Now it goes back to the House. This will let Three Floyds and soon Upland and Sun King continue to self-distribute, have a brewpub or taproom, and sell Sunday growlers.

The Chicagoist looks at Three Floyds’ Zombie Dust. “Zombie Dust is what Gumballhead would be like if it was on steroids.”

Wassup. More, including liquor store tastings, can be found at IndianaBeer’s Calendar.

  • Wed, Apr 13 - Guest brewery (Bloomington Brewing). Barley Island Restaurant and Brewhouse, Broad Ripple. 6:30pm
  • Thurs, Apr 14 - Sun King Indiana Landmarks Wit tapping at the brewery
  • Thurs, Apr 14 - Ram Anaheim IPA release. 4pm.
  • Sat, Apr 16 - Spring Beer and cheese tasting. Belmont Beverage Illinois Rd. Ft. Wayne. 4-7pm
  • Sun, Apr 17 - BrewBracket IPA tasting, voting. Indiana State Fairgrounds. 12:30-5pm. $35
  • Mon, Apr 18 - Bloomington Brewing tapping party. Beer Sellar, Castleton. 8pm+

Bell’s Winter White Ale for $3.99 a six-pack, $14.99 a case. You just have to go to Grand Rapids to get this end-of season close-out.

Purist homebrewers (is that an oxymoron?) seem to have trouble with the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery - $4000 automated 6-gallon system.

 zzzzzz  e45yew5yet4et4

Indiana Beer News – April 8

Update to yesterday’s statehouse update. The Senate committee voted to raise the carding limit from “appear older than 40” to 50.

Jason gives a rundown of the good beers available at Indiana baseball stadiums.

Logo-BrewBracket There are still openings for judges at the Brew Bracket on Sun, Apr 17th. 12:30-5pm. Sweet 16 for Indiana IPAs. $35. Helps Boys and Girls Clubs of Indianapolis.

The event runs like a Sweet 16 tournament featuring Indiana craft beer, where you, the beer enthusiast, gets to vote for your favorite IPA through head to head tasting of 16 Indiana breweries. The majority vote of 400 people will advance a winner through the bracket and eventually identify the People’s Choice Champion of the event.

By blindly tasting beers from 16 of Indiana’s finest breweries you can learn more about the IPA style and find your personal  favorite without any brand or label influence.

Inaugural tasting event, featuring IPA, is on Sunday, April 17th, from 1-5PM (doors open at 12:30) at the Indiana State Fairgrounds (Pioneer Our Land Pavilion). Only 400 tickets will be sold ($35) through, available now ($5 DD tickets also available).

Lots of supply but even more demand. DFH stopped shipping to WI, IN, TN, RI. Great Divide has pulled out of MI, RI, CT, KY, NM, AK, DC. Avery has left CT, RI, and San Francisco. Oskar Blues, and Left Hand are shrinking their distribution channels. Now Rogue is pulling out of Yemen according to a tongue in cheek press release.

Meantime Scotch Ale (10%) is in the country in 750ml bottles.

Iron City’s new owners plan to revive Olde Frothingslosh.

Here’s a headline that is bound to be de-bunked. Alcohol causes 10% of cancer in men. Surprise. It’s from Brit “alcohol awareness charity” Drinkaware.

Now this headline flies in the face of conventional theory. Study: Beer beats water for hydration

Floods in Sheffield, Wales, Australia, and somewhere else:

FloatingPatrons  FloatingBrewery


Indiana Alcohol Bills, 2011 session update

Here’s the current legislative standings:

A) There were four competing “Identification for alcohol purchases” bills.

SB 46 - Card anyone who looks under 40. – Has gone nowhere. Essentially the same as SB 78 so it can die a quiet death.

SB 133 - Just repeals current must-card to return to the way it has been for decades. Gone nowhere sadly.

HB 1088 – The house version of SB 133. Also has died.

SB 78 - Card anyone who looks under 40. – Passed committee. Passed by Senate 47-3. Sent to house. Passed house committee with one amendment (below). Sent to House.

(a) The general assembly urges the legislative council to assign the topic of which state agency should have authority to control dangerous alcohol products to an existing study committee for study.
(b) If the topic of which state agency should have authority to control dangerous alcohol products is assigned to an existing study committee under subsection (a), the study committee shall issue a final report to the legislative council containing the study committee's finding and recommendations, including any recommended legislation concerning the topic, not later than November 1, 2011.

HB 1325 – Card anyone who looks under 40. House version of SB 78. Passed committee. Passed House. Senate committee added microbrewery limit of 30,000 bbls instead of 20,000 bbls. Sent to Senate.

This microbrewery limit gives breweries under (now) 20,000 bbls the OK to sell at the brewery (as in tasting room or brewpub) and to self-distribute. A raise to 30,000 bbls means Three Floyds will have to come back again for another ceiling in a couple of years.

B) Other Stuff:

SB 197 – Alcoholic beverage matters – Creates Supplemental dealer’s permit (Sunday carryout sales) and Cold Beer dealer’s permit, both for grocery/convenience stores. Package stores would be able to sell on Sunday without a permit. Seems to have died in committee.

SB 112 - Alcoholic beverage wholesalers – Wholesalers can handle all three: beer, wine, and liquor. Passed committee. Amended to allow allow one wholesaler to “provide services” for another wholesaler such as store beverages, deliver beverages, take payments for beverages. In other words, wholesalers will be able to farm out brands. Heading for senate vote.

SB 1093 - Serving alcohol during the Indiana State Fair – Looks to have died in committee. Dammit.

Indiana Beer News – April 6

Here’s the WHAS news report and video from the Holl/Schweber Indiana Breweries book signing in New Albany over the weekend. Good job.

Beervana gives Indiana Breweries a glowing review. with some stats: “What did leap out was how: 1) small, and 2) new the market for good beer appears in Indiana.”

Mark Snelling of Bee Creek Brewery tells us “Bee Creek is expanding again.  Grain handling had become too much of a hassle, so we've added a large grain bin and augers to move the grain around.  In the background you can see the new 15 barrel brite tank as well.  As soon as we can figure out how to fit a 10 foot tall tank under a 9 foot tall ceiling, we will have that available as well.”


Rock Bottom has a new, temporary, beer menu. Their website now says “There is a unique beer menu at every Rock Bottom in addition to our core line up of consistent flavor profiles that you can expect at any Rock Bottom you visit nationwide. But, you’re thirsty and want to know what beers you can expect down here, right? Well, you can always expect to find a pint of one of these:


Liz is tapping Rye IPA tonight at 6pm.

Her handpull has Double Barrel Pale Ale flowing but it’s a secret. Soft but not to the creamy stage which works well.

Other events this week:

Wed, Apr 6 - Northwest Indiana Beer tasting. Tomlinson Tap Room, Indy. 5:30-7:30pm

Fri, Apr 8 - Release of Bumpy Face Agave Wheatwine. Lafayette Brewing

Sat, Apr 9 - Sun King 1887 tapping. Victory Field, Captains Cove. 6:30pm at the season opener.

Sat, Apr 9 - Bluechip Brewfest. Blue Chip Casino, Michigan City. $30/$50.

Sat, Apr 9 - BJCP Study Group. Indy. 12:30-6pm. Contact Ron Smith

We’ve heard of 8 start-ups that should open this year.

Black Swan Brewpub – Plainfield – D. J. Macallister - Brewpub
Three Pints Brewing– Plainfield – Tom Hynes – Brewpub
Blue Republic Brewing Co. – Shelbyville – Bill Ballinger – Production brewery
Triton Brewing Co. – Indianapolis – Jon Lang – Production brewery
Fountain Square Brewing Co. – Indianapolis – Skip DuVall – Production brewery
Bare Hands Brewing Co. – Granger – Chris Gerard – Production brewery
Black Acre Brewing Co. – Indianapolis – Justin Miller – Production brewery
Heorot Pub and Draught House – Muncie – Bob Cox – Brewpub (currently a pub)

In PA, Troegs (Mad Elf) hits Bethlehem Brew Works (Rude Elf) with a C&D. Ridgeway (Bad Elf, Seriously Bad Elf, Very Bad Elf, Criminally Bad Elf, Insanely Bad Elf) stays out of this fight so far. article

What should I drink? Cute flowchart

Brewbot: An Automated Homebrewing Machine.

What does vanilla smell like? Notes on learning aroma and taste only by smelling and tasting.

Moa Breakfast Beer (a Cherry Wheat) is called irresponsible by New Zealand watchdogs. article

Quote of the day: " 'Geek' is actually probably exactly the right word for a lot of us," said Gera Exire LaTour, who spends much of her spare time brewing at home, judging brewing contests and, of course, drinking obscure beers. article

Trappist Beer

Indiana Beer News – April 3

Eric Strader visited Sauk Trail on 17 in Elkhart and found Schlafly, Victory, Bells, Flying Dog and Flat 12 Upside Down Blonde. blog And says Chubby Trout has Flat 12 Pogues Run Porter on tap.

Ram’s Small Ale homebrew Pro-Am competition was judged last Friday by 9 BJCP judges under the direction of Sandy Cockerham and the winners were announced on Saturday to a good sized crowd that seemed to include most of the 42 entrants.

3rd Place: Chuck Whybrew (seriously) of Zionsville with an Irish Red Ale. Chuck has been homebrewing for about a year and this is his first competition.

2nd Place: Jon & Greg & Jim Fischer with an American Pale Ale using Apollo hops and hop-tea dry-hopped with Simcoe. They are from Columbus and Greg is a member of CACA. He’s been homebrewing for a better part of 20 years and has previously only entered beer in the Power House Pro-Am.

1st Place: William Tilt of Lafayette with Better Bettor Bitter, and Ordinary Bitter using Maris Otter, Fuggles and Goldings. This is his 7th batch of homebrew and his first competition entry. The guys at his weekly poker game enjoy it also. He is interested in starting a commercial brewery or brewpub in Lafayette.

William and Andrew haven’t decided on a brew date yet and since an Ordinary Bitter should be fresh for the Pro-Am contest it may be late summer before we get to taste it at the Ram before it heads off to Denver.

Sandy Cockerham revealed the winners.


From right, Andrew Castner, head brewer at Ram. Chuck Whybrew, Greg Jon Fischer, and William Tilt.

Winner William Tilt’s family joined him on the trip down from Lafayette, or was that Chicago?

All the entrants who came to the Ram for the awards ceremony were awarded large tastings of 5 from Andrew’s back room:

  • Glacier Peak Pale Ale – American Pale with Glacier and Ca scade? hops. No head. Lemony.
  • Anaheim IPA – an American IPA aged with Anaheim peppers to give a distinct pepper taste with very minimal heat (less than 5 SHU). The IPAness comes through a bit which is what Andrew was aiming at.
  • Java Disorder – Brown Porter aged with plenty of Bjava coffee beans roasted by Sandy.
  • Batch 999 – Imperial IPA that has aged well since it was on tap. Very smooth.
  • A Barrel-aged Strong Ale by Dave Colt that is at the peak of perfection. Not only subtly whiskeyey but has all the other qualities of the barrel. A real sipping beer.
  • Ole St. Mick’s Fighting Irish Red was also on tap. A big red reminiscent of Ard Ri or the like.

                    2782413821_418ddc6927_o   Cat

Indiana Beer News – April 1

Jordan of the Beer Sellar in Castleton tells us about their plans for the first week of May. “We are going to have upwards of 50 different Indiana beers from 12-15 different breweries. We will be putting 30 on our tap wall and then spreading the rest around the bar and outside. The breweries are going to bring jockey boxes and set up tables to talk about their beers. Starting Tuesday, May 3rd, will be the first small tapping party. Flat 12 will bring in beers and talk about their company that day. Wed, May 4th, will be Sun King. Thurs, May 5th, will be Upland. And Friday, May 6th, will be Three Floyds. Saturday the May 7th will be the big event with the rest of the beers. I will have a list of beers closer to the event after everyone starts delivering them here.

RWpublichouseLS1 Milwaukee. Riverwest Public House. Cooperative. A co-op pub. Read all about it 

First Dogfish Head stops sending us beer. Now Shelton Brothers importers. Mikkeller, Cantillon, Drie Fonteinen, Fantome, Nøgne Ø. This is sad. the HBGeeks have the news

Beer Hunter, the Movie. Yep, a film in production about Michael Jackson. web site

“New Albanian Brewing Company, a local microbrewery and pub that specializes in hoppy and heavy craft ales, will hold a beer tasting Friday evening at its main location just off Grant Line Road in New Albany. Some of the beers that will be on hand include Natural Light, Miller Lite, Bud Light, Bud Ice, Keystone Dry, Red Dog, Busch and Old Milwaukee. “We’ll also be tapping kegs of both traditional Coors ‘banquet’ beer and Coors Light,” said NABC owner Roger Baylor. “This is definitely an if-you-can’t-beat-’em-join-’em move. If people are truly stupid enough to enjoy this urine soda, we may as well see if we can as well. Also, we figure that if our palates can actually detect a difference in any of this offensive swill, it will only improve our senses.” Baylor also said there will be food pairings as well as guest speakers, including noted beer expert John Holl, who will lead a 45-minute roundtable discussion about pairing Natural Light with cat shit.” – Article in Leo via Potable Curmudgeon.