Northeast Indiana Girls Pint Out - Press Release

Press Release - Girls Pint Out Announces a New Chapter in Northeast Indiana

Girls Pint Out is happy to announce that Northeast Indiana is the newest Girls Pint Out chapter.

Northeast Indiana Girls Pint Out will be holding their first event on November 20, 2014 at 6:00 PM. It will be a Ladies Choice Tap Takeover hosted by JK O’Donnell’s Irish Ale House in Fort Wayne, featuring 10 taps from breweries where women are brewers, owners, movers and shakers.

Girls Pint Out originated in Indianapolis, Indiana in early 2010. The Girls Pint Out movement quickly spread to Arizona and Texas. Today Girls Pint Out has more than 50 chapters in over 30 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. Our mission is to build a community of women who love craft beer and who are an active, contributing part of the greater craft beer community.

Through social media, blog posts, and local events hosted by chapters, Girls Pint Out offers a forum for discussion, education, and fun. Events are educational, charitable, and/or social. The majority of events are women-only, but sometimes men are invited.  Events are as diverse as the chapters that plan them and the ladies that attend them!  There is no secret code to get in the door. It doesn't matter if you have just ventured into the world of IPAs and stouts, or consider yourself a craft beer drinking pro. Unless the event information states otherwise, to “join Girls Pint Out” you merely show up for a pint.

Girls Pint Out, a non-profit corporation, has filed its application to become a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

If you are interested in more information, hosting or sponsoring an event, please contact Rebekah Bailey

Social Media Contacts:
Facebook: (national)
Twitter:            @girlspintout (national)
                        @NEIndianaGPO (local)

Drims and Drabs, Early snowbird edition

Todd Antz has moved Keg Liquors to a new store down the road. 4304 Charlestown Road, New Albany.

Another brewery is looking for a variance to open in New Albany. Charles Halwerk is looking to open the Wrecker Brewing Co. at 1419 E. Market Street next February.

The question of cold beer in convenience stores is going to come up again. Headline: Cold beer fight heating up again, Indiana convenience stores file appeal article

Headline: Villagers enjoyed impromptu party after beer truck overturned. article

Headline: Heroism during Ottawa shooting leads to free beer for Alain Gervais article
Facts. The Molson rep and the House of Commons bought him “several hundred” bottles of Molson and Coors (his choice). Favorite quote: "We just need to constantly make sure that that person never has to pay for a beer at any pub in the country for the rest of his life."

Headline: Minneapolis firm awards beer to workers who fill out their timecards article

How to turn a pumpkin into a beer keg (although you’ll have to put those eyes and mouth back in. video

Mike Atwood has reminded us that Nov 25th is the birthday of Carrie Nation and Dec 5 is the birthday of Prohibition’s demise.

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Drims, Drabs and Ghosts

Nuvo details the pumpkin beers available around Indiana. And a weekend calendar you need to treat as a menu of your time during this first really cold time of the season. link

Bloomington Brewery’s Persimmon Ale gets released tomorrow. On tap and in 22ozers. link

NABC’s ThunderFoot Cherry Imperial Stout (12%) gets released Saturday. Parties at both locations are bing called the Thunderfoot Halloween Hanover Release Party. On tap and in 22ozers. link

Mashcraft Brewing of Greenwood will be tap Mr. Wicked Imperial IPA today.

Vince Luecke of Ferdinand (that’s a town near the Ohio River) has permission to open a microbrewery. Look for it in the spring. link

The Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis has an exhibit “American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition” going on through Feb 15 of next year. link

History! The Presidents’ favorite drinks. link
Washington – Porter.
Adams – Cider, Porter, Rum, Madeira.
Garfield – Common Ale.
Cleveland – Had a 4 beers per day limit.
Cleveland – Common Ale.
Kennedy – Bloody Mary, Daiquiris, Heineken.
Bush (1) – Beer, Vodka Martini.
Clinton – Snakebite (equal parts lager and cider).
Bush (2) – Dry due to alcoholism.
Obama – Honey Ale brewed at the White House.

MarketWatch says Indianapolis is the least expensive city to by cheap white table wine at $4.24. The same in Portland, OR is $13.22. The cheapest beer is in Baton Rouge ($7.51) and the most expensive is in Aurora, IL at $13.32 a six-pack. They say prices will drop near Xmas and the best prices are usually at Costco and Sams Club.

Headline: Craft Brewer Admits He’s The Guy Responsible For Town’s Mysterious Count Chocula Shortage

Headline: Finnish Brewer Set To Sell Recreation Of 172-Year-Old Beer Found In Shipwreck. The yeast was still viable and and bottles using that list will go for $143. Replica ingredients versions will be $7.

A meme quotes La Cross WI as having the most bars on one street: 360.
Terre Haute, in 1900, had 14 houses of prostitution in one block of North Second Street.
That same meme says Andre the Giant could drink 120 beers in one sitting. We call bushwah.

CenosillicaphobiaCenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty glass. Naw, that’s another internet made-up thing. It isn’t in the OED. If fact the Urban Dictionary is the only “reputable” source for the word.

Empire Brewing of NY has received a complaint from Lucasfilms about “The Empire Strikes Bock”.




Chuggers OldBarrel
Anheuser Busch bottling plant in Indianapolis.

Nope, it’s a fountain.

Dribs and Drams

Hoosier GABF Winners:  Full list here.

Gold Red Dawn American Wheat Carson’s Brewery Evansville
Gold Lonesome Dove Barrel-Aged Sun King Brewery Indianapolis
Silver Barrel Aged 666 Barrel-Aged Sun Kin Brewery Indianapolis
Silver Sanitarium Abbey Ale Bier Brewery Indianapolis

Calendar: Wine-A-Ree in Columbus. Nov. 8. Noon-6pm. $20/$25. Wine & Beer. Benefiting the Boy Scouts..

Headline: Two arrested for bootlegging in Indy

Headline: Indiana roofer hops on beer bandwagon – the Hopknoxious Farm near West Lafayette.
Plus: Farmers grow Indiana hops for Indiana beer

Headline: Distillers joining craft brewing movement in Indiana

Keg Liquors in New Albany has closed their downtown New Albany location in order to move.

Closing and Relocation of our New Albany location
It is with a mix of sadness and optimism that we announce the closing and relocation of the downtown New Albany location of Keg Liquors. Friday, September 26th, will be our last day in operation at 302 Pearl Street. The new location will be announced soon and we are thrilled that the existing New Albany staff will transfer to it.
The relocation of the New Albany store does not impact the Clarksville location, which will continue to operate under its normal business hours.
We opened the New Albany location 3 years ago to be part of the renaissance of downtown New Albany. I feel that Keg Liquors has been a key contributor with the revitalization and we have enjoyed watching the area grow and prosper. However, in order to meet the business objectives for Keg Liquors and to continue to support the development of New Albany, it is time to relocate the store to an area more conducive to our type of business.
As the owner of Keg Liquors, I am thankful for the wonderful customers and the relationships we've formed, as well as the other business owners and employees that we've gotten to know. I look forward to continuing those relationships and to creating new ones.
Thank you to everyone who patronized our New Albany store on Pearl Street, and we look forward to serving you at our new location.
Todd Antz
Owner, Keg Liquors

Dogfish Head is back in Indiana. Hooray

Not sure that local breweries make the employment scene that much better but the headline says: Beer boosts jobs: Study shows Ohio among best in nation for job growth, sustainability

The Oldest Bar in Every State (giving the Knickerbocker as Indiana’s entry). link


The Perfect Way to Pour a Beer. 1:43 video

Watch the Oktoberfest Devil’s Wheel. Beer by the mas makes the funhouse ride a spectator sport. 3:41 video

Beer from Fossils… Gross or Awesome? 3:29 video

BelgianCloud BigHead



One last Oktoberfest picture


The Dribs and Drams of the end of Oktoberfest

20SuccessStoriesIf you haven’t heard, Daredevil is moving to downtown Speedway. press release

The Beer Barons preview the Taxman Brewing Co. of Bargersville. link They have a Biere de Garde and a Belgian IPA.

You definitely must check out Bank Street Brewhouse’s Indiana Statutory Compliance Restaurant Menu. see it here and decide if you want your overpriced powdered milk with or without water.

Headline: Lawsuit Claims Templeton Rye Misled Drinkers Into Thinking It’s A Bootlegger’s Whiskey. Basics: Templeton Rye is distilled in Lawrenceburg Indiana, then bottled and marketed in Iowa. Lawyers in Chicago are suing claiming it misleads drinkers with to have a name the same as some booze made during prohibition. article

USA Today gives a review of the beer and wine at the State Fair. article

Booze is flowing at the fair for the first time in 67 years, but officials and fair-goers say strict drink limits and other containment measures have kept the alcohol from spoiling the family-friendly atmosphere that the legislature had long sought to protect by banning alcohol sales.

Headline: AB InBev Getting Drunk On Idea Of Buying SABMiller For $122 Billion article

Ron Smith’s Master of Beer Appreciation starts this semester on Oct 4th. website

Colts-Hook-UpYr Hmbl Srvnt will host a program with the Indiana State Museum on October 23rd at the Tow Yard Brewing Co. It’s called The Rise of Craft Beer in Indiana.
Plus, Tow Yard’s Hook Up Shandler Golden Ale will be served during Colts games.
The ISM has a full line of interesting programs on tap including some on Prohibition. press release

Overseas News

Oktoberfest goes until October 5th this year. Get your plane tickets here.

Headline: Medieval Belgian Town Installing A Beer Pipeline Because — Wait, A Beer Pipeline?! article with bonus news that De Halve Maan brewery in Brugge will start bottling and exporting.

Headline: The Plot to Destroy America's Beer. Yep, Beck’s is brewed in St. Louis. article And it’s down 14% in sales.

Headline: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Schlitz Brewer Purchased By Russian Beverage Company article

Headline: Waiter Earns Eternal Bragging Rights By Carrying 27 Full Beer Mugs At Once article
Secondary: Waiter smashes world beer-carrying record by hauling nearly 30 large glasses of ale in one go article

Other stuff

Headline: Feds Pushing States To Lower The Drunk Driving Threshold To 0.05 BAC article

Headline: Someone Made Craft Beer Jelly Because That Is Clearly What Peanut Butter Has Been Missing article Made with Oatmeal Stout, Hefeweizen and IPA.

Headline: Beer and wine names it’s hard to believe really exist photo tour

And the mandatory dirndl photos (still trying to figure out the Chuck Taylors in the bottom pic):

Ofest20 OFest21
OFest22 Ofest23 Ofest24
Ofest25 Ofest27

Brew Bracket vs. Oktoberfest vs. Irvington BrewFest - 9/27/14

This coming Saturday brings along a trio of beer festivals. Unless you are great at either time management, drinking tolerance or just the easiest route - you have a clone, how do you know what festival to go to?

That is sometimes my problem. So many good events, so little time. How does one choice which even to go to?

For me, I wouldn't go to Oktoberfest this weekend. Oktoberfest is celebrated many times around this city. From more traditional styles of celebrations such as the one put on early in September by the German American Klub to Upland Brewing Co's gathering in Military Park. Some are family friendly and some are for the 21+ crowd only. As much I love to celebrate with a good lager in my hand,  Prost! to those who go out from 1pm - 9pm. Have a stein for me.

I may be biased by Brew Bracket has always been one of my favorite events. I love that the drinkers get to vote who is the best and that it is tallied up right there for everyone to see. The one coming up on Saturday is a new type of Brew Bracket. Instead of taking a basic style, the team at Brew Bracket are daring 8 breweries to get crazy and experiment with an IPA style of beer.   This appeals to me because it gives people the opportunity to try a beer they may never have had before and may never have again. It also gives the breweries a challenge to turn on the  creativity.  If I was available I'd be at Brew Bracket in a heart beat.  Even if only to see what Flat 12 created for this event.

Irvington Brewfest is tempting only because it is such a small little event. With only 4 local breweries and one local meadery. You could really get to taste, talk and enjoy the music and festivities. Plus it is trying to gain some light for the up and coming Irvington community.

I used to think that so many events was a bad thing and the bubble of beer events or breweries would bust in Indianapolis given the bulge of new craft breweries but maybe sometimes too much of a good thing isn't a bad idea.

I wish I could go to at least one of these events this weekend, but I hope at least some of the readers get a chance. If you do go to Oktoberfest.. please wear a lederhosen, only cause that'd be incredible to see a local reader celebrating in German style.


Flat12 Fall Preview

I recently had the good fortune to sit down with Rob Caputo, Director Of Brewery Operations at Flat12 for a sneak peek into some of their plans for the fall season; and while it isn’t my place to reveal all of the upcoming surprises, I can tell you this fall looks to hold a full fermenter of fun for you savvy beer fans. Here’s what can be know for the moment:

Prairie Plat
es – September 7th at Connor Prairie. Flat12 will be offering small batch-cask conditioned beers to be paired with amazing food choices from Chef Neal Brown (of Pizzalogy and the Libertine fame). Some of these beers, I am told, will even feature some ingredients from the gardens on site at Connor Prairie (chamomile, mint porter anyone?). This looks to be a wonderful event held on the grounds of a beautiful venue. Tickets are still available.

Defining Drink Local – September 25th at the brewery on Dorman St, in conjunction with Indiana Girls Pint Out and Indy Beer News, this event is a panel discussion on the topic of defining what it means to drink “local” beer. Special tappings for this event include a beer where all four of the components used to brew beer (for you beer purity law fans) are Hoosier born and raised. For all of you brewers out there (home or pro) this looks like an exciting development for the local community.

Indy Urban Acres Farmraiser – September 27th onsite at Indy Urban Acres Organic Farm. Flat12 is helping to promote this organic farm that not only provides information and workshops on organic farming, but also donates 100% of the produce raised there to hungry families via Gleaners Food Bank. I have it on good authority that beers featured at this event will also focus on including local ingredients as part of the brewing process. Rumor has it the brew liquor (water) used in one of the beers was seasoned with sweet corn from the farm itself. And who doesn’t enjoy a little locally grown sweet corn  late in a Hoosier summer? Always fun, and always innovative, as usual – Flat12 pushes the envelope.

All this and more: Flat12 is currently putting the finishing touches on their new facility down south in Jeffersonville, with build-out happening now. And for anyone who has been to a Halloween celebration in the past, you can always expect Rob and crew to raise the bar. This seasons’ event is no different. Make it a priority for your Halloween season, you’ll be glad you did. And finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention the annual Black Friday celebration at  Dorman Street. Much like the annual Halloween celebration, this event is always a lot of fun. This year promises more of the same.

Watch this space for more details on the events as they draw nearer. In the meantime: relax, don't worry, open a bottle of Flat Jack and check out tickets to the September events. There’s sure to be great beer, great food, and lots of great times.

Dribs, Drams, and time to clean the Augean stables

Hi, we’re back. Here’s some good news (as opposed to the mideast, midwest, and Southwest Airlines).

The 18th Street Brewery in Gary plans to double capacity and start canning by the end of the year.

Sun King plans to add a 2nd brewery and tasting room in Fishers. article

Triton is celebrating their 3rd anniversary on Sept 20th. Family party with games and kiddy artists: 2-5pm. Tappings and music start at 6pm.

Quaff On Brewing will have a Beer & Music fest on Sept 19 & 20 at the Bill Monroe Music park in Bean Blossom. info

Robbie Mehling, with friends, made a half-hour video about Indiana brewing as a master’s thesis. See Caleb, Clay, Nick, Ray, Rodrick, Roger, Ryan, Derrick, Me, and an impressive work of visuals. video & article

An article about Kent Martin who oversees TTB’s label chief. The guy who doesn’t like Bad Elf.

Headline: 30 great beers you've probably never heard of. article

Popular Mechanics headline: 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Beer article

And, bad news:

Headline: Corona Extra Beer Recalled Because Glass Particles Don’t Go Down So Smoothly article

Headline: Brewery removes ‘fart-smelling’ beer from sale. Yep, Norwegian. article

Everything’s bigger in Texas. article

Headline: Bavarian bakers threaten strike during Oktoberfest, pretzel shortages loom article

Beer floats. That’s ice cream floats, not like, floats on water. Thankfully this is in Philly, not IN. article

Guinness Blonde American lager. Brewed in the USA. Thump, thump, thump. article

Headline: Beer shortage and heatwave spells misery for Cubans. article

20SuccessStories Technology

BigHead BelgianCloud

Dig In 2014

It seems appropriate that after a long period of time of not writing that I come back to write about an event that I first wrote about 4 years ago when I joined the crew with

Dig IN Indiana is not just beer though. It is all things Indiana. Beer, Wine, Food from local farms, prepared into small portioned meals by Indiana chefs and finally treats from Indiana Artisans. Put on by Indiana folks and entertainment by local entertainment. Seriously the biggest Taste of Indiana anyone could have.  I've grateful to volunteer with this festival for the past four years.

But this is about the beer!

I was already anticipating all the beer I'd get to sample after my volunteer shift.  Especially since my duties for the day was directing all the vendors to their parking and as each brewer came through and we said hello or had a quick catch up chat, my excitement grew.

As the breweries grow in Indiana, the options for beer in Dig IN have grown along with the demand. It was nice to see seasoned vets like Flat 12, Sun King and Brugge there along with some of the new guys like Scarlet Lane and Tin Man Brewing.

My first stop was to Tent C and I visited TaxMan with their saison, Bloomington Brewing Company's hoppy wheat, Thr3e Wiseman and their blonde, but my favorite from Tent C was Indiana City's Yacht Rock. I've had this belgian wheat ale many times but either it was the hot day or the work of Ray and the rest of his crew at Indiana City Beer getting better as time goes by, but it was a nice and smooth beer.

After filling up again on my food ( which was all delicious and I had to use two hands to count how many different kinds of meat was used )  I headed over to Tent B.This time to get my hands on Pooka, which was poured at the Brugge table.  It is no secret that Brugge's sours (Harvey and Pooka) are two of my all time favorite beers.  It once again did not disappoint during Dig In.

I popped over the next table over to say hello to Rob at Flat 12 and was surprised to see that Flat 12 was offering their Flat Jack.  I also love pumpkin ale and I've been seeing a lot of it popping up in liquor stores. I  was surprised it was at Dig In but still delighted to give it a try once more.  It must be me, cause when I posed a question on Facebook about seeing pumpkin ales early, it seemed to be the norm to have it on the shelf in July.

Lastly Tent A was my last stop. (obviously my beer palate wanted to work backwards when it came to tasting). There I ran into good friends from Bier and has some Weizengoot. Tried the ale that Figure 8 had to offer. I wish I could remember their ale but in the midst of tasting I heard someone in the table over ask for TinMan Brewing Co's Apricot Sour and I honestly downed the sample I had in my hand and popped over to TinMan's table.

I'm not a huge fan of apricots but this sour was the exception to my dislike of apricots. It was perfectly balanced, slightly creamy but with an appropriate zing that I love at the end of my sours. It almost made me question my love of Pooka that day.  I have had TinMan Brewing Co's beer before and wasn't really sold, but they have me wanting to come back and give them another shot after that apricot sour.

I didn't get to all the beer at Dig IN unfortunately. (I had a small food challenge of finishing the food passport and after that I had no room for beer) but what I did have was definitely delicious. I also learned a valuable lesson, don't dismiss the newbie breweries, like TinMan. Cause they make sneak up on you with a great out of the box beer.

Thank you Dig In for another year. Now that I'm getting back into the swing of things, it is time to start planning some brewery trips and tracking down some of those new breweries I've let slip through my fingers and give them a try!



Mad Anthony Brewing Company 16th Annual Oktobeerfest - Fort Wayne

Saturday, September 13 - 2p.m.

Yes, it is that time of the year again for Mad Anthony Brewing Company's annual Oktobeerfest at Headwaters Park West in Downtown Fort Wayne.  The festival begins at 2p.m. and here is information that I received about the festival:

Mad Anthony Brewing Company

Join Us for the 16th Annual Oktobeerfest
Fort Wayne, IN, September 13th

It’s time to say “OK… to Oktobeerfest” and make plans now to join over 35 Indiana breweries for the 16th Annual Mad Anthony Brewing Oktobeerfest occurring September 13th at Headwaters Park West.

MABC Oktobeerfest is dedicated to promoting and celebrating locally crafted products: from beer and cider to food and entertainment.  At Mad Anthony Brewing Company, we believe that there are a lot of great things going on in our own backyard and want to use this festival as an opportunity to showcase them.

New to this year’s festival is the Mad Brewers Challenge, hosted in conjunction with Fort Wayne’s very own Brewer’s Art Supply. This Challenge allows one homebrewer the chance of having their beer recipe commercially brewed and served within all MABC brewpubs. The top ten entries will be served at the festival and voted upon by attendees. Join MABC in making a homebrewers dream come true. Full contest details are available online at

Another new addition to this year’s festival is the Oktobeerfest Food Truck Alley, established to showcase Fort Wayne’s growing food truck culture. This year’s alley will feature local favorites: Bravas, Big John’s Ragin’ Cajun and Affine.

Make plans to attend Oktobeerfest and enjoy all the flavors our amazing state has to offer.

Tickets for Mad Anthony Brewing Company’s 16th Annual Oktobeerfest are available online at

Looking for some great craft beer fun before the festival? Check out these other great Oktoberfest festivities:  

 • September 10th: Craft Beer Dinner at Old Crown Coffee Roasters  
 • September 12th: Oktobeerfest Golf Outing at Bridgewater West Golf Course, Auburn
 • September 13th: Gears & Beers Pub Pedal starting at a TBD location in Fort Wayne

For more information on Oktobeerfest and all its events visit or

Also, here is the link for a list of the breweries whose beers will be available for your sampling pleasure:

Come out for a great time and some tasty brews!