Beer and Your Health

Ever wonder if that beer you're drinking is good for your health?  Here is an interesting story to help answer that question:

Two Spots in Fishers, Indiana

Today's tale is a happy story of choice and a sad story of having to make a choice. Yeah, I had to reread that sentence also. You see last night the Old Town Ale House with the local United Package Liquors had a "Beer School" from 6 to 8pm and just up the road the Ram's Fisher's location hosted the mug-club tapping of an Irish Stout at 6:30. Choices. Especially since 116th St traffic could make the 4 mile drive into a half hour of exhaust fumes.

090731-OldTownAleHouseThe Old Town Ale House, you see, is in downtown Fishers. 116th St just east of the railroad tracks. The decor is minimalist Michigan Roadhouse style. Plenty of space and plenty of good beer. The "Awesome Beer List" in the window is correct. You'll find 20 taps and a menu with simple pricing.

I stopped in for a late lunch/early dinner (dunch? linner?) and had an amazing thing happen. The bartendress, Precia, showed me the draft menu, pointed out the 80 or so bottles listed on the blackboard, asked me what kind of beers I liked, and had 2 samples in front of me almost before I could stammer "hello". She's good.

So's the food. Had a grilled Tenderloin Club w/fries. The 2 big slices of caramelized bacon drove all thoughts of condiments out of my head. This is the direction BBQ should go. Caramelized Bacon. Yum.

090731-OTAHBeerSchoolHad to duck out just when the Beer School started. Basically reps from the 116th St United Package Liquors and Cavalier Distributing offered 10 different IPAs for sampling. Your $10 tuition also included substantial snacks.

090731-RamStarWarsRam's Mug Club includes invitations to monthly tappings usually rotating between Downtown Indy and Fishers. These are gala affairs and are well-attended. Last night they offered a plate of chicken or mahi, cornbread, and wild rice for only $6 to pair with the Irish Stout bought by the brewer.

090731-RamTappingThis tapping marked the change of regime from Dave/Clay to John/Adrian. The new generation has taken over with John Simmons and Adrian Ball at the helm. It looks like they'll fill the big rubber boots left behind.

The Irish Stout has plenty of roastiness and deserves time to warm to release it full and enticing bouquet of flavors. At 4% ABV this is a Session Stout that has a lightish body and will easily accompany a good steak or finish a meal.

The Barefoot Wit is very bold with a big citric coriander/cilantro aroma. A Grand Cru of Wits. Color of a well-tanned California girl. You might find the aroma lacking when first served – let it warm - it's that "We have the COLDEST beer in town!" thing.

John tells us they plan three batches of Barefoot Wit and it will be on tap all summer. The new team plans to keep the Kölsch as a regular offering on the chalkboard.

Misc News

New Albanian is now Brewing beer at the Bank Street Brewhouse.

Half Moon gets ink at the Worth Your Attention blog.

Upland's Schwarz Black Lager is coming to bottles in October. article (thanks Adam)

090731-AlleyCat The Alley Cat Lounge has long been a favorite Broad Ripple hangout with the MySpace crowd. A stop between the Vogue and, well, everything else. Stuff magazine named them one the the Top 20 Dives in the Country. A bastion of Bud in a sea of Stone. That's about to change. The Cat met Greg Blackman of Cavalier at the Microbrewers Festival and as a result the taps today will include Arrogant Bastard, Founders Dirty Bastard, Coney Island Albino Python Wit, and even Original Sin Hard Cider.

Rita covers the Relicale tasting in NUVO. Must have been very old beer.

Speaking of Nuvo, congratulation to winners of their Best of Indy 2009 poll:

Best Brewpub 1) Broad Ripple Brewpub
2) Brugge
3) Rock Bottom
Best Liquor Store 1) Kahn's
Best Indiana Beer 1) Upland
2) Three Floyd's
3) Oaken Barrel

Monarch Beverage / World Class Beverage has completed the move to 9347 E. Pendleton Pike. 46236. Please change your address books.

Sam Adams newest beer in the Brewmaster's Collection is a Dunkelweizen.

Kilchoman Single Malt will be launched in September. Eh? Kilchoman? Japanese? Nope, Islay. That's right. A new distillery in Islay has been laying whisky in wood since 2005 and they figure it's time to serve. A Sherry cask finished version will be one of the first to hit the market but none will be officially imported to the U.S. immediately.

Recent Tastings and News

Recently had the Granite City Wags Wheat beer which had a malty, wheat, mildly hoppy and citrus aroma with a crisp, citrus, wheat, lightly spicy, malty and hoppy flavor. Clean on the palate and very drinkable. A nice refreshing beer on a warm Indiana summer day and definitely worth a try!

Mad Anthony has a new Altbier available which is malty, mildly hoppy and clean and easy on the palate. Another refreshing beer on a warm Indiana summer day and worthy of a try.

There is a new S & V bottle shop located at 9960 Illinois Road, Fort Wayne (260-432-2181). I met with Ryan Merrell, Manager, and this store has 14 shelves of craft beer and 29 cold cases of micro and macro beers which is the largest in Fort Wayne according to Ryan. A Grand Opening will take place at a later date. Today from 4p.m.-6p.m. at this store Five Star Distributing will be pouring free samples of Fat Tire, 1554, Skinny Dip, and Sunshine Wheat.

Misc News

Kahn's Joe Quinn writes "Were going to change things up a bit. Were going to change the Monday night thing a bit. Instead of doing a free tasting every Monday night were going to have paid events once a month that will be a lot cooler than just the once a week thing."

Jim Schembre reports the Hopapalooza tent at the Microbrewers Festival poured 5016 samples in the fours hours of the fest.

IU is 14th on the new list of party schools from the Princeton Review. DePauw is 15th.

We finally have had some of Shoreline's Bourbon Barrel offerings. These 8 different beers have been sitting in bourbon barrels for a year and it is noticeable. Really noticeable. The Sum Nug IPA, for instance has a big bourbon start and a long bourbon finish. In between is more bourbon, vanilla, caramel, and some hops but not a lot of persuasion that this was once an IPA.

Breckenridge Avalanche gets canned.

BrewDog is following Paradox with "Britain's Strongest Beer". 18.2%. "lambasted by the health lobby." article

Misc News

Microbrewery planned for Valparaiso. Tom Uban plans to open Figure Eight Brewing in October with a 7-bbl system.

Tues, July 28. 11am-noon. The Indiana State Library says "Historical significance can be found in unusual places. Learn how the names of some of Indiana’s microbrews and breweries are tied to Indiana’s past. Presented by Brent Abercrombie, Manuscripts & Rare Books Librarian."

After all the talk of an Indiana excise tax raise it's Illinois that ratchets up beer taxes 25%. But booze and wine taxes are going up 90%. article.

So what IS the difference between porter and stout?

Sierra Nevada's Estate Ale (out soon) is made with only barley and hops grown on the brewery grounds in Chico.

Sam Smith's barrel-aged vintage-dated bottle-conditioned Yorkshire Stingo Strong Ale is coming.

Gordon Brown Scotch. Sean Connery's blend. Whyte & Mackay creates celeb whisky blends. Please tell us you are joking about the Gordon Ramsay blend. What does ego taste like?

He'Brew's 13th Jewbelation has 13 malts, 13 hops, and 13% ABV.

Indiana Replicale

0907-Replicale Hey Clay,
my eyes are
up here.

The gathering at Spencer's for the Replicale was a busy night for the staff and the patrons both.

The recipe was augmented by several brewers to include more dark malt. Here's some random thoughts about the beers. Please add your impressions in the comments.

  • Alcatraz – One of the darker ones. Good back bite.
  • Barley Island – Cloudy/hazy. Darker. Medium bite.
  • Broad Ripple Brewpub – Unfiltered for sure.
  • Half Moon – Sharpish edge leading to nice bitter finish.
  • Ram – Darker hue. Finish has nice clean hops. No sharpness in turnover from malt to hops.
  • Rock Bottom Downtown – One of the darker ones. Richest, maltiest, and nicest bitter finish.
  • Rock Bottom 86th St – Lighter color. Lighter body. Average bitterness. Darn Drinkable.
  • Sun King – Lightest color. Creamiest. Lacks hop finish. Most carbonated.

For the most part, people were saying John's from Half Moon and Jerry's from Rock Bottom Downtown were the favorites.

One more time, Thanks to Dave, Clay, White Labs and the Brewers Supply Group for making the Replicale possible.

Misc News

Winetree and Jack Frey get ink in the Evansvile Courier & Press.

Top Ten Signs that you're the Wife of a Beer Geek. It could be worse for women. Say for instance in Malaysia where a woman was fined $1,400 and six cane strokes for drinking beer. Oh, her boyfriend and the waitress also got six lashes. article.

Inc Magazine has a long article: The Way I Work: Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione.

Do you have your 58-page Brewers Association Draft Beer Quality Manual?

0907-NationalPubwatch Many areas of Great Britain use a Pubwatch scheme for two reasons. 1) They can laugh at the logo. 2) Anyone banned from one pub is effectively banned from all pubs in the immediate area. Now it's questioned whether a banned person should be able to get the courts involved. Crucial pubwatch decision on hold

12 people have been arrested in England for their part in scrapping £9million worth of steel kegs. article

Japan's giant, Kirin, has started talks to take over Suntory. Kirin also owns about half of Lion Nathan in Australia and San Miguel in the Philippines as well as being the Pepsi bottler in Japan.

Tonight's Replicale Tasting

Here's hoping the Web 2.0 works fast. Tonight's comparative tasting of the Indiana Replicales is a big go. Details:

Spencer's Stadium Tavern 802 S. West St. Indy. West and McCarty. 6pm onwards. Thurs, July 23.

IMG_5858 8 Indiana  Replicales from

Barley Island
Broad Ripple
Half Moon (Kokomo)
Rock Bottom Downtown Indy
Rock Bottom 86th St. Indy
Sun King (Indy's newest brewery)

Dustin is taking all the other taps off line (even the sacrosanct Old Style tap). Eight, count them, eight Indiana Replicales on tap at once. A new world record.

A flight of Eight 4oz samplers will be $5. (That's two pints for the price of one.) Sharing is expected. Half pints of your favorite will be $3 (to ensure there is samplers for all).

We'll see you there tonight. Please add your comments about each beer to the Replicale Wall.

Special thanks to Dave, Clay, and Dustin. If that friendship had not blossomed, this evening would not have happened.

Each year the brewers in Indiana make a special ale for the Microbrewers Festival. This year it is a German Alt.

The smoothness of an ale but less fruity. As bitter as a British Ale with a crisp tang from Noble hops. The Indiana Replicale has Kölsch, Vienna, Munich Dark, and Carafa I malts with Perle hops.

Alt means Old in German. Only the area around Düsseldorf and Cologne continued to use top-fermenting yeast when lagers became the rage in Germnay in the late 1800s.

These breweries had their Replicale at the Brewers of Indiana Guild Microbrewers Festival last weekend, have it in their brewpubs now, and are offering it for your tasting tonight.

Fort Wayne Beer Tastings

The following Brooklyn beers will be available for free sampling at Belmont Beverage (Lima Rd.) on Thursday, July 23rd and at Belmont Beverage (North Anthony Blvd.) on Friday, July 24th from 4p.m.-7p.m. (both locations):Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Brown, Brooklyn East India Pale Ale, Brooklyn Local 1 and Local 2, and Pennant Ale.

On Thursday, July 23rd, Dicky's Wild Hare (Maplecrest Rd.) will be having Bell's Oberon Night from
8p.m.-11p.m. A free Oberon pint glass (while supply lasts) will be given to those who purchase Oberon.

Misc News

Barley Island gets ink in the Indianapolis Star -  Barley Island Brewing Co. taps into new markets. With a bonus picture gallery.

Now the headlines have switched from Sunday Sales to Hoosiers seek cold beer in more stores. (a UPI article already picked up by the Louisville Courier Journal - Hoosier group pushes to expand cold beer sales.)

Italy doesn't really have a drinking age so it's controversial that Milan should impose a minimum age. Of course it is (drumroll) 16.


I am a Home Brewer. RDWHAB from

Brewers of Indiana Guild Microbrewers Festival Wrap-up

There were 4200 attendees this year. A sell-out before the gates opened. Busy bustling crowded field. 56 pouring stations in 6 tents. Only 8 from bottles. Never more than 10 steps to a cask-conditioned firkin.

World Class's Hopapalooza tent had 26 IPAs at the start and 21 at the end despite the longest lines. Stantions?!? Call by number, an alphabetical physical organization, and busy busy pourers kept the line moving very fast.

First time breweries included Bee Creek, Crown Brewing, Half Moon, and Sun King.

No arrests. EMTs completely bored. Plenty of cabs at the exit. The Louisville bus finally did get parked (after trying to turn around on 66th St.). One golf cart got parked (by me) for the duration with a bent tie rod.

50% more port-a-potties but they were very busy for during the middle hour (cooler weather means less sweat, more pee). No drunks at the end begging for beer (although one woman did flash the pourers in the attempt).

Thanks all for coming, working, etc.

MBF-09-06MBF-09-02MBF-09-03MBF-09-04 MBF-09-01MBF-09-05

Favorites mentioned at BeerAdvocate's discussions so far include

Brugge Diamond Kings of Heaven 09
Lafayette Big Boris Barleywine vintage 1998
Barrel aged Reds Rye
Broad Ripple Brewpub Relegator India black ale on Firkin
Firestone Walker Double Barrel Pale Ale
Boulevard Double Wide IPA
Upland's Pappy Van Winkle aged Chocolate stout
Many of the brews I tried from Sun King
Shoreline Rillo Rye
'07 Guardian
NABC Beaks Best
Hoppin Frog Silk Porter through coffee beans
Bee Creek Honey Wheat
Ninkasi Tricerahops
Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout
Boulevard Tank 7
Shoreline Beltaine Scottish
Three Floyds Gorch Fock Helles
Upland Bourbon Barrel Chocolate Stout
Barley Island Beastie Barrel Porter
Three Floyds Dark Lord
Sierra Nevada Kellerweis
Brugge Bruno
Upland Rad Red firkin
Lafayette Double Dry Hopped Tippecanoe Common firkin
Sun King Osiris Pale Ale

More pics:

Brewers of Indiana Guild VIP Night Wrap-up

About 80 people enjoyed food from FARM-Bloomington, R Bistro, Goose the Market, Greg Hardesty, and Rene's Bakery. All the chefs and brewers talked about the offerings. Music from the Big Band vocal catalog. Darkness and the finishing of 1.5 barrels of beer ended the night about 10pm.

VIPNight1  VIPNight2
Above: Hoosier escabeche of catfish. Charcuterie of smoked venison and more.

VIPNight3  VIPNight4
Above right: The Brochette of beef came in a very rich mushroom sauce that didn't overpower the tender beef at all.

 VIPNight6  VIPNight7 VIPNight8  VIPNight5

Addenda: The Hoosier Beer Geeks have more pictures. Nuvo's Jim Poyser chimes in and liked it.

Indiana Microbrewers Festival – Notes for today's event

OK gang, here's the situation. We have There might be about 250 tickets available today at the gate. All the others have been pre-sold. The first ones who get to them get them.

Good luck,

Here's the web page for more info: Indiana Microbrewers Festival

PS. The VIP dinner tonight had about 80 people and 20 volunteers. Some press, some legislators, Good beers. NABC's Anniversary Ale was stupendous and the 5-layer chocolate cake . . .  Great food. Did run through a barrel and a half of beer and ran low at the end. More later with pictures.


From the rate of phone calls this morning I DO NOT suggest coming to Opti-park hoping to score a ticket.

Sun King Unveiling at Spencers

Logo-SunKing Good combination. Chef JJ, Goose the Market, Spencer's Stadium Tavern, and fresh Sun King beer. The dinner was sold out and the beer was sold out at the end. They went through 5 kegs of beer (including 30 growlers) and no telling how much food.

A second keg of Osiris Pale Ale was on tap Friday so we at least got to taste one of the five (the others will be at the Festival Saturday of course).

Osiris Pale Ale – Pleasingly bold. Both malt and hops are distinct throughout. Nugget and Cascade blend old-world and floral hops characters. Fresh but not green. An ESB in every sense of the word. It's hard to believe this was brewed just two weeks ago; but then Dave and Clay are magicians.

Here's some pictures from a community camera at the dinner. Thanks, Dustin for letting us use these.

Misc News

Just in time, Gina gives us 11 Things A New Beer Festival Visitor Should Know.

Preview of the Festival – Indy Star: Belly on up to the beer buffet

0907-CrownChallenge Crown Brewing is having a "Crown Challenge" to find a beer for the GABF Pro-Am. Submit beers by Aug. 19th. Homebrewers should see the Crown Brewing site for more details.

Brugge Brasserie has a new beer from the backroom brewery. Brun is, you guessed it, a Belgian Oud Brown Ale. Completely opaque and distinctly brown with a small white big-bubble head. Aroma of dark malts. The malt attacks your mouth with some acidity and balancing rich dark sweetness. A slight touch of Anise, green vegetable, and maybe star fruit. Finish is funky, tart, sweet, lingering, and strong. Once warmed to room temperature the finish takes a 90° turn to almost sour. Hope this becomes a regular.Do you need a Brewer's Cup mug? Magnet? Phil Hunter has them on Zazzle.

This review of the Bastille Day dinner New Albanian's Bank Street Brewhouse praises the food.

Headline in the New York Times: Beer Advanced in Price. The "growler" trade will have to pay 10 cents a pint. This is a raise from 8¢ and is needed since kegs cost $2. Also, "no spirituous or malt liquors would be sold to children under sixteen years of age". Party like it's 1889.

Fort Wayne Beer Tasting

CapnCork ( (Covington Plaza) is having a beer tasting Friday, July 17th (tomorrow) from 5p.m.-7p.m. Beers will be poured by representatives from World Class Beverages, Five Star Distributing and Aalco. There will be Indiana beers to be sampled along with beers from New Belgium, Dark Horse, Victory, Goose Island to name a few.

Misc News

The Liquor Locker in Evansville got some good ink in the Indiana Beverage Journal. Can't link to the article but Jeff Steckler says they now have over 400 imports and micros. They also focus on homebrewers - "by being a home brewer friendly store, we have become very popular with the local OVHBA (Ohio Valley Home Brewers Association)". The web site now has an email newsletter with new beers, and request pages for kegs and bottled beers. Their weekly tastings (Fridays, 4-6pm) are a big hit in a nice atmosphere. They also allow splitting of all 6-packs.

Warbird gets good ink in the San Antonio Express-News.

Hoosier Beer Geeks look at Apocalypse Cow.

Schlafly brags that their Kolsch Takes the Cake at Indiana Brewer's Cup.

Misc News

Crom and Set have arrived at Three Floyds. "Story to follow".

Kennywood Brewing Supply will be moving this fall to beautiful downtown Crown Point.

0907-VanTwee Van Twee, De Proef and Bell’s collaboration beer, gets U.S. approval. Michigan sour dark cherries, Belgian candi sugar, New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops, Brettanomyces. A mash-up of Porter and Dubbel. Available late August.

The Hoosier Beer Geeks interview Mikkel Bjergsø of Mikkeller and visit Lafayette Brewing and the Black Sparrow Pub.

Stawski Distributing will be bringing in Sherwood Forest beers from Massachusetts to northern Indiana. This includes Archers Pale Ale, Sheriff's IPA, Maiden's Blueberry Ale, and Friar's Belgian Wit.

Thank Heaven for Beer looks at Oaken Barrel Epiphany Abbey Style Triple.

Coming in July: Great Divide Chocolate Yeti, 15th Anniversary IPA and Double Witt.

Indiana State Fair Brewers' Cup

Complete results for 2009 are freshly up at


Kneeling Professional Best of Show: Oaken Barrel of Greenwood – Pumpkin Ale
  Champion Brewery: Oaken Barrel (also in 2005 and 2006)
3 Gold Medals, 2 Silver Medals, 3 Bronze Medals
  Homebrewer of the Year: Bill Ballinger of Shelbyville
4 Blue Ribbons, 1 Red Ribbon
  Homebrew Best of Show: Larry Barnhart of Kokomo – Susie's Sweet Stout
Standing Homebrew Club of the Year: MECA

P1000474a   P1000458a


P1000492a P1000501a
The attendance at the dinner celebration was bigger than ever.
Anita Johnson and John Blichmann handed out door prizes from Blichmann Engineering.

720 entries. 90 judges. 3 judging sessions.

Jack Frey of Turoni's Main Street in Evansville entered three beers and won a Gold and 2 Silvers.

Four Rock Bottoms (Downtown Indy, 86th St. Indy, Lombard IL, and Orland Park IL) shared 23 medals including sweeps of the Light Lager, Scottish, and Barrel-aged categories.

Here's some pictures of the Judging tables.

Misc News

From the HBG archives Nick Floyd, Three Floyds Brewing Co. with bonus footage from the What's on Tap.

Want to buy a 2009 Brewer's Cup Mug?

Logo-Chumleys The Night Before the Festival. Fri, July 17.  Chumleys, Broad Ripple. Tappings on the hour from the Cavalier stable.

  • 7pm - Two Brothers Hop Juice Double IPA
  • 8pm - Stone Sublimely-Self Righteous Ale
  • 9pm - Founder’s Maple Mt. Brown Ale
  • 10pm - Schmaltz He’Brew Oak Aged Bitter Sweet Lenny’s RIPA
  • 11pm - Left Hand Oak Aged Imperial Stout

The Sunday Sales lobby continues with Study Confirms Need to Update Alcohol Laws. "Why is it that the one retail group that is the most likely to sell to minors has the exclusive right to sell cold beer?"

North Korea's first TV ad. For beer. "relieve stress, improve health, and lengthen your life" Article with 2:26 video of ad.

Brugge Problems

Charlie Midgley sent this out:

"Lots of things are happening at Brugge Brasserie and with Brugge Beer. Some are a bit inconvenient and some are exciting.

First, our main boiler at the brewery in Terre Haute decided to stop boiling. Replacing it requires some underground construction work for an upgraded gas line and meter. This means we won't have any production until the work is finished. And I wish I could give you a completion date right now, but I can't.

We still have a limited supply of Tripel de Rippel and Rubicon Red for you to enjoy at the Brasserie.

In the meantime, Ted is hard at work crafting a couple of summer beers in our brewery at the Brasserie. One is called Bruno ( not to be confused with some obscure Sacha Baron Cohen film ) . It is a summer "brun" ( French Belgian for Brown ) baby Dubbel. It should be ready within 5 to 7 days.
The second is a Belgian Blonde called Voyageur (not to be confused with, oh, never mind) hopped to American standards. It sounds like the perfect "Upper Deck" session beer and will be ready to enjoy within 2 weeks.

(Until everything is back up to speed there will be plenty of Guest Beers to keep you and your mussels happy. – ed)

In other news, while the brewery is under repair The Vigo Brewing Group, parent of Brugge Beer, will be investigating a potential new product line, including some very robust and aggressive American beers."

The boiler in Terre Haute is certainly a problem. So is the bottling line which is on it's last legs and will do 12oz bottles only at a crawl.

In other news, Micah Weichart has returned to Kansas City, at Boulevard Brewing 23rd St. Brewery. John Kopta is currently the only brewery employee.

In other news, Charlie Midgley has returned to Thailand.

We'll see how this all works out but my "insider" speculation says things won't be back to normal and brewing copious amounts of beer until autumn.

Microbrewers Festival Updates

Last minute revisions are still going on of course but here's the latest on the Indiana Microbrewers Festival.

Weather forecast: 84° and Mostly Sunny.

Almost-final counts:

  • 25 Indiana Breweries
  • 16 Breweries from out-of-state
  • 26 IPA's at the Hopapalooza Tent
  • 266 Beers

ReplicAle (Alt) from:

Alcatraz – Indianapolis
Barley Island – Noblesville
Bloomington Brewing – Bloomington
Broad Ripple Brewpub – Indianapolis
Crown Brewing – Crown Point
Half Moon – Kokomo
Mad Anthony – Fort Wayne
Ram Brewery – Indianapolis
Rock Bottom – Downtown Indianapolis
Rock Bottom – 86th St. Indianapolis

For a preliminary look at the program, see

VIP Night before the Microbrewers Festival

Fri, July 17 - 6-9pm

At OptiPark, 820 East 66th St., Indianapolis, Indiana

$40 per person - Tickets available only at Broad Ripple Brewpub and Brugge Brasserie or at the door (limited to 200)

The Menu:

Hoosier Escabeche of Catfish with Hilltop Herbs and Chilies

Dan Orr (FARM-Bloomington), Upland Brewing Co.

Escabeche (es-kah-BECH-ay) is a classic Spanish preparation in which you sear the fish, then marinate it in a vinegary sauce loaded with herbs and spices, making it perfect to serve on a hot Hoosier July Evening. It pairs wonderfully with Upland’s Wheat Ale. Upland will also have a Weizenbock to serve.

Recipe at

Grilled Indiana Tomatoes and Mushroom Pizza with Traders' Point cheese

Regina Mahallick (R Bistro), Barley Island Brewing - Sheet Metal Blond

Cold Smoked Venison Terrine, Pickled Blueberries, Whole Grain Mustard Berkshire Lomo, Confit Tomato, Thyme Truffled Bologna, Pickled Duck Eggs, Fennel Marmalade

Chris Eley, Goose the Market, Brugge Brewing Co. & Brugge Brasserie

Paired with: Diamond Kings Two Thousand Nine - An American Sour Ale - The Finest Beer in the Galaxy crafted by the All-Star Team of Brewers at the Finest Restaurant in the Universe--that's the whole official name.

Brochette of Beef (as Greg says - big ass chunks of NY Strip), crushed Amish potatoes, sweet Indiana corn, rich mushroom sauce.

Greg Hardesty, Broad Ripple Brewpub - Monon Porter, Lafayette Brewing - Tippecanoe Common Ale

Chocolate Creations

Albert Trevina (Rene's Bakery), Three Floyds Brewing Co. - Apocalypse Cow, New Albanian Brewing Co. - 21-month Oak Aged Anniversary Ale.

Brugge's Rubicon Red

Brugge's Rubicon Red is a delightful amber, very well balanced and delicious. Please comment after you enjoy one with some frites.

Firkin of Red Ale at the Alley in B-town

On Friday, July 17, the Alley Bar, Bloomington, will feature a firkin of Upland Red Ale.- Cask conditioned special red. Served at 6:00 or 6:30 PM until it's gone. The Alley (1/2 block west of the Square in Bloominigton, on Kirkwood) is one of the tiniest pubs in Indiana with a friendly barkeep, a rotating tap, Hoegaarden almost always on tap, and a host of specialty bottled beer!

Bloomington On Tap

In addition to craft brewed beer at Upland Brewery and Bloomington Brewing Company you can find great beer in Bloomington, IN, at several spots. As of early July, Crazy Horse on W. Kirkwood has Bell's Oberon and Two-Hearted, DogFishHead 60, Fat Tire from New Belgium, and Spaten Dunkel along with many usual suspects. On a hot summer day sipping Oberon is just the thing for me (hold the fruit, please!).

Yogi's on East 10th has Bell's 2-Hearted, Oberon plus Amber, 3Floyd's Alpha King, Brooklyn Cuvee de Cardoz spiced wheat ale - a Belgian style weighing in at 8.5% ABV. Really interesting combination of spices by famed Indian Chef Cardoz (hence the name, get it!). Sips like a Saison and really great on the palate.

I also had to try the New Belgium Skinny Dip, a light wheat beer. Refreshing and created as a summer beer you can have after a work out. Even a work out of lifting pint glasses! The tap list goes on and on at Yogi's to include Stone Arrogant Bastard & Levitation, two Brugge beers, Rogue Dead Guy, and coming in late July will be Brooklyn's Sorachi Ace, obviously featuring the hops of that name.

So if you are thirsty in South Central Indiana, fear not and beer up!

Misc News – Including Hopapalooza list

Here's the expected list for the 26 (twenty six) beers World Class Beverages will be pouring at the Indiana Microbrewers Festival on July 18. Notice that they are all pretty hefty IPAs. That's probably why they're calling it Hopapalooza. You'll find some treats not normally seen in Indiana. (thanks BobM for getting this in so fast)

Brewery Beer IBU ABV
21st Amendment Brew Free or Die IPA 75 7.2%
Abita Brewing Jockamo IPA 52 6.5%
Atwater Brewery Salvation IPA 55 6.0%
Avery Brewery Hog Heaven 104 9.2%
Avery Brewery Maharaja   10.5%
Avery Brewery IPA 69 6.3%
Bell's Brewery IPA   4.1%
Boulevard Brewery Double Wide IPA 59 5.7%
Dark Horse Brewing Double Crooked Tree IPA 98 13.6%
Dogfish Head Brewery 120 Minute IPA 120 20.0%
Firestone Walker Double Barrel Pale Ale 32 5.0%
Firestone Walker Union Jack 38 4.6%
Flying Dog Brewery Double Dog Double Pale Ale 85 11.5%
Harpoon Brewery IPA 42 5.9%
Harpoon Brewery Leviathan IPA   10.0%
Hoppin' Frog Brewery Mean Manalishi   8.2%
Lagunitas Brewing Hop Stoopid 100+ 8.0%
Lost Coast Brewery Indica IPA   6.9%
Ninkasi Brewing Total Domination IPA 65 6.7%
Ninkasi Brewing Believer Double Red 60 6.9%
North Coast Red Seal IPA 42 5.5%
Port Brewing Wipe Out IPA 78 10.0%
Port Brewing Hop 15   6.5%
Rogue Brewing Double Dead Guy 100+ 9.0%
Schlafly Brewing Export IPA 60 8.0%
Victory Brewery Hop Wallop   8.5%


0906-GloriaAltman Gloria Altman has run Gloria's Corral Club in Evansville for 50 years while raising the price of beer from 15¢ to $2.50. article

Sun King reports "We are wrapping up batch #5 and prepping for tomorrow's brew... Only two more brew days and all our fermenters will be full."

Clipper City Big DIPA should invade Indiana this week. 10.5% and 75 IBU.

Misc News

140 characters with pic: The Potable Curmudgeon: Quality control never goes out of style. "At the NABC garage brewhouse (Grant Line) today, sampling a wee bit of the latest Elsa von Horizon (Imperial Pilsner) batch. It's been lagering for a month, and there's more time to go ... although I bet some gets pulled for the Great Taste of the Midwest on August 8 in Madison, WI."

The Brewers Association has set up a Market Development Committee to promote craft beer in grocery stores - "a liaison between BA member craft brewers and off-sale (chain) and on-sale (chain) decision makers." They've come up with a pdf sales sheet. showing the growth of craft beer.

Beer Wars, the Movie is now available on DVD. We're told to use the coupon code YELP0626 for 20% off the $20 price.

Then there's Beer Pioneers: The Craft Brewing Revolution. In process since 1995. Scheduled for premiere next February.

How to brew beer in a coffee maker, using only materials commonly found on a modestly sized oceanographic research vessel.

Don't join the Yuengling boycott.

Have you ever wanted the complete treatise on MADD? What AlcoholFacts call a A Crash Course in MADD has 144 references alone and prints to over 100 pages. Also similar looks at RW Johnson Foundation, the Marin Institute, and others. Huzzah.

Homebrewed 4th of July.
A little too much magnesium I guess.

The Brewmasters Golf Tournament

brew masters web

Hit the greens with Rock Bottom’s brewmasters for great fun and a great cause. The Brewmasters Golf Tournament, Tuesday July 28th, benefits the annual Miracle on Washington Street.
The fun begins Monday, July 27th with a pre-golf-tournament party where you can win a day brewing Rock Bottom beer, win golf gear, and other great prizes. Then tee off Tuesday, July 28th at Smock Golf Course.
To register or become a sponsor, contact Matthew Kennedy at 317-681-8180 or email him at

Click here to open a .pdf and get more information, including a printable registration form.
Single Player: $85
Foursome: $340

Indiana Microbrewers Festival News

Here's what we found out at the organizer's meeting yesterday:

Food at the Festival (Saturday, July 18) will be from Dick's Bodacious Barbeque, King David Dogs, Markos Pizza, and Yats.

Two buses are coming up from Louisville with stops at BBC brewpub and New Albanian. Lunch, tickets, transportation for $85 total. contact

No dunk tank this year but there's one more tent planned along with a semi-truck spouting 22 taps of IPA. "some of the names are Abita Jockamo, Atwater Salvation, Avery Hog Heaven, Maharaja, and IPA,  Boulevard Brewery Double Wide, Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree, Dogfish 120, Flying Dog Double Dog, Harpoon Leviathan IPA, Lost Coast Indica, North Coast Red Seal, Rogue Double Dead Guy, Victory Hop Wallop, and many more to be named later."

Also, there will be Hop Demonstrations by Anita Johnson, and an Education table by Ron Smith to answer any questions you may have about beer.

Preceding the Indiana Microbrewers Festival, a 5-course VIP Dinner under the tents will provide a more intimate setting to enjoy pairings from some talented people. Friday, July 17 at Opti-park. 6pm. $40. Tickets (limit of 240) are available at Brugge Brasserie and Broad Ripple Brewpub and probably at the door.

  • Eviche (that's a fancy word for appetizer) – Upland beer paired with food from Dan Orr of Farm Bloomington.
    Addenda: "It's ceviche numbnuts. Fish that has a bunch of acid (lemons) added that denature the proteins. Basically makes the fish 'cooked' without heat." - Ted Miller.
  • Charcuterie (huh?) – Brugge beer paired with food from Chris Ely of Goose, the Market.
  • Bistro – Barley Island beers paired with food from Regina Mahallick of R.Bistro. Grilled Indiana tomato and mushroom pizza with Sheet Metal Blonde Wit.
  • Main – Lafayette and Broad Ripple beers paired with food from Greg Hardesty formerly of H2O Sushi and Elements.
  • Desert – Three Floyds and New Albanian beers paired with food from (we believe) Albert Trevino of Rene's Bakery.

Addenda: For a more complete look at the menu, see Jason's post.

Misc News

Entries in the State Fair Brewers Cup are down a bit this year. 720 total. More homebrewer entries but substantially less in the Professional division. Same thing is happening in the Wine competition. They have 90 judges lined up to judge three sessions; Friday evening and two on Saturday.

New Albanian's new Bank Street Brewhouse is planning a Bastille Day dinner (July 14). You get a 750 of a Biere de Garde with your 5-course meal. details

Rock Bottom, Downtown Indy unveiled Jerry's American Dream last night. His is an American IPA with Simcoe and Crystal hops and a little bit of rye. Quite bitter but the big base of malt balances well edging this beer toward an Imperial Red.

A chance for a vertical tasting - the Rathskeller has Weihenstephaner Hefe, Dunkel, and now Kristall Weiss on tap.

Coming (new and back):

  • Stone 13, a Double Red, will hit the stores next week. They are using 4.5 lbs of hops per barrel. Chinook, Simcoe, and Centennial.
  • There will be a very limited amount of Stone Cali-Belgique IPA, a Belgian yeast IPA.
  • Mad River Double Dread Red – the Imperial Reds roll on.
  • Bison Honey Basil Ale – with Organic honey and basil. "lend a slight herbal note and basil aftertaste". 6%.
  • Celis White is coming back.
  • Victory Whirlwind Wit is now in the state.

0906-HawkAtFFF Three Floyds Apocalypse Cow is truly a Lactic IPA. Go figure. It's big with lots of citric US hops. The lactic sourness comes through. 9.5%. 100 IBU. BeerAdvocate gives it 4.17 (A-). Ratebeer has it at a 96. Recommended by birds of prey.

From The Potable Curmudgeon:

"Sergio’s World Beers reopens for business – in Louisville!
I'm told that Sergio closed his original Shelbyville location yesterday (June 30) and will reopen at 1605 Story Avenue in Louisville on Wednesday, July 8. For the uninitiated, Sergio’s currently boasts a beer stock of 800 brands, and it’s going to be great fun having him so much closer to the mainstream in Louisville, especially as my customary bicycle route runs close by. For a dated account of the inimitable Sergio’s experience, check the PC archives: Sergio's World Beers an unlikely Shelbyville mecca ... but it is."

The Brookston Beer Bulletin has a new list of Beer Tasting Terms from Fal Allen. Inviting comments and additions.

Thank Heaven for Beer looks at Brabant Barrel Aged Wild Ale by Avery.

Indiana ranks 28th in Breweries Per Capita. Between Connecticut and Minnesota. Vermont is #1. Mississippi is, of course, dead last. chart

They brew it.
We drink it.
We talk about what's left.

Editorial – Sunday Sales

We're about to be hit with a bunch of news items about the Hoosiers for Beverage Choices (again) (example). All based off this press release. The purpose of this push is to prepare public opinion acceptance of Sunday sales in grocery markets and gas stations in Indiana.

"From now through July 19th, over 1,000 retail locations throughout the state will promote the HBC effort to allow for Sunday carryout sales and cold beer sales at drug, grocery and convenience stores. Retailers will convey the HBC message to customers through in-store displays and advertisements. Customers will also have the opportunity to join the effort by signing a petition in these stores."

"Hoosiers for Beverage Choices is a statewide, consumer-driven effort that supports the modernization of Indiana's alcoholic beverage laws to allow for convenience, real choices, and competitive prices while maintaining regulations and laws that prevent minors from purchasing alcohol. The effort is sponsored by Indiana retailers and their trade associations, including the Indiana Retail Council, the Indiana Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association, and the Indiana Petroleum Council."

One. This is an joint program of the groceries, convenient marts, and gas stations. It is not a "consumer-driven" program. You'll hear the words "grass roots" soon.

Two. What they want is Sunday sales. Warm Sunday sales. The "cold beer sales" is a shroud; a throwaway when it comes to next session's legislative committee negotiations. Cold sales could, by nature, include liquor stores – negating the market advantage these associations want.

Three. What they want is beer, wine, and malternative Sunday sales. Grocery and drug stores stock and sell spirits but they are willing to give up those Sunday sales for the sake of getting the bill approved by committee.

Four. The liquor store lobbyist, John Livengood of the Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers, said for the record last year "package liquor stores do not have Sunday carryout sales and do not want Sunday sales."

Five. Sunday sales, are good for the industry as a whole, for beer drinkers, for state revenue, and for democracy.

0906-Slurpee Six. Warm Sunday sales at groceries, drug stores, and gas stations is NOT good for the Indiana Microbrewing industry or for craft beer in general.

- Craft beer is only 1% of the total sold in Indiana but it is far smaller than that at places where you can get gas, a Slurpee, and a $1 hot dog. They don't offer anything except BudMillerCoors.

- Increasing sales at such places will sell more yellow water but even 100 more barrels of Indiana beer.

- Some grocery stores do stock Upland, Barley Island, Mad Anthony, Three Floyds, Oaken Barrel and others but again, these represent a blip on the radar of their beer sales.

0906-Growler Seven. The Brewers of Indiana Guild has been trying for years to get the ability to sell growlers on Sundays at their brewpubs. The only upside to this proposal seems to be that the B.I.G. will no doubt get Sunday sales if the HBC plan gets approved – but brewpub sales are a separate issue and mill probably pass in 2010 anyway.

My bottom line.

I've not needed to run to a store on Sunday since I stopped running to State Line Liquors in Niles, MI back in my college days and that wasn't to buy craft beer.

Warm Sunday sales won't help us beer geeks, just the big foreign-owned brewers and, of course, the distributors. Support this or not. It won't make a whale of a lot of difference to us.

What we really could use is open Sunday sales. No special rules except to extend the week-day closing times to Sunday also. This would allow liquors stores to open if they want but most could stay closed. Stores like the Liquor Stop in Highland and many others in South Bend, Fort Wayne, Clarksville, Evansville, and Terre Haute will profit from the extra day of selling craft and Indiana beer to out-of-staters. And we'll profit by keeping the playing field level and maintaining the 1% share of the market that we are interested in.


Addenda – The articles start.

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Great Taste Tickets

Tickets for the 2009 Great Taste of the Midwest are sold out.

Mail order tickets are in the mail! This year, they filled about 40% of requests, up from 25% in 2008. Nearly 40% of mail order tickets went to Wisconsin residents, 40% to the states abutting Wisconsin (IL, MI, IA and MN), and the rest went to 29 other states, Puerto Rico and Germany.

Please take the Great Taste of the Midwest Ticket Sales Survey to give them some feedback about how ticket sales went.