Bring Da Funk

newkmfJust a short post. It seems Sam Adams has Kosmic Mother Funk Grand Cru going out soon. Very limited. Maybe just at company tastings. Right now the closest plans are in Chicago in late September and mid-November. Or Cleveland next week. Their final stop is going to be decided by online votes (read: ballot box stuffed with bits). Indy, Nashville (TN) and Tampa are in the running right now. Votes are due by Oct 15th.

They say
  • This one-of-a-kind Belgian ale is fermented with multiple microorganisms including Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus and other wild critters found in the environment of our 150-year old Boston brewery
  • The unique yeasts impart layers of spicy, fruity, & bright tart notes to the beer. Aged in our Hungarian oak tuns, the porous character of the wood allows air to slowly seep in during aging creating micro-oxidation that smoothes any harsh flavors
  • Grand Cru often denotes a vintage of the highest quality or ‘the best of the best’. This release has been aging in our Barrel Room for just over a year.
  • Kosmic Mother Funk is the soul of our Barrel Room Collection, blended to varying degrees in each of our five Belgian brews creating a distinct & complex character

SO..... go to and vote for Indy. Thanks.


You will be rewarded with karma points, fuzzy head points and more nonsense pictures.

Dribs and Drams

What are you doing this Saturday?

Oct 10 Albion Lions, Tigers & Beer. Black Pine Nature Preserve. SOLD OUT
Oct 10 Ferdinand St. Benedict's Brew Works Oktoberfest Celebration. - 11:30am-??
Oct 10 Indianapolis Barrels on Bonna barrel aged beer festival. Hosted by Black Acre Brewing. 1-5pm. $50.
Oct 10 Indianapolis Indianapolis Biergarten Day. Athenaeum, Traders Point Creamery, Sun King, Eiteljorg, German Klub. Etc?
Oct 10 Indianapolis Indy Literary Pub Crawl. Mass Ave. 5:30pm-??
Oct 10 Muncie All Beers Considered by Indiana Public Radio. 2-5pm. $30.
Oct 10 Porter Porter's Perfect Pint Festival presented by Pat's Liquors. 1-5pm. $35-50.
Oct 13
Beginning Brewing Class. Great Fermentations. 10am.

Rita tells about Bloomington's The Tap Brewery and their new downtown Indy adjunct restaurant.

Eric tells about the Thomas-Stieglitz Brewery in Goshen. And takes a picture:

Three Floyds Zombie Dust was named by Men's Journal as one of the best 100 beers you can buy on shelves. article

Outside Indiana

Pennsylvania is going to auction off some stuff that their Liquor Control Board can't/won't sell. The first auction is on Oct 13 selling 24 bottles of "Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection". It seems to be really a lottery since the news article (s) say "Each 375 ml bottle will cost $48.49. . . and is limited to one bottle per participant".

InMill? SABev? Budweiser Maker Officially Offers $104 Billion To Buy Miller That would make the US / Canada / Belgium / England / South Africa / Australia / Brazil conglomerate 30% of the world market. And 70% of the American market <emoji for "shudder">. Just how much Bud Light Lime can they make?

Goose Island and Virtue Cider of Pennville, MI are co-"brewing" an Apple Cider. It'll be next year before it's out.

Brooklyn Brewery is exporting to Australia and now they will have Cooper's make their lagers.

Heinekin is indeed buying 50% of Lagunitas.

Miller has bought Saint Archer Brewing of San Diego.

The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin was named Europe's best tourist attraction by the World Travel Awards. $18 euro entry fee.


Old Fashioned - Chocolate Whiskey - Prohibition Whiskey - Scotch Map - 11 cocktails


11 Harsh Truths About Hangovers

12 Pumpkin Beers get tested. Yahoo Plus 5 new facts about Pumpkin Beer.

In Portland, You Can Now Drink Salmon-Safe Beer And they think midwesterners are wierd.

Pabst to revive Old Tankard Ale brand. But the Wisconsin Brewing Co. will brew it. Outsourcing to a 2-year old startup. Will hipsters care?

Or will Natty become the latest hipster craze? article 

Why you shouldn't use a frozen mug. It's all about the taste. article Oh, and you shouldn't use a shoe either. It's all about the taste.


Dribs and Drams

Summer's over and the September festival season is over. That doesn't mean nothing's going on.

Oct 2 Indianapolis Kiwanis Club's Pints for Half-pints.  $20. 6-10pm.
Oct 3 Evansville America on Tap. 2nd Ave & Sycamore St. 1-5pm. $35.
Oct 3 New Albany Biers on Parade at the New Albany Farmers Market. 1-6pm. Free. Food & Beer extra.
Oct 10 Porter Porter's Perfect Pint Festival presented by Pat's Liquors. 1-5pm. $35-50.
Oct 10 Indianapolis Barrels on Bonna barrel aged beer festival. Hosted by Black Acre Brewing. 1-5pm. $50.

Rita tells the tale of Black Acre prior to their Barrels on Bonna (which promises 20+ Hoosier breweries with samples of special brews.)

She also scooped us with the 10 GABF Medals brought back to Indiana. Bier, Flix, Mad Anthony, Sun King, Tap Beer Co. (a new brewpub in Bloomington), Taxman, Thr3e Wise Men if you want the spoiler. more

And she talks about People's Brewing's Local Farm Series.

Last week she talked to Greg Eaton about his new Deer Creek Brewery in Noblesville.

Brewer David Pierce leaves NABC to return to BBC Thanks for making the big facility hum. I still owe you a taxi ride.

Back in the heyday of the elaborate family park - the ones with permanent rides like roller coasters, Ferris wheels, boat rides, swimming beaches - many were built by interurbans in order to attract weekend traffic. This fine tradition is now back in northwest Indiana.South Shore CVA Collaborates with Local Breweries to Launch Brewery Trail App - details here. Oh, that's the convention and visitors bureau, not the interurban. Rats.

Indiana Brewery Will Fetch You A Beer For Your Dog (Flat 12, if you want the spoiler.)

Other Beer Stuff

Hey, has anyone see the Wheaties beer? Let us know when you try it.

Bud Light Apple? They gotta be kidding.

Other stuff entirely

Did you know there's an American Whiskey Trail?

All about Canadian Whiskey.

And the world's largest bottle of whisky. (Tomintoul Distillery 105 litres  - oops, spoiler alert)

17 whiskey cocktails and the Sezerac as a plus.

11 items of false knowledge about alcohol.


Oktoberfest Time

Before we get into this season's drndle-fest there are a couple of news notes:

1) Kennywood Brewing Supply is moving from their Crown Point digs to space in the Saint John Malt Brothers Brewery, 9575 Wicker Ave. St. John. They are closing the downtown square space as of Monday, Sept 28 and opening in St. John on Oct 1. Until the 28th everything is 20% off (except Blichmann)

2) Amazon is selling "The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Whiskey Know-It-All: Know Your Booze Before You Choose" Somehow I don't think the Kindle version will go over as well.

Taxman Brewing in Bargersville has added a fitness/exercise area for those who enjoy a quaff after their gym owrkout. Just one Saturday per month though.

OK, lets go to Munich. The Chive has a  short look at the history and the rules: There’s more to know about Oktoberfest than beer (15 Photos).

The Thirsty Swagman also looks at Drndls.
And so do we.

Dribs and Drams

There's plenty to do again this weekend:
Sept 17-18 Bloomington Quafftoberfest beer dinner. 6-9pm. $65.
Friday is on Grant Street with beer, games, music. 3:30-10:30pm.
Sept 17, 18 Bloomington
Upland Sours tours. Free. No reservations needed. 3, 4, and 5pm.
Sept 19 Evansville Brewbeque. Noon-8pm. $10 (cash bar)-35.
Sept 19
Beginning Brewing Class. Great Fermentations. 10am.
Sept 19 Indianapolis Indy Eleven Oktoberfest. 5:30-7:30pm. $20-30.
Sept 19 Hobart Brews & Blues Festival. 2-6pm. $40-65.
Sept 19-20 Nashville Rally in the Alley. Big Woods. 1pm-midnight. Sunday is the Kegs & Eggs Brunch in Nashville and Bloomington.
Sept 19 Whitestown Brew Fest. 1-6pm. $35-55.
Sept 19 Racine, WI Great Lakes Brewfest. 3-7pm. $49.
Sept 19 St. Charles, IL Brews on the Fox. Plus BBQ contest. 4:30-9:30pm. $45-65.
Sept 19 - Oct 4 Munich, Germany Oktoberfest
Sept 20 Hobart Brews & Blues
Festival Park. 3-6pm. $35-65/
Sept 20 Indianapolis CANvitational
Pan Am Plaza. (Hoosier Beer Geeks are coordinating volunteers)
Sept 24 Columbus, OH Fat Tire Clips Beer & Film Tour. 7-8:30pm.
Sept 24-26 Denver, CO Great American Beer Festival

Rita tells us about the Brewpub's first 25 years then she talks to David Sims of Heirloom Acres about  Taxman Brewing's gastrofood.

18th Street Brewery looks at Hammond expansion

Brewery project makes history with city application (Wasser in Greencastle)

New Corner brews up homage to IPR

Review of the SWIRCA brewfest.


What’s The Right Way To Make A Tom Collins?

Why Is American Beer So Bland?

I have no reciept for brewing, & I much doubt if the operations of malting & brewing could be succesfull[y] performed from a reciept. if it could, Combrune’s book on the subject. would teach the best processes: and perhaps might guide to ultimate success with the sacrifice of 2. or 3. trials. a capt Miller now of Norfolk ... was during the late war, confined by the Executive to our neighborhood, perhaps indeed by yourself. I took him to my house. he had been a brewer in London, and undertook to teach both processes to a servt of mine, which during his stay here & on one or two visits afterwards in the brewing season, he did with entire success. I happenes to have a servant of great intelligence and diligence both of which are necessary. we brew 100. galls of ale in the fall & 100. galls in the spring, taking 8. galls only from the bushel of wheat. the public brewereis take 15. which makes their liquor meagre and often vapid. we are now finishing our spring brewing. if you have a capable servt and he were to attend our fall brewing, so as to get an idea of the manual operation, Combrune’s book with a little of your own attention in the beginning might qualify him.
- Thomas Jefferson (transcribed from the Jefferson library at Monticello)
Blaming Overeating On Drinking

  - yes, it's a CAMRA press release. but its good news 

CAMRA announces the Top 16 pubs in Britain. I can vouch for 3 and the blog will start covering British pubs next week.


CANvitational quick pics

Here are a few of our pics from CANvitational on Saturday, Sept. 12!
Weather was great, crowd was great, so many beers we can't get here and good beers we love here!
If YOU have some pics you would like to see us share, send to

We will post some highlights from this event soon!

And what did you do this summer Daddy?

If you're going to and of the beer festivals on the 12th and have pictures, please email them to We'd love to post them.


Mad Anthony OktoBEERfest Event Draft List

For those attending the Mad Anthony OktoBEERfest tomorrow, Saturday, September 12th, here is the latest list of beers that will be available for your sampling pleasure:  Enjoy!!

OktoBEERfest Draft Lists

We would like to thank the following brewers for agreeing to take the time out of their busy schedules to stop by and share their awesome brews with our amazing community!

2015 RSVPs Include

Barley Island Brewing - Noblesville, IN
  • Nickel Plate Apricot Wheat: American Wheat/Fruit
  • RyeFly: Rye IPA
  • Pumpkin: Pumpkin
Bloomington Brewpub - Bloomington, IN
  • Ruby Bloom: Amber Ale
  • 10-Speed Hoppy Wheat: American Wheat Ale
  • The Simcoe Kid: India Pale Ale
Brewer's Art Supply - Fort Wayne, IN
  • TBD
Broad Ripple Brew Pub - Indianapolis, IN
  • Wobbly Bob: Pale Ale
  • Oktoberfest: Marzen
  • Monon Porter: Porter
  • Rock-A-Rye Baby: American Rye
Brugge Brasserie - Indianapolis, IN
  • Tripel De Ripple: Tripel
  • Madeline La Framboise: Flanders Brown with Raspberries
Carson's Brewery - Evansville, IN
  • Demonik: Double IPA
  • Brown Cow: Brown Ale
  • Red Dawn: Amber Wheat
  • Eville Wheat: American Wheat
  • Harlot: Honey Blonde
Chapman's - Angola, IN
  • Undaunted: IPA
  • Englishman: Southern English Brown Ale
  • Enlightened: Kolsch
  • Valiant: American Stout
Chilly Water Brewing - Indianapolis, IN
  • Built to Last: Pilsner
  • One Hop Woman: IPA
  • Oktoberfest: Marzen
Crown Brewing - Crown Point, IN
  • The Dude: Java Porter
  • Alkoholika: Blonde Doppelbock
  • Ignis Fatuus: Pumpkin Ale
  • Oktoberfest
  • Til Death Do Us Part: IPA
  • Peach Wit
Danny Boy Beer Works - Carmel, IN
  • Rock-N-Rolla: Imperial IPA
  • Miss Ginger Witte: Urban Witte
Figure 8 Brewing - Valparaiso, IN
  • Pirates Pils: Pilsner
  • Oktoberfest: Martzen
  • Chesteraiso: Wee Heavy
  • Dark Side: Dunkle Weiss
  • Dogma: Dubbel
  • Ro Shampo: Imperial Red Ale
Flat 12 Bierwerks - Indianapolis, IN
  • Walkabout: Pale Ale
  • Upside Down Blonde: Blonde Ale
  • Half Cycle: IPA
  • Pogue's Run: Porter
  • Flat Jack: Pumpkin Ale
  • Centeno Grande: Tequila Barrel Porter
Fountain Square Brewing - Indianapolis, IN
  • FSB Oktoberfest: Oktoberfest
  • Hop Harvest: Harvest Ale
  • Hop For Teacher: Pale Ale
  • Workingmans: Pilsner
Function Brewing - Indianapolis, IN
  • Gaussian: Dunkelweizen
  • Volume: Cream Ale
  • Divergent: Ginger-Lemon Golden Ale
  • Coffee Milk Stout: Coffee Milk Stout
  • Divisor: American IPA
  • Jalapeno Tangent:  American IPA with jalapenos
Half Moon - Kokomo, IN
  • MILF-N-Honey: Honey Wheat
  • The Kokomonster: Imperial Amber
  • TBA
  • TBA
Lafayette Brewing Co. - Lafayette, IN
  • Star City Oktoberfest: Marzen
  • Tippecanoe Common Ale: Hoppy Amber
Mad Anthony Brewing Co. - Fort Wayne, IN
  • Good Karma IPA: IPA
  • Summer Daze Wheat: Wheat Brewed with Orange Peel and Corriander
  • Imperial Stout
  • Oktoberfest: Marzen
  • Ruby Raspberry Wheat
  • Session IPA
  • American Dream: Imperial Red Ale
Man Cave Brewing Company - Syracuse, IN
  • Sandbar Blonde: Cream Ale/Blonde Ale
  • Wee Heavy Lass: Scottish Wee Heavy
  • Berries In Sand: Berry-Infused Blonde Ale
McClure's Winery - Peru, IN (Serving up delicious gluten free options)
  • Bon Bon: Semi-Sweet American Style Cider
  • Granny's: Farmhouse Barrel-Aged Cider
  • Jalapeno: Dry Cider Fermented with Jalapeno Peppers
  • Farm N' Blue
Noble Order Brewing Company - Richmond, IN
Olde School Brauhaus - Fort Wayne, IN
  • Seven Hills: Rauchbier
  • Gourdfellas: Pumpkin Ale
  • Canterbury Tales: Braggot Ale
Outliers Brewing Company - Indianapolis, IN
  • Blau Machen Pils: Pilsner
  • Buffalo Jacket IPA: IPA
People's Brewing Company - Lafayette, IN
  • GermanFest: German lager
  • Amazon Princess: Small Batch West Coast style IPA
  • Rail Jumper: Chocolate Stout
  • Farmer's Daughter: American Wheat w/ lemongrass
Rock Bottom Brewing - Indianapolis, IN
  • Circle City Light: Kolsch
  • El Jefe: Hefeweizen
  • Sugar Tree Pale: APA
Scarlet Lane Brewing Company - McCordsville, IN
  • Dorian Espresso Stout
  • Lenore Dry-Hop: Pale Ale
Shoreline Brewery - Michigan City, IN
  • Stellar Blue: Blueberry Ale
  • Shoddy Dock: Session IPA
  • Sum Nug: IPA
  • Beltaine: Scottish Ale
Summit City Brewerks - Fort Wayne, IN
  • TBD
Taxman Brewing Company - Bargersville, IN
  • Deduction: Belgian Dubbel
  • Hop Audit: Belgian IPA
  • Wit-held: Belgian Wit
  • Exemption: Belgian Tripel
Tin Man Brewing Company - Evansville, IN
  • TBD
Three Pints Brewpub - Plainfield, IN
  • H.I.L.F.: Imperial Hefeweizen
  • Oktoberfest: Marzen
  • Pole Barn Stout: Oatmeal Stout
  • Yoshi's Nectar: Cali Common
  • Citra Faced: Hoppy Wheat
Triton Brewing - Indianapolis, IN
  • Grapefruit Rail Splitter IPA: IPA
  • Hometown Hero: Golden Ale
  • Deadeye Stout: Stout
  • O'Rye n Galaxy: Rye with Galaxy Hops
Trubble Brewing - Fort Wayne, IN
  • Dogjaw: Peanut Butter Stout
  • 9 Crimes: Pale Ale
  • Dog Slobber: Session IPA
Twisted K-8 Brewing - La Porte, IN
  • TBD
Two Deep Brewing - Indianapolis, IN
  • Oktoberfest: Marzen Lager
  • They've Gone to PLAID!: Scotch Ale
  • Great Gam Gam: Session Wheat
Union Brewing - Carmel, IN
  • Fifth Day: Double IPA
  • Grizzly Stout: Chocolate Stout
  • Under the Table: Belgian Strong
  • A few other..... TBA

If you have not purchased your ticket(s), tickets can be purchased at: and at Mad Anthony

Dribs and Drams

Stuff to do this week:
Sept 10 Fort Wayne Belgian & Sour Beerfest. J K O'Donnell's. 1-4pm. $75.
Sept 10 Fort Wayne OktoBeerFest dinner. J K O'Donnell's. 6pm. $35.
Sept 12 Fort Wayne OktoBEERfest
Headwaters Park. Hoosier beer only. Cigar area. 2-6pm. $45.
Sept 12 Indianapolis Sun King CANvitational at Pan Am Plaza. 45 breweries. Noon-5pm $40-75.
Greg has arranged some free tickets - see previous post.
Sept 12 Nashville Hoosier Hops and Harvest
Story Inn. 1:30++. $30.
Sept 12 South Bend Zoo Brew
Potawatomi Zoo. 7-10pm.

Later this month:

Sept 17-18 Bloomington Quafftoberfest beer dinner. 6-9pm. $65.
Friday is on Grant Street with beer, games, music. 3:30-10:30pm.
Sept 19 Evansville Brewbeque. Noon-8pm. $10 (cash bar)-35.
Sept 19 Hobart Brews & Blues Festival. 2-6pm. $40-65.
Sept 19-20 Nashville Rally in the Alley. Big Woods. 1pm-midnight. Sunday is the Kegs & Eggs Brunch in Nashville and Bloomington.
Sept 19 Whitestown Brew Fest. 1-6pm. $35-55.


Rita's Beer Buzz covers Speedway's Daredevil and the upcoming Big Woods location. Then she tackles Oktoberfest biers.

Last week she talked about Heady Hollow, Redemption and Deviate.

Eric Strader visits Tibbs Brewing in Kalamazoo. blog

Indiana News

Indiana Moon(shine) is brewing

Flat 12 is putting out Deflator Doppelbock. 

New Albanian beer co-founder to depart.

Brewers' Unions

First there were the post-medieval guilds. These were partly outshoots of schools, partly church-run, and partly organizations of for-profit breweries. Brussels' Guildhouse on the main square is a good example of the expense these folks could go to.

Then the Brewers Association of America followed the Campaign for Real Ale in England which followed the Brewers of Europe on the continent. As the craft beer revolution started states started their own guilds (we have the Brewers of Indiana Guild).

CAMRA is actually a drinkers' guild. England has the Society of Independent Brewers and now there's another starting - the United Craft Brewers. This one, the only one with "craft" in the name is reported to be on the way to defining "craft". article

That will be handy since the BA calls even Sam Adams as craft beer. The big boys might not run the BA but the BA certainly is bent on placating Bud, Molson/Coors, and others of that ilk. We await UCB's progress.


11 Obscure Beer Styles That Are Worth a Try. Burton Ale KK (Black IPA), Chicha, Dampfbier, Faro, Grodziskie, Gose, Gruit, Joppenbier, Kentucky Common, Kottbusser and Koyt.

Pennsylvania Cops Steal Wine Collection In Mafia Reminiscent Shakedown

Judge Dismisses Jim Beam False Advertising Lawsuit Over “Handcrafted” Label - "customers understand the whiskey is made using some machines".

US Regulators Eyeing Diageo Over Inflated Sales - The SEC says they channel stuffed, sending more cases than retailers ordered.

UK MP launches "badge of honour" for pubs in effort to curb closures.

More Kroger Outlets Installing In-store Beer Taps. Now in Lexington, Little Rock, Los Alamos, Memphis and Richmond VA. More are planned for Cincinnati and Dayton.