Misc News – Feb 25

Growler sales has passed the House. 75 – 20.

The 12th Gravity Head starts Friday. The Program is online. J.W. Lees Harvest Ale on Sat.

Mike shows HBG readers the Sun King canning line .

If your day is going slow, the NY Times has Tasting Belgian Golden Ales where they give stars to Jolly Pumpkin and others.

Australia's Supercar race in October they limited the amount of beer spectators could bring in. To twenty-four 12oz cans. Per person. Per day. The Snakepit lives.

Misc News – Feb 23

World Class Beverages has made brewing and distribution friends all over the country. That's a large part of Jim Schembre's job nowadays. The Hopapolooza at the Microbrewers Festival was an example of Jim coaxing out some rare and interesting beers that we don't usually see here. Now they have 24 cases each of Hair of the Dog Adam, Fred, and Ruth. Adam rates a 100 at Ratebeer and Fred is a 99. Nuf said. They'll hit stores maybe even this week. press release with video

hoppin-frog-doris-the-destroyer B.O.R.I.S. is 9.4%. This spring, D.O.R.I.S will be 11%.

SB 75 passes 2nd reading in the House, should go up for 3rd today

Some tastes:

  • Barley Island Muscles from Brussels. BI bravely presents a 10.2% Black IPA that has a big grain bill with Munich, Cara-pils, Chocolate, Black Patent, Flaked Barley, and Candi Sugar. Amarillo and Citra hops give an orange note that comes through the young plumy taste. Long tongue-numbing finish.
  • Oaken Barrel Java Stout – Wow. Coffee in the nose, on the tongue, then up the nose again, and sliding down the bitter buds and your throat. Opaque black with a short brown dense head. Mark cold steeped 5 pounds of Strange Brew beans and also has a sack full hanging in the serving tank.
  • Power House Saison Sour – A return to the roots of beer. Light malt, light hops, citric, and lactic.
  • Power House Berliner Weiss – Big weizen that has acquired a slight sourness from the yeast. Orangey and and mid-tart.

Coming to Oaken Barrel: A bit of the Java Stout test brew, a Java Porter. California Common, Scottish, and then Uberweizen returns in time for the Final 4.

Misc News – Feb 17

More pictures of Winter Warmer here and here.

The five Scotty's has made a determined effort to have a great beer list and to have a selection of Indiana beers. Chumley's is nicely following suit and the Lafayette store is almost a mirror of Broad Ripple. The Black Sparrow (warning, music) in Lafayette has mostly bottles but their taps after the Winter Warmer were enough to warm one's taste buds. People's Mr. Brown and Pilsner; Sun King L'Espresso  Robusto and Amarillo the Princess Warrior; Three Floyds / Piece Ham on Rye; Founder's Double Trouble; and Dogfish Head 90 Minute.

The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers doesn't like Walgreen's gobbling 200 liquor store permits in Indiana. Pres. John Livengood makes a good case in "State alcohol license quota system broken".

Granite City is having a national homebrew contest. Winner will be their summer seasonal. $600 cert. for each best of category. April 11-25th.

Jared Williamson of NABC and Josh Davies of Arcadia made a guest appearance at the Livery's kettles for the Benton Harbor brewery's 5th anniversary brew. Jared will tell you all about it. Plus pictures, pictures,

Kahn's. Indy. Beer. 15% off. Feb 17-23.

BrewDog wants the record back from Schorschbrau so they've made a 41% ABV Sink the Bismarck. Ships on Feb 22nd. £40 ($62) per 330ml bottle. Plus shipping. Buy it here. article

Lafayette Brewing's Winter Warmer 2010

And a good time was had by all.

Brad (not pictured here) won the Keg Hold men's division at 1:54.
Jessica Johnson took Linda Swihart's throne in the women's at 1:55.

Clay Robinson shows off a prototype for the Sun King cans to come.

Unfortunately none of Upland's Bourbon Barrel Aged Teddy Bear Kisses
made it past the jockey box due to an internal leak.

Going around the room we found lots of reasons to be at the Winter Warmer.

  • Alcatraz Super Sledge - Plenty of alchol and plenty of floral. Maybe the Tanquery of beers.
  • Power House Scottish – Smooth, chocolaty, and strong.
  • Back Road Number 9 Barleywine – Served in a pin by a handpull. Pure essence of Barleywine.
  • Brugge Brasserie Thunder Monkey – Spiced Belgian while the snow still falls.
  • Broad Ripple Brewpub – Hopcicle – Quaffable. 7.7%. Lots of Summit. And still quaffable.
  • Mad Anthony's Old Crippled Bastard – A colder and smoother Barleywine than #9. Married.
  • Dogfish Head Palo Santo – 10%. 10,000 gallon rare South American vat. etc. etc.
  • Lafayette Brewing Marley's VSOP – Another smooth and potent brew. Malt, Malt, Malt, Balance.
  • Upland Banshee Strong Scotch Ale – Roughneck kilt-wearing malt liquor. 7.9%
  • Sun King Tipping Point Belgian Dark - All but this 5 gallons is back in Indy aging in Buffalo Trace casks for an April release. Slow buildup to a bright brittle malt candy then a quick descent to the dark side.
  • People's Brewing Mr. Brown – Brash 7% American Brown.
  • Tippecanoe Homebrewers' Circle had many member's beers for tasting. Linda Swihart's Dos Diablos Damnit is a Triple with gobs and gobs of pale malt until the whole thing turns spicy.

Along the way, more IPAs, Barley Wines, Smoked Porters, and even a Gose.

The traditional brewer's picture

800 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza and Pub Event (Fort Wayne)

On Tuesday, February 16th, which is also Fat Tuesday, at 800 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza and Pub, a firkin of Bells Hopslam will be tapped at 6p.m. Also available will be Bells Batch 9000, Bells Amber, Bells Consecrator Dopplebock and other Bells beers. Also on tap will be Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale and Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA. Chef Matt Rogers will be cooking some cajun and creole foods as well for Fat Tuesday. Come out and enjoy some tasty beers and food! (10020 Lima Rd.) www.800degrees.net

Misc News – Feb 13

Senate Bill 75 has has been merged with two others as it goes to the House. One will end the silly prohibition while polls are open. The other will extend Sunday sales from 1:30am (Monday morning) to 3am – but will also require an ID check for everyone when buying alcohol for carry-out. These three new provisions were all sort of approved by the 2-year study group and the combined bill is headed for Trent Van Haaften's Public Policy Committee.

My take: If more stuff doesn't get amended to it, Van Haaften may even OK this since it's balanced – there's something for both sides. Taverns get an extra hour and a half to be open at a time when there's no business anyway. Booze Nazi's get to ensure everyone is carded – even regular customers and retired folks who are certainly over 50 years old*. And they can placate the pesky brewers. Let's stay optimistic.

Jason's take: on Hoosier Beer Geek.

* The law will provide that it's a defense to not have carded a person who obviously looks 50 years old. This only applies, of course, after a citation has been issued for not having carded the customer in the first place. And that defense may require a photograph or video of the transaction. Remember those ID cameras that took a picture of your drivers license and your face at the same time? They might come back.

upland-dantalion-dark-wild-ale-2 Coming up from Upland:

More local beer news at Gina's regular Friday Random Beer Roundup.

jigger <=== House & Garden magazine. 1961, says Sociological Images.

Here's a headline you don't see every day. Lap dancing crackdown sets 'worrying precedent' especially when juxtaposed with Councils hail new lap dancing curbs.

I am a Homebrewer – Polish version. Na zdrowie.

Misc News – Feb 11

Greg Emig spent yesterday introducing his bottled Lafayette Brewing beers to Indy. A few folk at Kahns and a bigger mob at Barley Island Broad Ripple. The Hoosier Beer Geeks were there with a camera and a notepad. You can find the Oatmeal Stout and Tippecanoe Common in 6-packs now in Indy.

Saturday is Lafayette Brewing's Winter Warmer. Sold out of course. They will also be unleashing this year's Marley's VSOP downstairs that day. If you have ticket, though, you can go upstairs for some tastes of past year's Boris.

Ram's Irish Red is Adrian's recipe and he's hit a good one. Nice rocky ivory head. Bright dark red. Initial malt meets a bitter attack then smoothes to a dying balanced taste leaving a clean mouth asking for another sip.

RBN-Bottles Liz at Rock Bottom, 86th St, Indy, has some new hoppy beers on tap.

  • Dominator IPA is cloudy dark yellow with no red tint at all.  It's Summit and Cascade (?) with malt to balance. 7.9% and about 70 IBU.
  • Sub Zero is described as "Malt and Hoppy" on the board and that's an adequate statement of style. With Simcoe, Centennial, and Cascade hops it goes perfectly with potstickers. 7%. Your author thinks it could be possibly described as a Dunkel Saison.
  • Liz also bottled up a couple of cases of Old Curmudgeon Imperial IPA and Trippel Trouble last December and they are now available at the bar (only). 22oz. $9.

John Holl tells us there's a keg of Warbird T-6 Red Ale on tap at the Melody Inn (Illinois & 38th in Indy). We've confirmed it's still in good shape. $4.75. Anyone for a wake? Yes, the place does smell like urinal cakes, there's cover charge, and the lead singer chick only has 2 notes in her tone-deaf repertoire but it is, after all, a wake.

Bell's Batch 9000 will hit the stores next week. Find out where at the Beer Spy.

For those of you interested in the Beer Judge Certification Program and taking the exam to become a ranked beer judge, Ron Smith will be leading a study group starting in a couple weeks and the exam will be on Saturday, March 27th. The people that usually participate in this have been brewing for a while and want to take their brewing and evaluation skills to the next level. There are 4 long (6 hour) Saturday sessions on Feb 27, Mar 6, Mar 13 and Mar 20, plus an optional practice judging session on Thursday night, Mar 25.

New Albany votes itself wet. Finally you can buy a beer in New Albany. NY Times - Roger Baylor's take. Come on, you know there's a trick to this. Go ahead and click anyway.

Sierra Nevada's 30th Anniversary Series release schedule:

Mid-March – Fritz and Ken’s Ale – Imperial Stout
Mid-May – Charlie, Fred and Ken’s Ale – Imperial Helles Ale
Mid-July – Jack and Ken’s Ale – American Barleywine
Mid-October – Our Brewer’s Reserve – Oak Aged Ale (a blend of Oak-Aged Bigfoot, Celebration Ale and fresh Pale Ale)

Misc News – Feb 8

Scott Bort's Weekly Local Craft Roundup in the Post-Tribune tells all the following and much more. Yes, it's a regular column. Thanks, Scott.

  1. Three Floyds brewpub is now open on Mondays.
  2. Their seasonal Baltic Porter, Topless Wytch, is now on tap.
  3. Discombourbonlation is on tap at Shoreline.
  4. Back Road's Blueberry and Scottish are back.

Hist-MelanieBeer30 Gary-based brewer says new product for 'working class'. Melanie Brewing is back. Err, it's never left. M-X Ice is being joined by Beer-30 (as in the proper time to drink beer) in both Light and Ice versions. Made by City Brewery in LaCrosse, WI. 30-packs. $13. "With this economy, people are trading down in every aspect of their life, and that includes their beer. We were at the right place at the right time."

We didn't know they own Barrel House brewery in Cinci – which they are selling.

The HBGs review Shallos, Black Biscuit, and Ranger IPA.

Russian River's Pliny the Younger completely sold out at the bar in 10 hours. Almost up to Dark Lord speed. article

Misc News – Feb 5

0-8117-3299-1 Meet John Holl and Nate Schweber. They are touring Indiana for for the next few weeks writing a beer-travel-oriented book "Indiana Breweries" for Stackpole Books. It will join their line of brewery books of Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia-Maryland-Delaware.

John was with the old Indy Star and now writes for Beer Connoisseur Magazine, beernexus.com, andeswines.com, newjerseynewsroom.com, and even the NY Times (with, say, the original 36 Hours in Indianapolis – sorry Mike). Here's his review of Winterfest for Beer Connoisseur.

They point is, all you folk at the good beer places (you know who you are), please welcome them and buy them a beer – their spending their advance doing research. And if there's an open mic, Nate will have his guitar with him.

They'll be at Sun King tonight and Oaken Barrel tomorrow (Saturday). Look for Nate next week in Kokomo, Lafayette, and Da Region. John heads south from the 20th hitting Evansville, New Albany, and Batesville; then to Ft. Wayne, Mishawaka, LaPorte, and the Michigan Winter Beer Festival.

John Nate

News, missives, and happenings from breweries at Gina's Random Beer Roundup. Including this:

Aside from actual beers, we are excited about the arrival of our Canning Line from Cask Brewing Systems which is slated to show up on February 15th. It will take us a week or so to uncrate, set up, wire, plumb and get it all ready, so we plan to begin canning before the end of the month. We won't be able to release our cans until after we receive our printed cans, but we will keep you posted as to the actual release date of Sun King in CANS..

Sunday: Spencer's Stadium Tavern will show the game, serve Sun King for $3, and let you walk outside to bow to the Colt's cathedral after every touchdown.

Feb 11: Bell's night at Rocky's Sub Pub, Jeffersonville. HEART for Valentines Day. Hopslam, Expedition Stout, Amber Ale, Rye Stout and Two Hearted Cask. If you southerners haven't met Veronica, this is your chance.

Gravity Head kicks off on Feb 26th at the New Albanian Public House and the 60-beer list is posted. 8 to 18%.

The Scotty's Brewhouse folks are opening Scotty's Lakehouse in the Geist area northeast of Indy on March 1st. They promise 90% of their taps and bottles will be Indiana beers.

New to Indiana and showing up soon from World Class: Hair of the Dog Adam, Fred, and Ruth. Bell's Batch 9000 Double American Stout.

Review: Bank Street Brew House in Louisville's Metromix. with slide show.

The TTB has issued volume 3 of The Beverage Alcohol Manual (BAM) Basic Mandatory Labeling Information for Malt Beverages. This will be on the test.

Image4 There's a new sheriff in town and he's packing 40%. A special release of SchorschBock from Schorschbräu in Franconia bulked up way past normal ice bock (normal ice bock??) should be. Way past Tactical Nuclear Penguin's 32%. (picture of normal 13% SchorschBock).

Here's the trailer for the Beer Hunter movie due out sometime this year.

Gales Prize Old Ale will be returning this season. We hope they send some stateside.

Winterfest Pictures

We at IndianaBeer were too busy to take many pictures but other people did. Here are some galleries: NUVO - Big WoodsThree FloydsHBG – Setup. It's also reported at Beer Connoisseur.


P1010911a  P1010864a P1010880a

P1010886a The Indiana Brewing and Drinking Society brought hot water, propane,
and all the fixins to brew a batch of beer.


The South Central Chapter of the Brewery Collectibles Club of America
showed lots of historic and rare Indiana breweriana.
Click the pic for a bigger, enlargable version.


FWIX  One portal wonders if you're appalled by the Winterfest.

800 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza and Pub and Winterfest 2010

Recently went to 800 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza and Pub (100200 Lima Rd., Ft. Wayne) http://www.800degrees.net/ as I have been hearing about how good their pizza is (and I was not disappointed with their pizza) and about the craft beers they have on tap. One side of the establishment is family friendly and the other side is the pub (21 and over). There is outdoor seating during the warmer months. The pub side has seven chairs at the bar, two booths and numerous tables. The beers on tap were Bells Hopslam, Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale, Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout, Boulevard Nut Cracker Ale, and Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat. They also have 13 different bottled beers to choose from. In speaking with Matt Rogers, Chef/GM, when the Hopslam is gone Dogfish Head 90 Minute will be on tap.

I attended this year's Winterfest in Indy this past Saturday and once again it sold out. The set up inside for beer was an improvement over last year as the lines moved faster this year. It was nice to see some of the newer breweries this year as well. A good time seemed to be had by all.

Misc News – Feb 1

Winterfest is over. 2800 punters.

Rita's article on Seventy five years of beer cans didn't make the printed Nuvo but it's online.

Half price growlers all week at the Ram.

Darren Conner is leaving Great Fermentations to start a brewpub with two other people.

"It's with some sadness that we announce that Darren, our long-time brewer and general jack-of-all trades will be leaving us. Darren is going to be the proud new owner/brewer of a brewpub here in town! So, while we lose him as an employee we will still get to enjoy his delicious beers in the future. All of this opens up an awesome opportunity for someone out there to come and join the GFI staff. It is very important that this person is currently an all-grain brewer or is serious about becomming one in the very near future. Taking over warehouse operations as well as helping customers will be the main focus of this position. If you are interested send an email to brian@greatfermentations.com and be sure that the word "job" is in the subject line. Thanks Darren for your years of helping people make Great Fermentations!"

Rumors and confirmations.

  • Confirmed – Mike DeWeese and Jon Lang are looking at starting a production brewery.
  • Rumored - Another group of Indy people are investigating a production brewery effort.
  • We're told – Dan Hause has plans to move Wilbur Brewhause actually into Wilbur IN.
  • We're told - Fort Wayne may see Centlivre and Old Crown beers again. Doug Farmer has the trademarks.
  • Math Fact – 13 men's stalls goes into 2800 mostly-male beer drinkers 215 times. 2800 mostly-male beer drinkers goes into 13 men's stalls only with an obscenely long line.
  • Confirmed – Turoni's new restaurant in Newburgh is finally open. The building was built back in May and they hoped to open in July. Better late than never.

Separated at birth?http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/6765/dancingtree2rd6.jpgLogo-BigWoods-150 ===>

Rogue Pacman yeast is back in Wyeast's Private Collection.

Thank Heaven for Beer has a Review of Wyeast 1968 - London ESB Yeast.

Fascist Youth Vandalize Liquor Stores. MADD is putting stickers on beer bottles in Massachusetts. Without checking with Label Approval first.

Lew Bryson notices California Wine is Upside-Down. In a riot of apt mixed-metaphors, he concludes "Stop making pricey beers? No, absolutely not: it's working...for now, and the money's good. But should you think about adding other strings to your bow? Definitely. The little mammals beat the dinosaurs, you bet. But you don't see mammoths, sabretooth tigers, and giant beavers around any more, do you?"

The Beer Wars Movie should be on your On Demand cable menu and is available on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Manchester United seeks new beer sponsor. Totally unrelated, yet for some reason mentioned here in the same paragraph, they played Arsenal yesterday and it was broadcast in 3D. That's a first. They seem to have found field shots don't need 3D. article

Ommegang 2010 release schedule:

  • Jan – Chocolate Indulgence Stout
  • Mar – Belgian-style Pale Ale
  • May – Tripel
  • July – Old Bruin Sour Ale
  • Sept – Scotch Ale
  • Nov - Adoration