Blonde Ambition, Mixing BRIPAs, and other insanity.

Andrew Korty in a familiar poseBlonde Ambition, Barley Island's Pro-Am brew with Andrew Korty (right) was tapped last night at the Noblesville brewpub. comparisons, Andrew brought samples of his homebrewed prototype and Leffe since the beer is a Belgian Blond and Leffe is the primary commercial example listed in the BJCP guidelines.

Comparisons were interesting. Excepting the higher carbonation of the Leffe, you could throw a very small blanket over all three. In other words, they have a winner. It's available in bottles and on tap now at the brewpub.

In other Barley Island news, look for a 10th anniversary party in December.

Patrons at the BI bar are ordering enough BRIPA to require it programmed into the cash register. BRIPA? ½ Brown and ½ IPA. Tried it with Dirty Helen and BarFly. That's a Summit-hoppy brown that surpasses the IBAs (Indian Brown Ale) we saw earlier this year from Jerry's Rock Bottom for instance. Maybe this is an IIBA. A malt attack followed swiftly by a long bitter classicly American finish.

A similar mix at the Broad Ripple Brewpub using Kevin's Belgian Brown "Donker Bier" and his less citric-hopped IPA gives a very different result. Earthy, darker start and a less assertive but dryness that lingers. It's going to be fun trying combinations. Try it for yourself and report back in the comments.

0908-BottleOpener 14 Brilliant Beer Bottle Openers.

Stories Behind 7 Famous Beer Logos.

Bourbon barrel beers may be the rage. How about Sake Cask Aged beer? The Beer Scientist looks at Hitachino Nest XH.

The FDA Finally Rules On Gluten-Free Beers.

What does this mean? "The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission will meet in Executive Session on Friday, August 28, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. at IGCS, Rm E114, 302 W Washington St., Indianapolis. The agenda consists of IC 5-14-1.5-6.1(b)(2)(B): Discussion of strategy with respect to initiation of litigation or litigation that is pending or has been threatened, specifically in writing.  - E. Edward Dunsmore, Executive Secretary"

Fort Wayne and Beyond

Belmont Beverage (Lima Road-Fort Wayne) is presenting a FREE Dogfish Head tasting this evening from 4p.m.-7p.m. that includes a variety of Dogfish Head beers.

Belmont Beverage (No. Anthony-Fort Wayne) is also presenting a FREE Dogfish Head tasting tomorrow from 4p.m.-7p.m. that includes a variety of Dogfish Head beers.

Today at Crown Brewing (Crown Brewing-Crown Point) is Thirsty Thursday which is 1/2 price off the regular price on all pints. Sounds like a good deal to me! (

Keep in mind that the Mad Anthony Octobeerfest ( is fast approaching on Saturday, September 19th.  Join in the fun of sampling Indiana brews!

Thinking of taking a beer vacation but not sure where to venture to?  Here is an interesting article about some beer destinations:

Misc News – Aug 25

Cumberland Brewery came to the Indiana Microbrewers Festival and have put up a small slideshow.

The HBG's 3rd anniversary party had a personal video from Sam Calagione.

Rodney gives an excellent review the Rock Bottom Brewer's Dinner. Excellent dinner and an excellent review. Oysters Rockefeller with Happy Pils. Ummmm.

All about NABC's Beak's Best American Bitter and Elector Imperial Red Ale.

Great Fermentations in Indy has three offers for you.

  • Aug 24 – Sept 15 is their annual Bulk Grain Sale. 2-row pale/50lbs/$36. Maris Otter/55lbs/$62. Castle Pale/55lbs/$55. Etc. See their website starting tomorrow for a full list and order form.
  • They also annually contract for a blend of apple ciders specific for fermentation. Get your airlocks ready and order by Oct 6th for an Oct 10th pickup. $6/gallon.
  • The really neat news is the offer of a carboy trade-in. Upgrade your clean 5-gallon glass carboy for a brand new 6-gallon one for only $10.

Patrick's Kitchen in Zionsville gets ink in the Indy Star.

There's lots coming up through September (and there's much more on the Calendar):

  • Sat, Aug 29 - Alefest, Dayton, OH.
  • Sat, Aug 29 - Brew at the Zoo, Louisville. 4-9pm. $40/$50.
  • Sat, Aug 29 - NA 1 Night Stand. A pub crawl through New Albany. 3pm-midnight.
  • Fri, Sept 4 - Lambic by the Glass at RichO's.
  • Fri, Sept 4 - Brew Ha-Ha, Cincinnati. Fri 5-12, Sat 4-12. Starring JJ Walker and Victoria Jackson.
  • Sat, Sept 5 - Crown Liquors, Noblesville. Beer Bash to Battle Cancer. Noon-4pm. $20/$25.
  • Sat, Sept 5 - Power House / Columbus Bar IPA Fest starts. IPA's throughout the month.
  • Sat, Sept 12 - Zoo Brew - Potawatomi Park, South Bend. 7-10pm. $25-$35.
  • Sat, Sept 12 - Batesville Oktoberfest. Lil' Charlies.
  • Sat, Sept 12 - Hillbilly Haiku American Music Festival. Upland. Bloomington.
  • Mon, Sept 14 - Lil' Charlies Grand Opening of the Brewery.
  • Thurs, Sept 17 - Tapping of Rocktoberfest. Both Indy Rock Bottoms, 6pm.
  • Fri, Sept 18 - Mad Anthony Golf Outing, Auburn.
  • Sat, Sept 19 - Mad Anthony's Octoberfest. Fort Wayne. 2-6pm $25.
  • Thurs, Sept 24 - Sandwerka starts at RichO's. Celebration of all beers Bamburg.
  • Thurs, Sept 24 - Great American Beer Festival, Denver. Sept 24 – 27. Barley Island, Brugge, Mad Anthony, Rock Bottom, Sun King, Three Floyds, and Upland  and 443 other breweries will be pouring.
  • Thurs, Sept 24 - Indy Whisky & Fine Spirits Expo. hundreds of Scotch, bourbon, and other whiskies. For Pink Ribbon. Vine & Table. At Montage. 6:30pm-9pm. $50/$75VIP. Reservation needed.
  • Sat, Sept 26 - Cystic Fibrosis 10th Annual Festiv-Ale 3-7pm. Opti-Park, 820 E 66th St. $40/$50.
  • Mon, Sept 28 - Granite City tapping of Oktoberfest. Buffet for Mug Club members.

Beer terms that sound bad part 1. Flocculation, dry hopping, and more.

Brooklyn’s bacon brew.

0908AxeTheTax The Advertising Standards Authority in Britain has banned a Axe the Beer Tax Ad by the British Beer & Pub Association because it is inaccurate. Turns out the tax is more like 39%. "the BBPA will certainly make this clear in any future advert we do." article

European numbers are off. From the BelgianShop:

"Beer sales across West Europe fell by more than 4% in the first half of 2009 – the equivalent of 580 million litres, leading beverage research agency Canadean’s Quarterly Beverage Tracker informs.
According to experts, beer sales have been hit hard as consumers across the region tighten their purse strings by shunning bars, pubs and restaurants. ‘Cocooning’ a term not used since the downturn of the early 1990’s has been resurrected to describe the trend for drinkers to stay at home to entertain family and friends rather than eat out or go to a bar to socialise.
In some markets smoking bans and increased duty have contributed to amplify the level of abstinence. Nowhere is this best illustrated than the Netherlands where an excise duty increase and a smoking ban in cafes has triggered a considerable 9% decline in beer sales in the first half of 2009.
Beer in particular has been unable to capitalise on any switch from on to off premise; people drink less beer when they do not go out so regularly, analysts claim.
The third quarter is the most influential on commercial beverage sales and the performance in July, August and September will dictate the overall performance of the year. Hot temperatures in July and August or an Indian summer in September could make the volume performance more respectable.
Beer sales are predicted to end the year 3% down, Canadean advised."

Here's a prediction by the Associated Press that "Anheuser-Busch, maker of Bud Light and Budweiser, and MillerCoors, maker of Blue Moon and Miller Light, both say they're going to raise prices. But neither brewer would say how big the increases would be." article In other news, August will be followed by September this year.

Tales of our woes – The Government and Bud Select

We slipped by the big excise tax hikes proposed last spring but Illinois didn't. On Sept 1 they add 13¢ to each six-pack (retail, probably a quarter). 90¢ more a fifth for spirits. article

Michigan's Liquor Control Board has frozen wholesale prices on spirits. It's affecting New Holland's release of their Dutchess Vodka. They have been selling their house-distilled spirits (vodka, rum, gin, whiskey) only at the brewpub. By law, they have to sell it to the brewpub as they are two separate corporations. New that they want to put it out to the public they have to use their internal pricing (which doesn't allow for freight, inventory, or packaging costs).

They say "This ruling prevents the Michigan distribution launch of New Holland's Dutchess Vodka.  Without an exception to or elimination of this price freeze, New Holland cannot afford to sell their Dutchess Vodka into Michigan distribution.  It was scheduled for an October release. . . In fact, it forces us to replace those potential sales by considering distribution of Dutchess to other states where our margin is intact; contrary to the intention of limiting smuggling or supporting Michigan businesses."

Whoa, don't buy up all the MGD 64 in order to save calories. A-B has started test-marketing Select 55. From their press release:

0908-BudSelect"... light golden lager with 55 calories and 1.9g carbohydrates per each 12-ounce serving, SELECT 55 answers a growing demand among a segment of adult drinkers who are seeking lower-calorie alcohol beverages to complement their busy lifestyles. ...

Perfect for a variety of occasions, adults will enjoy SELECT 55 at a double-header baseball game, while grilling on a hot summer day or relaxing at home with friends.

Featuring a light golden color, SELECT 55 is made with caramel malts and a blend of imported and domestic hopping. Brewed to complement the full-flavor of Budweiser SELECT, SELECT 55 features a unique recipe that gives the beer its crisp finish with aroma notes of toasted malt and subtle hopping.

Brewed at Anheuser-Busch's St. Louis brewery, SELECT 55 is available in 12-ounce, clear signature crown glass bottles in 6- and 12-packs, and 12-ounce aluminum cans in 12- and 18-packs."

Available now in Chicago, Peoria, Louisville, Dayton, and Cincinnati.

Todays stuff is about New Albany and Pittsburgh

The New Albany Bicentennial Public Art Project is going to concentrate on the history of the area in 2010. A plaque is planned to go on the Bank Street Brewhouse.

Do you think seasonal beers are a new concept?

"Mr. Paul Reising, West End brewer, will issue his second edition of "Bock Beer" tomorrow. His customers will be supplied with the beverage in a prompt manner, as Mr. Reising is a prompt and reliable business man. Some people drink sassafras tea in the spring of the year; others use sage catnip and such, and others sassaparilla. That is their privilege. Another class prefer Bock Beer and it is their privilege to do so. This is a free country. Drive on old Bock." - New Albany Ledger-Standard, April 29, 1881

Meet Angelo Cammarata, the world's longest-serving bartender. With 77 years behind the taps, his family bar is being sold and, at 95, he is retiring. That's Pittsburgh tough.

Kitz's ramblings August 22

The past week started South with delicious beer at Moon River Brewing in Savannah, GA. If you get there you'll enjoy a great Fest Bier German style almost-Oktoberfest beer, or maybe a yummy Slo-vannah Pale ale with only 4% alcohol as a wonderful session beer on a hot Georgia day. We were lucky the seasonal Belgique was on tap as a tip-of-the hat to the great Chouffe brewery of southern Belgium.

Okay, not so far, you say! Traveled to Louisville to judge beer for the Kentucky State Fair with some great folks including our own Anita J of Great Fermentations and Sam C. one of the brewers at Bluegrass Brewing. Sam made some great contributions to what might have gone wrong with some of the homebrew we judged. But nothing was wrong when we stopped in at the downtown Louisville brewpub for BBC sampling their winning American Pale, a fairly hoppy American Pale at 55IBU (or just heavy hops for those who don't want the technical stuff. Also tried the seasonal "Unnamable Maibock" (hey, that's there name for it). A very tasty beer even if it is way past May. Had to finish the meal by sharing a Bourbon barrel Scotch Ale, one of my favorites, and Jerry and Sam have barrel aging down to a science!

On the Indiana side of Louisville Buckhead Mountain Grill had Nut Brown Ale on tap, a solid version of this style. Also had 3-Floyds Alpha King, Dogfishhead IPA, and Dogfish 60. Wow! So many choices right off of I-65!

Had to stop in downtown Indy this week and visit BWs at 7 E. Washington to see what was on tap. This week's hophead delight was Founders Red's Rye! Solid grapefruit notes at 77 IBU and done with four varieties of Belgian malts! Double-WOW. Also had Dogfish 90 on tap!

Bloomington's Crazy Horse (with 20+ on tap) is serving up Spaten Oktoberfest now! Yogi's Bloomington has (among the 20+ on tap there) Brooklyn Brewing's Sorachi Ace Brewmaster's Reserve. The beer made with one Japanese hop variety of this name comes out with a unique citrus/herbal flavor.

Misc News – Aug 21

Everything you wanted to know about the origin of New Albanian's Old 15-B as a Bob Capshaw Pro-Am beer. Actually just an excuse to post this label of a two-fisted cheeky WWII pinup.

Sun King gets ink in Metromix the easy way, by inviting the reporter to brew the beer. Genius.

As usual. Gina tells us what's being served where in the Hoosier Beer Geeks' Random Beer Roundup.

Have you heard of The Chicago Beer Riots of 1855?

Avery will have bombers of Dugana, a Double IPA out in late October. 93 IBU, 8.5%. It doesn't replace Maharaja. We wouldn't mention it but scantily clad women on beer labels seems to be a theme today and their label has been approved by the TTB.

According to Beer, Its History and Its Economic Value as a National Beverage, 1880, the twenty largest U.S. brewers in 1879 were: (for comparison, Bells does about 100,000 bbls.)

Rank Brewery City BBLS Sold
1 George Ehret New York 180,152
2 Philip Best (later Pabst) Milwaukee 167,974
3 Bergner & Engel Philadelphia 124,860
4 Joseph Schlitz Milwaukee 110,832
5 Conrad Seipp Chicago 108,347
6 P. Ballantine & Sons Newark 106,091
7 Jacob Ruppert New York 105,713
8 Christian Morlein Cincinnati 93,337
9 H. Clausen & Son New York 89,992
10 William J. Lemp St. Louis 88,714
11 Flanagan & Wallace New York 84,825
12 Anheuser-Busch St. Louis 83,160
13 Peter Doelger New York 80,000
14 Beadleston & Woerz New York 78,093
15 Boston Beer Company Boston 77,232
16 Albany Brewing Company Albany 71,568
17 Clausen & Price New York 69,271
18 Downer & Bemis Chicago 66,878
19 George Ringler New York 65,658
20 Windisch-Mulhauser Cincinnati 62,157


Fort Wayne News

S & V Liquors (Illinois Road) now has a variety of beers from Schlafly, Coopers and the arrival of fall beers.

Belmont Beverage (Lima Road) now has a variety of beers from Schlafly, Bluegrass Brewing Company, and Southampton.

Belmont Beverage (Lima Road) will be hosting a free beer tasting consisting of a variety of Dogfish Head beers on Thursday, August 27th from 4p.m.-7p.m.

Misc News – Aug 19

"Upland is now available in Lucas Oil Stadium. We'll be available at various kiosks and concession stands, as well as in the suites and  the Baker & Daniels East Club and Advantage West Club. Look for us in your game-day program for exact locations."

Oh, and Upland's Oktoberfest is about to hit the shelves.

The Indy Star has basically reprinted an article about the Sunday sales that was written by Convenience Store Decisions with emphasis on cold beer sales in (surprise) convenience stores. It says their petition got about 30,000 signatures.

Ale Street News has consolidated the midwest states' articles into one column but Bob's News from Indiana is online – as are other articles.

BA's mid-2009 numbers. Growing but slowing. We hear it might be more wide-spread than just beer so still growing isn't too bad.

Craft grew 9% in $ (it was 11% in the first half of 2008 and 14% in 2007).
Grew 5% in volume (was 6.5% last year, 11% in 2007) at 4,200,000 bbls.
There are 1,525 breweries (most since 1909).
Press Release - critique of the press releaseand another about "organic growth".
Which brings us to The Case Against Carrying Every Craft Beer In Your Local Store.

BrewDog's Tokyo Stout comes in at 18.2% ABV. They've run into official complaints about the marketing. Not the £9.99 per 11oz bottle though. article

  • Use of the phrase "intergalactic fantastic imperial stout" in marketing points to hallucinogenic qualities
  • Use of the following statement on BrewDog's website: "It is all about moderation. Everything in moderation, including moderation itself. What logically follows is that you must, from time, have excess. This beer is for those times."

Thank Heaven for Beer reviews Marmite.

The Diner’s Journal Blog of the New York Times has the best bacon news yet. Brooklyn Bacon Barleywine.

It turns out that as well equipped as Mr. Oliver’s brewery is, it doesn’t have an actual stove, something he needed to cook up a batch of malt mash. It’s a special malt that was smoked in the same room with some of the bacon made by the legendary Allan Benton. “It’s almost terrifying how much the malt smells like bacon,” Mr. Oliver said.

He plans to brew about 15 gallons of barleywine with that malt. In the meantime, he’s been infusing a brown ale with the flavor of Benton’s bacon fat through a technique known as “fat washing.” (Nick Fauchald described the process in this profile of the bartender Eben Freeman.) Oh, and the bacon-fat-infused ale was also aged in bourbon barrels, because bourbon and bacon go together like, um, beer and bacon.

Eventually, the barleywine with the bacon-smoked malt and the bourbon-aged, bacon-fat-infused ale would be blended to create one monstrously bizarre beer.

“One of two things will happen,” Mr. Oliver predicted. “Either this will be the most amazingly disgusting thing you’ve ever tasted in your life. Or I shall rule the earth.”

News from Indiana Microbreweries

New Albanian's delivery-by-the-glass truck is ready for signage. Their brewing schedule with the addition of the Bank Street Brewhouse gets confused. So much so Roger had to post it in two parts: part one - part two. Among the interesting ideas, they are joining the collaborations craze.

  • Schlafly Smoked APA and Cone Smoker will get together within two months to be brewed at the Schlafly tap room.
  • Sam Stupeck may come down to NABC for a September brew.
  • And something is possibly going to be aged in Huber's Winery barrels late this year.

Besides our Calendar, for the nitty gritty of what's happening next week you need to see Gina's Random Beer Roundup. Published weekly. Put it on your RSS feed.

0908-BlondeAmbition Barley Island's GABF Pro-Am release, Blonde Ambition, a Belgian Blonde will be tapped on Thurs, Aug 27th. It's already getting ink at The Beer Spot. Homebrewer Andrew Korty is the Am part of Jon Lang's Pro for this limited release (reportedly only 67 cases in bottles, the rest to be lapped up at the brewpub).

Here's a very short review, nay, acknowledgement, of the SWIRCA Festvial. But there is a 43 second video.

Here's where Sun King is on tap.

Misc News – Aug 14

Our owner, Monarch Beverage, has been named Beverage World magazine's 2009 Beer Wholesaler of the Year. article – This just as they move to new digs. Monarch Beverage likes taste of expansion. press release

Alan McLeod has nothing but good to say about City-Wide Liquors downtown South Bend store - and he's absolutely right. article

The Bank Street Brewhouse gets ink: New Albanian expands beer production in Southern Indiana.

Bell's brags about their medals. Bell's brings home some gold, silver and bronze from the Indiana State Fair Brewer's Cup competition.

0908-Jerome Have you hear of the Jerome Brewery (Cerveza Jerome)? Well Jim Arnold has. It's in Argentina and he thinks it's the best brewery in Argentina. That's why he's brought in a pallet for Kahn's in Indy. All are 22oz bottles priced at $4.99.

  • Negra – Milk Stout, 6.5%
  • Roja – Belgian Strong Pale Ale. 6%
  • Rubia – Blonde Ale. 6%
  • Nochebuena –  Belgian Dark Ale8%
Brewing Beer From 45-Million-Year-Old Yeast. That's right, Amber beer from a real piece of amber. It'll go on tap in a few months from Fossil Fuels in CA.

Direct from Guelph, Ontario – the Craft brewers Re-cycled Art Project. "All the left over stuff that would be thrown out, my partner and I make into art, bags, wallets and other useable items. I want the $10 malt-bag wallet but I really want the $12 malt-bag 6-pack holder.

Brew Dog is looking for a brewer. Scotland. Yards from the North Sea. 2 year old brewery. 14 employees from 6 countries. Growing like crazy.

The Porch Dog Defends the Big Three.

Carlsberg trials a fruity female-friendly beer. Eve. 3.1%. Two flavors, passion fruit and lychee. No seriously. £500,000 campaign. Or maybe August 14th is April Fools day in England.

Northern Indiana News

There will be a free beer tasting and grilling on-site at Cap n' Cork (Fort Wayne-see Calendar section) tomorrow, August 14th, featuring beers from Upland, Lost Coast and Budweiser including Bud Light Golden Wheat.

Today is Thirsty Thursday at Crown Brewing and all beers are 1/2 off their regular price!

Misc News – Aug 12

Scott Johnson, Upland's promotional guy is heading off for an IU MBA. His job will be filled by Charles Stanley starting immediately.

Rita Kohn has noticed Indy Fringe has an official beer – Blue Moon. (Program) She'll talk about that in today's Nuvo.

The feel-good news of the day is Newcastle Brown in Heineken draft cans.

Time to start talking about Stone 09.09.09 Vertical Epic. The breweries blog says "a sinfully dark Belgian Porter, and instead of using American hops like last year, we’re using two European hop strains: Perle and Magnum. Staying true to the series, this year’s batch also comes packed with some unique, mouth-watering ingredients." Like tangerine peel, vanilla beans, chocolate malt, and French oak. Hits the shelves in 29 days.

When a pub in England gets banned from selling alcohol due to rowdiness what should it do? Probably not give drinks away. Pub offering free drinks shut by police. Bonus quote: "Beat managers, patrol staff and special constables from across Mid Devon, together with officers from Exeter and two police dog units from North Devon were deployed to ensure that the premises closed."

If you're heading to Denver for GABF you might want to sign up for the Pints for Prostates Denver Rare Beer Tasting. 1999 Vintage Smoked Porter, Brooklyn Wild 1, Raison D'Extra, Lost Abbey Angel's Share, Reunion, Berserker Mead, Garrett Oliver, Greg Koch, Carol Stoudt, etc. etc. $55 and going fast.

October 5th is the release date for Bud Light Golden Wheat.

Taste Great!

Almost 6000 beer fans at Saturday’s Great Taste of the Midwest beer festival in Madison, Wisconsin had hundreds of brew choices. More than 110 breweries and brew pubs from across the Midwest poured samples of about 650-700 different kind of beer, every imaginable style from pilsners to porters. This is the 23rd festival in Madison and many beer fans make the Great Taste part of an annual tradition.

Misc News - Aug 9

Drink Indiana isn't a new idea. "The Rochester Brewery is now supplying its several customers with what is pronounced good beer at less than city rates. By all of the home trade patronizing the Rochester Brewery it is estimated that at least $10,000 will be kept within the borders of Fulton county." - Rochester Sentinel, Saturday, January 13, 1877

Happy Pils at Rock Bottom, 86th St, Indy, is Liz's interpretation of the classic. As bitter as Urquell but with Sterling hops that are quite agreeable. Livin' The Dream IPA uses Amarillo, Simcoe, and Centennial to create a mixed hop bomb. Our favorite of the day was her Cask Conditioned Dry Hopped Red – the Simcoe addition give a fine sharp line where the bitter starts.

I picked up a growler of good German Hefeweizen which started a conversation about "American Hefeweizen" and how wrong that name is. Lew Bryson agrees.

The GBBF awarded the best Cask Conditioned American beer to YouEnjoyMyStout by Cambridge Brewing Company of Cambridge Mass. It's a Bourbon barrel-aged 10.5% Imperial Stout.

Scotch lovers on a budget should look and drool at the responses to MaltAdvocate's question "What are the good whisky values?" See if you can find out where Tim D bought Lagavulin 16 for $49.99.

Scientists invent molecular trap to improve beer shelf life. By ridding the beer of vitamin B2 they can prevent photo-oxidation. Hmmm.

Misc News – Aug 7

Ben Ross has put together an excellent History of the Lafayette Breweries.

The GABF is September 24-26 in Denver. They are looking for volunteer workers.

At Crunchy's in East Lansing manager Paul Stewart has banished all non-Michigan draft beer on its 27 taps in favor of locally-crafted brews.

0908-AinE Some guys in Southampton, England started Alcohol In Emergency, a late-night delivery service. The Nanny State has some reservations; mostly semantic  . article.

Shiner will be putting out Shine Smokehouse soon. Lew Bryson calls it a summer-weight Schlenkerla Helles-style.

Victory is making Hop Wallop available year-round and replacing it on the seasonal schedule with Yakima Twilight Ale. 8.7% IIPA. YTA will probably be out in the fall.

Misc News – Aug 4

It's a slow week with everyone off to the Great Taste of the Midwest (sold out). But there are still things to do. See the Indiana Beer Calendar.

Have you heard about the Cicerone Beer Sommeliers Certification?

Beer Storage, Sales and Service
Beer Styles and Culture
Beer Tasting and Flavors
Brewing Ingredients and Processes
Pairing Beer with Food

0908-Camra Rudgate Ruby Mild (4.4%) has been named Camra's Champion Beer of Britain at the Great British Beer Festival. "The judges were impressed by rich, fruity character, and the fact that it’s quite hoppy and bitter for a mild ale. Its victory should invigorate the whole mild ale category." The organizers immediately grabbed a growler to make a Cornish pasty. No really, they did. article

Want some brewpub music? Here's a couple of free downloads: Oakhurst Live at Barley Island Brewery and Umphrey's McGee Live at Mishawaka Brewing.

Lew Bryson says ABIB small brands not doing so well; actually, they suck. What he means is all the Anheuser Busch "micro" brands  are down in sales. Landshark, Chelada, Mich, Bud Select (hey, remember that stuff?). Even Bass, Beck's and Rolling Rock are down. The big star for A-B is, wait for it, oh, you guessed already, Bud Light Lime.

LiL' Charlies Brewhouse Opening Scheduled

LiL' Charlies Steakhouse And Grill in Batesville, you may remember, is adding a 20bbl brewhouse.

Lil CharliesFrom last November:
There's a steakhouse in Batesville called Lil' Charlies that has bought the house next door to hold 20bbl brewery equipment and become a brewpub. Hurrah. Owners Kip and Tricia Miller and Adam Israel's plan includes a complete overhaul of the restaurant, the addition of a bar area, increased seating, etc. etc. Adam will be the brewmaster along with his chef title - he's a CIA grad.

Well, they're getting ready to open and are planning a party on Saturday, Sept 12th in conjunction with Batesville's first ever Oktoberfest. Their parking lot will be the scene of a small beer festival and Adam is hoping to have some guest breweries pouring (did you get that hint, Jon, Caleb, Floyd, Dan, Mark, John?). Band will start at 6 and a comedian at 10pm.

They will also have a bratwurst eating contest and a homebrew contest. No entry forms available yet but watch their website for details.

The new bar area inside will officially open on Monday, Sept 14th.

Ben Ross has put up some excellent pages about the history of Lafayette Breweries. Bohrer and Thieme & Wagner get special attention.

"Wastin’ away again in Weihenstephan.
Drinking Kristallweiss from a large stein.
This much is clear,
This is not a dark beer.
And I know it treats me just fine."
                    - Jason

Hoppin' Frog has Hop Master's Abbey and Frog's Hollow Double Pumpkin Ale coming up in September. Barrel Aged B.O.R.I.S. may show up in Indiana this month.

Britain’s Colourful Pub Signs.