Indiana Beer News – June 29

Barley Island’s tied house, the Restaurant and Brewhouse in downtown Broad Ripple has closed.

Logo-TwistedCrewThe Twisted Crew sent a picture. They’re open in Seymour on
Fri: 4-8pm
Sat: 2-8pm
Sun: Noon-4pm


METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We used a Y tube-olfactometer designed to take advantage of the whole body odour (breath and skin emanations) as a stimulus to gauge human attractiveness to Anopheles gambiae (the primary African malaria vector) before and after volunteers consumed either beer (n = 25 volunteers and a total of 2500 mosquitoes tested) or water (n = 18 volunteers and a total of 1800 mosquitoes). Water consumption had no effect on human attractiveness to An. gambiae mosquitoes, but beer consumption increased volunteer attractiveness. Body odours of volunteers who consumed beer increased mosquito activation (proportion of mosquitoes engaging in take-off and up-wind flight) and orientation (proportion of mosquitoes flying towards volunteers' odours). The level of exhaled carbon dioxide and body temperature had no effect on human attractiveness to mosquitoes. Despite individual volunteer variation, beer consumption consistently increased attractiveness to mosquitoes. article

Michigan has approved the name Raging Bitch after Flying Dog sued. article

But Ohio isn’t going to allow beers over 12% ABV. article

e56ursysherghdsrgdIf barley be wanting to make into malt,
We must be content and think it no fault,
For we can make liquor to sweeten our lips,
Of pumpkins, and parsnips, and walnut-tree chips.

- Verse from the 1630s.

Fort Wayne and Beyond Upcoming Events - June 29

Tomorrow, June 30th, from 5p.m.-? Cerulean Restaurant ( in Winona Lake, IN will be celebrating their 5 year anniversary with Flat 12 Night. Here are the details:
"Basically what we are doing is having Mark Kocher here from Flat 12 to help pour and promote the brewery next Thursday evening (the 30th) from 5p- whenever. It is the 5 year anniversary of the restaurant that night so we wanted to do something fun & different. He will be bringing a specialty keg from the brewery that most places are unable to get and then we will be running 5 more tap handles of all Flat 12 beer on draft. The regular Garden food menu will be open to all customers that evening as well". If you have never been to Cerulean Restaurant, it is well worth visiting. Check out their website for their Lunch, Dinner, Wine, Beer and Sake menus.

On Friday, July 1st, Cap n' Cork ( Georgetown location, (260)493-6648, in Fort Wayne, will be having a FREE beer tasting (Must be 21 yrs. old or older with valid photo ID) from 5p.m.-7p.m. Some of the breweries being represented will be Bell's, Boulevard, and Bee Creek to name a few. Perhaps you will find a new beer to celebrate the upcoming holiday!

Indiana Beer News – June 26

The Ram (Indy and Fishers) have $5.99 growler fills from now until the end of July,. ($6.99 on seasonals such as Spring Fever, Bill’s Bettor, Barefoot Wit, Batch 1000 Easy Rye-der, and the upcoming JR’s Cucumber Blonde).

Rumors we heard at the Brew-Ha-Ha:

  • At Three Pints Brewpub, Tom Hynes has put a priority on keeping 5 regulars on tap.
  • New Boswell and Lil' Charlie's are starting a joint venture for Roderick Landess to send beer from Richmond back to Batesville while Adam Israel moves to a all-grain brewhouse in a separate location. Roderick will expand New Boswell’s plant with four more fermenters, in a new location in Richmond, needing concrete floors and all.
  • Another brewery license has been uncovered. The J & J Winery just west of Richmond has a brewery license and their web site says “Brewery Coming Soon – Das Bier “Big Dog” Brewery”.
  • Danger Brew

Tickets for the Great American Beer Festival (Sept 29-Oct 1) go on sale online June 30th.

Tuxedo Park Brewers have a new paint job on their building. Amber waves of grain.


A bill that would allow homebrew to be served in licensed Michigan brewpubs and restaurants (for educational purposes) passed the Michigan State House of Representatives Thursday. House Bill 4061 passed by a vote of 105 to 5.

Bike6packIt’s getting weirder. Flying Monkey unveils Alpha-fornication. 13.3% ABV. 2500 IBU. “A hop-steeped wort re-circulated through an additional “Hop Vorlauf” punches up the insane intensity of this brew to a stupefying 2500 IBUs.” $45 per bottle – 6 available - only at the brewery. Nutsiness

Charlie Papazian thinks a half-million barrels of homebrew are made annually. article

A find in Southeastern France says beer was made there about 2,500 years ago using their own maltings. article

Brisbane, Australia has a new pub with 9 bars, 100 taps, that holds 7,000 punters. But “We've got 20-something beers. We didn't go for the widest range. We don't want to have beers that people won't drink.” Too bad. article

Headline: Houston Beer Fest Outsells Its Venue by 8,000 Tickets; Attendees Furious – Article: Will put a knot in your stomach.

Phoenix Theatre Brew-Ha-Ha 2011

Another year, another day of perfect weather for the Phoenix Theatre Brew-Ha-Ha. Ha Ha. This was the first year in a while that 90°+ wasn’t the bane of all the breweries and attendees. Indeed, a nice day and a huge crowd.

The Lebanon American Legion calliope boat/trailer entertained the set-up crews before the bands (Bobbie Lancaster, Finding Fred, and The Subpoenas) played.




Fountain Square Brewing Co. made their public debut with   a wide range of test beers and an innovative 1 litre backkpack pourer working the crowd.


  PT-BHaHa05 PT-BHaHa06

Jeff Eaton (Barley Island) and Tom Hynes (Three Pints Brewpub) discussed the business of suburban brewpubs.


Roderick and Kiera Landess are expanding their brewery in Richmond


Sun King, the Ram and others had special pourings through the day.








It didn’t take long for the block to become crowded. Two hours into the festival it became very crowded. We’re not going to speculate on the count but next year an attendee limit or a larger venue will be likely.


People who live on that block of Park Ave. were, again, very gracious, helping both brewers and the crowd alike. By 5pm, the lines stretched from door to across the street at Sun King, Half Moon, Upland, Broad Ripple Brewpub, Thr3e Wise Men, Bier, The Rock Bottoms, People’s, Bee Creek, Power House, and every other brewery pouring (as this 1-minute video shows).

And the typical line at the portapotties. This one was odd that it stretched across Abbey Road.




All in all, a lot of people got to try a lot of good beer. Cavalier was pouring from their excellent repertoire, breweries were pouring from their back rooms, food was good and not overpriced. People realized they needed to get a sample and immediately stand in the next line. The 16th year of good times for the Phoenix Theatre Brew-Ha-Ha.

Indiana Beer News – June 21 – Part 2

Tom Stilabower tells us that only 4 commercial breweries have registered their beers for the Indiana State Fair Brewers Cup. Four.


B) You can bring your bottles to Sun King on Saturday if you are coming to the Phoenix Theater Brew-Ha-Ha.

The Brewers of Indiana Guild has a new website. Nice list of beers.

Twisted Crew Brewing Co. 755 W. Second St. Seymour. Indiana. Tyler Kimbrell, Terry and Suzannah Miller. They opened June 4th and nobody noticed except the local paper.

“On tap currently are Drop Dead Red, an amber beer, Frothy Mothy, a blonde beer, Bust A Nut, a brown beer, and Sinister Stout, a stout.

Growlers are $16, refills are $12, empty pints are $5 and empty growlers are $6. In addition, T-shirts with the Twisted Crew Brewing Company logo are $15 and koozies are $2.50.

Hours of operation may change, but right now the company is open on Fridays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 4 p.m.”

True Brew has won 2nd in The National Federation of Press Women’s 2011 Communications Contest.

“Nuvo senior writer Rita Kohn captured second place in the National Federation of Press Women's 2011 Communications Contest for her book, "True Brew," a guide to craft beer in Indiana. Kohn writes the beer column for Nuvo, the Indianapolis alternative newsweekly. She won in the category of non-fiction book, general.

Her book came in first in the Woman's Press Club of Indiana communications contest and was sent on to the national competition. WPCI is an affiliate of the National Federation of Press Women. Kohn's book competed with first-place winners from 26 other NFPW affiliates for the national award. It will be presented at the NFPW national conference Sept. 8-10”.

Indiana Beer News – June 21

Wow. It’s summer already. Indiana State Fair Brewers Cup entries are due by next Friday.

Jared's going to work for Schlafly, and we're damned proud of him says the NABC blog.

BHH 2011 POSTERThis week in beer: (more at’s calendar)

Michigan has a law past the Regulatory Reform committee that will allow homebrew in pubs and breweries for competition or educational purposes. Just like Indiana already has. article

Roger has links to four upcoming Louisville breweries. article


Beer Pong for adults

Free Beer Tasting - June 16

Today at Belmont Beverage, Times Corner, from 6p.m.-9p.m., sample beers being poured by representatives from Cavalier Distributing and Five Star Distributing. There will be approximately 10-15 beers available for sampling per a Belmont Beverage employee.

Indiana Beer News – June 14

If you’re not at the National Homebrew Conference, here’s what’s happening this weekend:

20Baltika Breweries web site lists Indiana Juice. “a cocktail on the basis of beer with fruit tastes. Its production started in 2005, and in two years only it has become a national brand. An innovative technology is applied in its production: alcohol isn’t added in the drink but is formed by natural fermentation of the malt basis. The cocktail is produced with two most popular tastes — "orange" and "lemon". Indiana Juice is an available qualitative drink which perfectly freshens and invigorates. It is chosen by active young men who like to spend time at the parties and feel perfect in the urban environment. Alcohol content: 7 %. Natural fruit content: not less than 10%. 0.5 litre cans.

The 2011 US hop acreage report is in. Down 1,200 acres total from 2010.

Someone has made up a beautiful US Beer Distribution spreadsheet that shows what brands are sold in what states. A must see. (thanks StlHops)

Tyranena Brewing Co. spells out why the change being shoved through Wisconsin’s statehouse is not cool.

Grand Rapids Brewing, around since 1993 is closing its doors this weekend. Sigh. article

Diageo, the Guinness people, are sponsoring a “foetal” alcohol syndrome education initiative. So the prohibitionists accuse them of, well, selling Guinness and Smirnoff. article

Indiana Beer News – June 10

This Sunday in Fort Wayne:

Botanical Brew & Q -  Sunday, June 12, 4:00-8:00 p.m.

Did you know that there are 23 categories of beer and 78 subcategories of beer? Well, you do now and we’re going to show you the basics of how beer is made. Local home brewers from the Mad Anthony Serious Homebrewers club (M.A.S.H) will share their passion while you learn new and fun information about beer. Brewer’s Art Supply will answer any questions you might have about brewing your own beer. You’ll also be able to enjoy great music by the band Moderate Pain. Mad Anthony Brewing will be on hand to vend their award winning microbrews and award winning Shigs in Pit BBQ. At 5:30 p.m. we’ll announce the winners of our Botanical Brew Competition. Regular Conservatory admission.

2011_State_Fair_FINAL_REV_3BThe Indiana State Fair Brewer’s Cup is coming and they are now accepting entries online. Entries due by 7:00pm. Friday, June 24.

Opening this Saturday at noon. Greenbush Brewing Co. brewpub. Sawyer, Michigan. (just off I-94 at Warren Dunes State Park on Lake Michigan. Less than 10 miles to the Indiana state line. (thanks Dave)

In other’s news:



Brew and Q - Fort Wayne - June 9

This Sunday, June 12th, from 4:00-8:00 p.m. at the Botanical Conservatory ( located in downtown Fort Wayne, the Brew & Q will be taking place. Here are the details from their website:

"Did you know that there are 23 categories of beer and 78 subcategories of beer? Well, you do now and we’re going to show you the basics of how beer is made. Local home brewers from the Mad Anthony Serious Homebrewers club (M.A.S.H) will share their passion while you learn new and fun information about beer. Brewer’s Art Supply will answer any questions you might have about brewing your own beer. You’ll also be able to enjoy great music by the band Moderate Pain. Mad Anthony Brewing will be on hand to vend their award winning microbrews and award winning Shigs in Pit BBQ. At 5:30 p.m. we’ll announce the winners of our Botanical Brew Competition." Admission is $5 for adults. (Must be 21 yrs. of age or older with valid photo ID to purchase beer.)

Indiana Beer News–June 9

More on last weekend’s beer festivals.

Eric Strader tells what’s on at the Chubby Trout. Seriously, if you live in or visit Michiana, you need to follow his blog.

“The Making of Sun King Brewery's Grapefruit Jungle”. A 5 minute video at CraftBeer wherein Dave Colt tells how rock’n’roll made his beer what it is.

Chuck Berry :: Sun King
Pat Boone :: mass produced crap

Three Floyds labels by Tim Lehi: Arctic Panzer Wolf in 22oz bottles. Amon Amarth is available only at the brewery. Zombie Dust may go to bottles in the fall.



Raging mad brewer files lawsuit against state over beer label. Flying Dog’s Raging Bitch isn’t welcome in Michigan. “The state isn’t preventing free speech, but preventing the sale of beer with that particular label. Selling beer is not exactly the focal point of the First Amendment”.

Ohio may raise the 12% ABV limit on beer at Hoppin’ Frog’s request. article

J.K. O'Donnell's Irish Ale House/New Day Meadery - June 9

On Tuesday, June 28th, from 6p.m.-8p.m., "JK O'Donnells is hosting New Day so you can enjoy a Mead dinner in your neighborhood! And not just any dinner, a six course tasting menu pairing our handcrafted wines with Chef Will's creativity, and food provided by your neighboring farmers and ranchers. Is there a better way to spend a Tuesday evening? Tickets are $35 plus tax and gratuity." Call J.K. O'Donnell's at 260-420-5563 for reservations or for more information about this event.

Fort Wayne/New Haven Beer Tastings - June 7

This Friday, June 10th, from 5p.m.-7p.m., Cap n' Cork located at 5430 Coldwater Rd., will be having a FREE beer tasting (Must be 21 yrs. of age or older with valid photo ID) with beers from 12 or so breweries. Come out and sample some summer time beers and perhaps find a new summer beer to enjoy.

On Friday, June 17th, from 5p.m.-7p.m., Cap n' Cork located at 110 E. Lincoln Hwy. in New Haven will be having a FREE beer tasting (Must be 21 yrs. of age or older with valid photo ID).

Trion Tavern Beer Event (New Haven, IN) - June 6

Mark your calendar and get your ticket(s)for an upcoming beer event to take place on Saturday, August 6th, from 2p.m.-6p.m. Here are the details:


Craft beer festival coming to New Haven this summer

June 1, 2011 – New Haven, Indiana – The Trion Tavern is proud to announce its 1st Annual “Brew Haven” Summer Craft Beer Festival. On Saturday, August 6, 2011, northeast Indiana’s newest craft beer festival will be held in downtown New Haven, Indiana. From 2pm to 6pm, attendees will have the opportunity to taste dozens of different beers. The festival tent will be located on Main Street just east of Broadway along the north side of Trion Tavern.

Numerous craft breweries will be on hand to pour samples of their beers.
The growing list of participants already includes: Upland Brewing Company (Bloomington, Indiana), Goose Island Beer Company (Chicago, Illinois) and New Belgium Brewing (Fort Collins, Colorado) and Five Star Distributing.

Advance tickets cost $25 and include: unlimited samples, a souvenir tasting glass, food and water. Tickets can be purchased at Trion Tavern or through A limited number of tickets will be sold the day of the event for $30. Designated driver tickets will also be available for $5. A portion of the proceeds will go to the New Haven Downtown Improvement District. This will be a smoke-free event both under the tent and inside the bar.

Trion Tavern is located at 503 Broadway in downtown New Haven, Indiana.
“The Trion” features the greatest selection of distinctive craft beers in the area with 58 different taps and dozens of bottled beers. Many of the brews are regional, some of them rare, and all are carefully chosen for their distinctiveness in order to provide the widest possible range of styles for any palette. Owner and operator Greg Jacquay proudly provides a friendly, authentic atmosphere with a unique, handcrafted bar as its centerpiece. Trion Tavern has a full menu and a separate family room.

Greg Jacquay
(260) 493-2265

Must be 21 years of age or older with valid photo ID to sample the beers.

Also, on Saturday June 18th, at 7p.m. Trion will be tapping eight (8) Founder's beers so come out and enjoy some of Founder's tasty beers! KBS and Devil Dancer will be among the beers being tapped. This will be a smoke-free event.

Indiana Beer News – June 6

Lafayette Brewing this month: Golden Lady IPA is back. Oatis Brown comes in mid-June.

Flat 12 Bierwerks gets ink and lots of moving pixels in an 11-minute episode of Travel by the Pint. They’ve just added new fermenters in a project to double production for the Big Woods Pizza soon to open across the alley. article

The HBG Knights take on the Ram.

Bloomington’s Craft Beer Festival reports:

BeerCoolerThis week’s madness. More, including liquor store tastings, can be found at IndianaBeer’s Calendar.

Breweries: The Brewing News is looking for summer beers for the 4th Global Warming Open. Deadline, June 9th.

Wisconsin is not without its charms. Beer, cheese, snowmobiles, Madison in general, but the current government seems to suck. Now they have taken MillerCoors money for a bill to make brewpubs, selling growlers onsite, and self distributing all illegal. article

The Wisconsin bill, if bought here in Indiana by, say, Zink or Monarch, would put the following Indiana breweries in violation: Back Road, Barley Island, Bee Creek, Bier, Big Woods, Bloomington, Broad Ripple, Brugge, Crown, Figure Eight, Flat 12, Granite City, Great Crescent, Half Moon, Lafayette, Lil’ Charlies, Mad Anthony, NABC, New Boswell, Oaken Barrel, People’s, Power House, Ram, Rock Bottom, Shoreline, Sun King, Three Floyds, Three Pints, Thr3e Wise Men, Turoni’s, Upland, and Wilbur. Yes, you’re right, that’s all of them.

Early June

This is going to be a great summer! The mural on the side of PowerHouse is going to happen, chech their website for updates. They are still taking bids for you to get yourself in the mural, contact Jon for details. Right now they have Ice 9, White River Brown, Jack the Bum APA, Two Dave's IPA, and Diesel Oil Stout. Stop in and check out the guest taps and what's on hand pull. Jon will be pouring Saturday in Clarksville.

Saturday in Bloomington is going to be a hot one, with loads of great beers to sample. I will be running around or pouring, just where I'm needed. See everyone Saturday!