Indiana Beer News - November 30

This week in beer - better that this weak beer in you.
Roger has put up a series of posts detailing all the beers New Albanian has ever made.

A limited amount of Sun King's Wee Muckle will be released in cans to Hoosier liquor stores the week of Dec. 12.

Bare Hands Brewery in Granger is hoping to open next month (December). Chris Gerard plans tostart with some quite interesting titles:Russian Imperial Stout, Peppery Pale Ale dry-hopped with Cascade Hops, 2 IPAs (Maybe Thai.P.A.), Cream Ale, Barleywin. All this from Andy at The Beer is Good.

Sumerian Beer: The Origins of Brewing Technology in Ancient Mesopotamia - a paper for the Max Planck Institute.

You don't want your new brewery to be taken off the boat in this condition. article about Lagunitas


Holiday Cheer Beer

Visited Three breweries the day before Thanksgiving knowing we'd find some spicy Holiday beer. Both Rock Bottom locations have Winter Wheat while RAM has S'no Angel Weizenbock. Though these are chain locations, they allow local brewers to improvise their own local recipes.

RAM's S'no Angel weizenbock is a big beer (7%) with spice notes from the yeast. This year's wheat malt goes in the direction of roasty chocolate tones (brewer Andrew informs us no chocolate malt was used) compared to last years beer that had more deep fruit tones.

Brewer Liz's Winter Wheat at College Park Rock Bottom is an unfiltered wheat with interesting spice notes leaving a great balance of wheat beer with spice. Brewer Jerry's version at RB downtown boasts slightly greater hints of the coriander and cinnamon spice. Both are interesting holiday beers.

Actually all three brewers have a fair amount of brewing latitude. At the RAM Andrew can brew nearly anything as a specialty beer. On Thursday he had an IPA brewed with Anaheim chile peppers - a somewhat moderately heated chile but there was plenty of spice in this Anaheim IPA. He also had his Farmhouse ale saisson on tap. All three of the specialties are worth a trip.

While there is an incorrect perception that Rock Bottom Brewers lost brewing latitude after the merger into CraftWorks Restaurant and Brewery Group, actually RB only mandates four house recipes. Perhaps a bit "ordinary" those four still were derived from previously award winning versions. However, most RB locations have 10-15 beers on tap which mean there are 6-11 varieties by your local RB brewer, normally one of which is that brewer's own interpretation of a seasonal like Winter Wheat. CraftWorks is a merger of Gordon Biersch and Rock Bottom formed by Centerbridge Capitol when they acquired each chain. Gordon Biersch was actually bought first (1999) by the owners of Big River Brewing in Chattanooga which changed their company name to Gordon Biersch (somewhat of a David buying Goliath). Big River is now a small appendage of Craftworks which is run jointly by former Rock Bottom and Gordon Biersch CEOs.

We can be thankful for all of the good beer from all of our local brewers -- chain or independent!

Thanksgiving at Thr3e Wise Men Brewery

I didn't actually plan on going to Thr3e Wise Men for dinner. I was sitting at my computer following tweets and saw that they were open 4-9 on Thanksgiving and from there a decision about satisfying a sweet tooth and dinner plans were decided.

Rolling up to the Broadripple brewery a little after 7, the streets quiet and the only lights on seemed to be coming only from the brewery and the McDonald's across the street.  Usually this place is packed, but besides the few customers up at the bar checking out the game, the rest of the restaurant was blissfully empty and quiet.

The last time I had visited Thr3e Wise Men was back in the summer, so ordered a 3-3oz sampler to try out their new Hoggy Style brew along with revisiting two other house beers, Two Lucy's Blackberry Wheat and Centennial Martyr Double IPA.

1, 2, 3 beers for me!

Along with the sampler set,  there were pickle chips (a must order item anytime I visit Thr3e Wise Men or Scotty's Brewhouse), a salad and for dinner I had the mo'fo mustard wings. 

Three Floyd's XV Anniversary Party - Worst Episode Ever

Maybe it's my fault.  As a rookie coming off the bench, maybe I didn't prepare myself or establish the right expectations for the day.  I was so excited to have access to this "exclusive" shindig that I failed to read any information about it posted just the day before.  I have waited a week and half to even attempt to describe the day's activities because I needed to calm myself down.  I wanted to approach it from the most objective perspective I could muster, but in the end I still hate, HATE, what I went through.

My wonderful sister-in-law Genny was kind enough to drop my brother Adrian and I off because I knew that parking was going to be ridiculous.  That warning was well publicized by Three Floyd's from the outset, plus I read about previous Dark Lord Days.  We arrived at 1:07pm, which was seven minutes after the premises was accessible to ticket holders and the line snaked down the street, around the corner, around a cul-de-sac, and back down the other side of the street.  Now, I stood in line to get into a ballgame before with ticket in hand, so I was fine with that, but the line wasn't moving!

The picture above shows how much further we had to wait having already waited in the line for approximately one hour.  Many of my taste buds were crying as I watched those around us drinking fine brews and feeling the saliva in my mouth ascending to levels reserved probably for dogs looking at a bacon treat.  I had two bottles of CBS in my bag that I was looking to trade so the will power not to crack one of those open was battling my desire to drink a beer.  I was hungry too.  I skipped lunch because there were fine chefs inside and I love good brewpub food.

It took two and a half hours to get into a facility where we had tickets to attend the event inside.  Egregious.  When I get to the gate I present my ticket and my driver's license and the woman gave me two options, "To the right is the line to buy the bottled beers, to the left is the tent where they are serving the guest beers along with Three Floyd's beer."  We went to the right.

Fortunately, my friend Dale met us near the front of the line.  I let him cut the line.  I didn't care at this point.  I was tired, thirsty, hungry, and decidedly peeved about the whole situation.  Not to mention the group behind us let about six people cut the line.  Dale was our beer gopher.  As my brother and I stood waiting to buy beer, Dale went to grab a couple of Alpha Kings.  Yes, you read that right.  Of all the selection of beers they were offering we decided to get the flagship formula.  Why?  Because it was the easiest brew to get.  When Dale returned he handed us our Solo cups and graciously said, "First round is on me."  I chuckled a little assuming that the beer had to come with the price of admission.  Nope.  $5.  Damn, I'm at a beer garden at a lame state fair, right?

The picture above is the line to buy bottled beer along the side of the brewery's warehouse.  Another hour and a half.  Thankfully I was able to try "Baller Stout," the XV anniversary brew which is a combination of Dark Lord, Surly Darkness, Struise Black Albert, and Mikeller Beer Geek Brunch, before I decided if I wanted to buy it.  Who am I kidding, I was going to buy it regardless.  It was very tasty.  Velvety smooth, but really hits you with coffee on the front end and cayenne notes on the back end.  When I actually drink a bottle I could offer you a better opinion, but since I felt like a jilted lover drinking it, probably a good idea to leave the bias aside.

It took us another hour and a half standing in line before we bought our beer.  I walked away with four bottles of Baller Stout, a bottle of Biggs' Stache (limited barrel aged brew), and a bottle of Alpha Klaus just because I wanted it.  My time in line also yielded a bottle of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout which cost me a bottle of CBS.  With beer securely in my bag, in was time to forage for sustenance.

At 5 o'clock, with five hours still ahead of the celebration, the food was gone.  The celebrated chefs, nowhere to be found.  The two food trucks that they brought in to supplement?  One was closed and waiting for all the guests to enter the brewery (yes, still a line outside) and the other had a long, winding line since it was the only food on site.  The bands that were lined up for entertainment?  Inside the warehouse.

I left.  I could not fathom spending another second of my time there.  On a scale of one to worst episode ever you can imagine where I rated this event.  Am I on a soapbox?  You bet I am!  $25 per ticket gets you into a party where you have to spend $5 on beer, an equal if not more amount on food that wasn't even there, and $30 per bottle of anniversary beer.  I've never been to Dark Lord Day, but I'm guessing that I'm never going to go either.  Having tried that beer (and it is by far the best beer I've had to date) I have no need to go back.

Alternatively, now that I'm a seasoned veteran, I can always approach the festivities from a different perspective.  However, my favorite craft beer establishment threw a one year anniversary celebration for its patrons and provided Zombie Dust free of charge (along with another craft beer selection) and the food was free as well.  In fifteen years, maybe Three Floyd's is slowly morphing into an entity whose mystique far outweighs its service.  The product is outstanding, don't get me wrong, but if the precedent of Dark Lord is the new trend in craft beer (i.e. CBS, Darkness, etc.) then I may just pass and stick with the Alpha Kings.

Triton Brewing Taproom Visit

Today’s tapping of Triton’s Gingerbread Brown was a great reason to finally make a visit and see what they have to offer. My mistake for waiting this long – Triton has a very impressive lineup of beers and is a great addition to the local craft beer scene. The tapping room is family-friendly and was busy with people looking to start off their holiday weekend right. We were lucky enough to snare a table and sample the following beers:


Fieldhouse Wheat – Light, refreshing American Wheat with a prominent citrus hop flavor from Amarillo hops. We’re not talking Gumballhead-level hoppy but fairly assertive for the style. Maybe it wouldn’t be considered traditional, but I’m a big fan of hoppy American Wheats.

Four Barrel Brown – Smooth and drinkable American Brown – good session beer.

Magnificent Amber – My personal favorite and worthy of the name. Toasty caramel malts blend in harmony with a well-balanced citrus hop character. Took home a growler of this one.

Deadeye Stout – Roasty malt flavor supported by a creamy mouthfeel with hints of coffee and black licorice.

Railsplitter IPA – Very well balanced showcase of classic citrus hop flavor (pineapple, grapefruit, etc.) with a dry finish and lingering bitterness. Really enjoyed this beer – a close second to the Amber.

Gingerbread Brown – Coffee notes up front followed by holiday spices and slight alcohol warming. Make sure to try this one while you can.

The taproom will be open from 11am – 10pm Friday and Saturday and 11am – 5pm on Sunday. Make good use of your long holiday weekend and pay them a visit. Do you really need to spend more time at the mall anyway?

Cheers - Nathan

Indiana Beer News - November 23

This weekend:
Westvleteren XII is due to hit these shores in the spring. Wow.

Rodney tells us about Rock Bottom's quarterly Beer Dinner.

Rocky's Sub Pub in Jeffersonville has a Craft Beer Menu app for Androids. Having a launch party next Tuesday.

The new app will feature their bottle and draft beer lists, brewing information, definitions of styles, ABVs and IBUs. It will even allow guests to design their own beer flight using various featured and local craft beer options. Guests will also be able to automatically post to facebook and tweet about the beers they are enjoying. The app features a “Beer 101” section dedicated to educational information and craft beer basics.

We are very excited to bring such a new, cutting edge experience to our guests with our new beer app. For the past 3 years we have embraced craft beer and we feel this will help to educate our guests and enhance their overall experience,” Wes Johnson, owner of Rocky’s Sub Pub, said. “It truly is the beer menu we have been waiting for, one that is fun, interactive and full of unique beer information.”

The launch party on Tuesday, November 29th will begin at 5pm at Rocky’s Sub Pub on the river in Jeffersonville. Several limited release beers will be on tap during the party, as well as some industry classics. Craft brewery reps will be onsite to discuss their beers and the unveiling of this new Rocky’s Beer App.

With the start of Saturnalia, Friday, New Albanian will loose the dogs of Naughty Claus. with Orange Peel, Sweet Ginger Root, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and we don't want to know what else.

December 5th is the 78th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition. via Social Media

A quick little update - Where can you find in the social media land?

Via Facebook -
Via Twitter - @IndianaBeerBlog

And of course - Here!

Indiana Beer - Whence the future?

Blogs shouldn't talk about themselves. It's just boring. But every so often it's needed. In this case Indiana Beer has reached another crossroads and I've caused it - again (back in 2005 Matt Dunn and Mark Mahon took over while my wife and I took a year in Europe).

This time it's my liver. It isn't working as well as it should be. It's no fun beer blogging when you can't drink beer so I'll be, for all practical purposes, leaving at the end of the year.

We held the first-ever business meeting last night at the Black Swan and worked out some knots.
  • Cindy Modesitt, Greg Kitzmiller, Kathleen Slauzis, Jason Wilkerson, and Nathan Compton will be carrying on.
  • We want to do more interviews with brewers and proprietors.
  • Kathleen will be putting up the now-obligatory Facebook and Twitter companions.
  • We are very pleased with our owners, World Class Beverages, and actually want to work closer with them to pass on their news.
Not going away, just scaling back. See you later.

Bob, Nathan, Kathleen, and Greg

Indiana Beer News -- Nov. 22

Today in Bloomington, Yogi's (10th & Indiana) local beer tap takeover. Beers from Bloomington Brewing, Cutters, and Upland. Tapped at 5:00.

From Dave Colt at Sun King:
Dec. 1 expect to see Wee Muckle - GABF Gold -- Scotch Ale on tap
Dec. 8 expect the Million Dollar Brewsky -- based on a historic recipe for a Vienna Lager
Dec. 15 expect Sink the Clipper, (formerly Winter Storm...) an Imperial ESB, YUM

at Rock Bottom College Park
Dec. 7 Liz taps Naughty Scott, GABF Silver Scotch Ale

Indiana Beer News - November 21

The Black Swan Brewpub gets love and ink in the Indiana Business Journal.

That liquor license auction last Friday got the state $3.8 million for 300 permits statewide. United Package Liquors paid $450,000 for a permit in Brownsburg. "Hundreds more bidders were interested in permits to open bars, eateries and package stores in Bloomington, Valparaiso, Jeffersonville and other places with growing populations." article

Andy visits Sun King.

A 13-minute video by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery describes the process of creating a new beer, from concept to tap. video

Why do smart kids grow up to be heavier drinkers? 3 different answers

 Thanks Fred.

Indiana Beer News - November 18

The results of the Chicago Festival of Wood and Barrel-aged Beer competition results are in. 
  • Three Floyds - first in Fruit Beers with KinderBeer
  • Sun King - third in Darks with Pappy Van Muckle
  • Upland - first in Wild/Brett with Gilgamesh which was the runner-up Best of Show to Goose Island Wrigleyville's Honey B.
Brockway Pub in Carmel is looking for a few good bartenders. information

"Patrick's Kitchen, Zionsville, is moving the end of Nov. to 175 South Main Street, Zionsville,and will keep the same phone number of 733-8755. Same great beers, but this time the place looks like a bar....and for the summer will have outdoor patio seating. It is currently a bed and breakfast and will remain so, just have us to make the food and sell the beer."

Saturnalia starts at New Albanian's Public House on Fri, Nov 25th. Runs through December.

Roger does his "What are those fools in the capital thinking" thing about Sunday sales. diatribe

"The Indiana Alcohol Tobacco Commission is auctioning up to 127 new alcohol permits for Marion County: 94 three-way (beer, wine and liquor) permits for restaurants and 33 beer and wine permits for convenience and grocery stores. . . Based on Marion County's population, 555 three-way restaurant permits are allowed -- yet the county currently has 691 such permits. Similarly, 139 beer and wine permits for convenience and grocery stores are allowed by state law, yet Marion County already has 164 such permits." - Charlotte Pontius, board president of Drug Free Marion County
Reply: Sorry, having a glass of wine at the Olive Garden isn't going to adversely affect alcohol abuse. But not allowing new establishments to have permits will affect their ability to succeed, or even exist eliminating jobs that go with them. Lighten up.
From  Vine and Table, Carmel "Talisker 18 year old single malt Scotch is back. Last week, just before I left for a trip home to Cork I arranged with my distributor to send me Indiana’s entire allocation."

Here's a complete list of North American beer blogs. Cool

AB/Inbev got down and strong at the Dallas conference last week. It's been described as basically "If you distribute AB products, you gotta stop distributing anything else". Not everyone in the audience knew how to take that - since many were AB distributors with a large outside-AB portfolio. Sounds like either an industry or a 1-person shakeup coming soon. article

AB is moving Beck's brewing for the U.S. to St. Louis. Gee that worked so well for Lowenbrau.

Food Blogging for Dummies.This is a riot.

Time for Twenty Tap

Twenty Tap sits quietly next to Sam's Gyros around the corner of 54th and College. It has a very notable neighbors such as the Jazz Kitchen, Yats, Moe and Johnny's and Fresh Market across the street.  

I have been wanting to visit for sometime, but every time I drove by the place was full. This past Monday, I got lucky and after the rainstorm passed, I got my chance to try Twenty Tap for the first time. 

The atmosphere is very cozy and comfortable with Indiana local brewery art on the walls, a down to earth menu and a chalkboard with the current taps available and bottles.   I was instantly drawn to Brugge Brasserie's Harvey. This beer fulfilled my summer. If I was to say I fell in love with beer, I fell in love with Harvey in the Summer of 2011. (I know, it's getting a bit over dramatic) 

So of course, I ordered the 10oz Harvey, my companion had the Tyranena Rocky's Revenge Bourbon Brown, at my suggestion :) 

We ordered the house fries with chipotle aioli and roasted garlic aioli for an appetizer and each had a burger for our meal.  Mine was The Tex, a bacon, provolone, red onion, BBQ burger.  I had more house fries on the side with a small dish of the house pickles. The house pickles are literally made in house and come with little sprigs of dill, also  they are cold, my favorite preference.

Besides the beer, of which I had two glasses, (again, love Harvey!) the house fries and chipotle aioli had me sold and I shall return to try more. 

For those who want to venture over and try Twenty Tap -- 

Some side-notes to keep in mind that are handy:

  • Twenty Tap has a nice long bar side with the taps curving around a wall along with a restaurant style side filled with booths and tables
  • They offer beer in pints, half pints, and have flights of 3 sampler sizes for those not knowing what to order, the half pints or the sampler flight would be a good start
  • From what I overheard, the staff knows the beer styles and can help give you descriptions if you are unsure what a certain style will taste like. They also offered a table next to us a small taste before pouring them a pint. 
I look forward to returning soon and I wish Kevin, the owner, good luck.

Readers, if you are in the area , stop in for a pint. 

Misc. Beer News - Nov. 16

Brewery Ommegang beer and food pairing at Finch's Brasserie tonight, Nov. 16, 7 PM, 514 E Kirkwood, Bloomington, $25, (812-333-7700 to RSVP). Ommegang draft Adoration, 3 Philosophers & Aphrodite + Houblon Chouffe & Liefmans Goudenband along with small plates

Tuesday, Nov. 22, Bloomington Brewers Tap Take-Over (BBC, Upland, Cutters) at Yogi's Bar and Grill, 519 E Tenth, Bloomington

Saturday, Nov. 26, "Leftover Turkey Trail Run & Novemberfest" at Eagle Creek Park, Indy, sponsored by Upland Brewery.
Registration 2-3PM
Trail Runs start: approx. 3PM
Bar opens: 3:30PM
Ends: 7 PM
Bands, open bar, food, $20-$30 in advance (by Nov. 21) depending on run+party or Party
to sign up

Indiana Beer News - November 14

We're told the line at Three Floyds' 15th anniversary party and bottle-buy were as long and slower as they were at Dark Lord day.

Andy tells us about last weekend's The Beer Is Good at Fiddler's Hearth.

We're also told Bier's Harvest Pale with hops from Mike Sprinkle's test farm in Michigan went well (of course). Rita broke the story last week that Mike is planning to leave the GM job at Crown Liquors to raise hops full time. 

Michigan's homebrew law got changed last week. It allows "homebrewers to serve homebrew at meetings and events held at Michigan breweries, bars and restaurants. Until now, whenever a Michigan homebrew club met at a licensed establishment (microbrewery, brewpub or other establishment with a license to sell alcoholic beverages) for a club meeting, a homebrewing demonstration or a competition, they put their host’s license at risk."

The Brewers of Indiana Guild has announced that their Winterfest will be January 28 from 4-8pm (VIP tickets available for a big more $ that allows entrance at 3pm.

Rogue? Sure. Bacon Maple Ale? Sure. Pink bottle? You got me there.From The Maple Daily: "It generally tastes like a dirty, ashy smoked beer without any of the subtlety of the finer Bamberger rauchbiers. The maple syrup notes pop up now and again, but the smoke flavor, along with fatty hits of unwanted bacon, dominate."

Mark you calendars: 24th Annual National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show. March 2-4, 2012. Albuquerque.

Indiana Beer News - November 11

"Holy Redeemer 918 W. Mill Rd Evansville, IN will be having their 2nd annual Tap & Cork Festival Saturday, November 12. 6-10pm. Beer, wine, & food samples along with entertainment is included in the $25 presale $30 door ticket. Upland and Turoni's will be in attendance along with a healthy selection of beers from Monarch, and Working Distributors."

Men's Health magazine lists best new canned beers. Indy has two.

Munich, Covington, Dubai, and the latest city to get a Hofbrauhaus is, ta da, Berlin. Seats 2500. article

Results of referendums in Georgia will allow Sunday retail sales in 110 of the 127 cities and counties that held votes on the issue. In some cities, such as Atlanta, residents were overwhelmingly in favor of Sunday sales, with more than 80 percent of voters approving. article

Girls Pint Out has hints for visiting a tasting room. article

Here's one to watch out for "The world’s first alcohol free whisky flavored drink ‘ArKay’, . . . is designed for the socialite to the construction worker. The exceptional taste of whisky without the alcohol making a perfect beverage that anyone can consume. The design of ArKay was to allow anyone with medical conditions or with religious beliefs to drink without guilt. ArKay tastes and looks exactly like traditional whisky. It is suitable for drinking straight up, on the rocks, or with soda or your favorite mixers." link

Upcoming Fort Wayne Tastings - November 8

Cap 'n Cork in Covington Plaza will be having a FREE beer tasting on Friday, November 11th, from  There will be beers for sampling from the following breweries:  New Belgium, North Coast, Sam Adams, Southern Tier, Moylan's Sierra Nevada to name a "few".  (Must be 21 yrs. of age or over with valid photo ID)

Belmont Beverage on Illinois Road will be having a FREE beer tasting on Saturday, November 12th, from 4p.m.-7p.m.  There will be four (4) tables of beers being poured by the folowing distributors:  Aalco, Cavalier, Five Star, and World Class.  Espresso Gallery, Aboite Grill and Cheeseman Store will be providing various drinks and food for sampling/purchasing. (Must be 21 yrs. of age or over with valid photo ID)

Indiana Beer News - November 8

This week:
Crown Brewing and their new tanks for a 50% increase in production get ink in the NW Times. article
Beernews reports "Westvleteren XII fever sweeps Belgium during epic release event". Vouchers to buy were included in newspapers. article

Learn to Homebrew Day

This past Saturday marked the American Homebrewers Association’s annual Learn to Homebrew Day (formerly known as Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day). The event offers prospective homebrewers a chance to see how the process works and established brewers can learn some new tips and techniques. It also doubles as a great excuse to blow off responsibilities on a sunny fall day, share some good beer, and meet some new friends.

I attended a local event hosted by Ron Smith. We had a good crowd of attendees including current homebrewers and students from Ron’s Beer MBA and IUPUI classes. A variety of brewing techniques were demonstrated including a Blonde Ale by Brian Steuerwald that used a base of malt extract, a Robust Porter by Tom Wallbank that used a no-sparge all-grain technique, and an American Pale Ale by Ron using a conventional all-grain process. Attendees also had the chance to learn about brewing software and tour the famous Smith beer cellar.


DSCN0022   DSCN0025   DSCN0029


Interested in embarking on a fun and highly addictive hobby? A basic beginner equipment kit starts as low as $80 and ingredients for most 5 gallon batches range from $25-$45. The American Homebrewers Association has some information to help you get started. Check out your local homebrew club and attend a meeting (you can find a listing on our Links page). If you live in central Indiana, Great Fermentations offers periodic brewing classes as well. The homebrewing hobby is a great creative outlet and is a hell of a lot cooler than playing golf!



Finale - Great Pumpkin Ales

To those who started reading my Great Search for Pumpkin Beer, I have continued on my search, but frankly.. right now I'm a little pumpkin'd out.  My first two Schlafly Pumpkin Ale and Shipyard Pumpkinhead met face to face and since they I've had plenty others step up to the plate. 

Below is a list of the yummy pumpkin ales I've had the pleasure of tasting:

New Holland Brewing - Ichabod
Samuel Adams - Harvest Pumpkin Ale
Samuel Adams - Double Pumpkin Ale
Tyranena - Painted Ladies Pumpkin Spice Ale
Buffalo Bills -  American's Original Pumpkin Ale
Woodchuck Cider - Pumpkin

              Local Brewed:

Flat 12 - Flat Jack
Bier Brewery - Pumpkin Ale

I still have to try: 
 The Ram  - Pie'd Piper Ale
 Blue Moon - Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale
Brooklyn Brewery - Post Road Pumpkin Ale
Hoppin' Frog - Double Pumpkin Ale
Southern Tier - PumKing

My research and quest for pumpkin has had me looking for it everywhere. Any thing pumpkin was up for grabs. Unfortunately I missed out so many, but what I did learn is this: 

Pumpkin Ales -- didn't seem to go well with regular meals, it was too much to drink dessert and eat spaghetti or a steak at the same time
Pumpkin Ales -- are not all created equally, some are more spicy, some are lighter.. Generally the coloring is the same - a light copper color with except of the Double Pumpkin which was a dark brown
Pumpkin Ales -- way better in draft form than bottles. 
Pumpkin Ales -- the best to me is still Schlafly - until I get my hands on a Dogfish Head Punkin Ale (which I have heard is hands down the best) 

Now, even though the liquors stores are filling up with stouts and Christmas ales there are still some pumpkin ales out there. 

I suggest you buy it up and save it for Thanksgiving. :) 

Cheers and Happy Fall. 

Out and About

Alley Bar in Bloomington (W. Kirkwood) is now putting a 6er (1/6 keg) of unusual beer on every Friday at 4:00 until it blows. Last week it lasted until 6:45. Several in the backroom so it is a "mystery beer" each week.

Yogi's Bloomington will tap 3-Floyd's Arctic Panzer Wolf on Monday, Nov. 7.

Rock Bottom Downtown Indianapolis will feature a tasting of Winter Wheat beer at 6 PM on Tuesday, Nov.

Indiana Beer News - November 3

Rita tells us the Mayor of Indianapolis named October 28th Sun King Day.

Washington Post headline:Beer: The secret behind the cult of Three Floyds - article

Hoosiers Doing Something blog has an good reference article: Indiana: Crossroads of Beer (thanks guys)

Crown, Cork and Seal, the people who make bottle caps, may go bankrupt over, what? The answer is asbestos. It's complicated. article

Goose Island's beer this year will be King Henry barleywine.

WashDC has illegalized sales of single beers in come wards (neighborhoods). Enter the 2-pack of unintended but absolutely predictable consequences.

Anheuser-Busch said in October it plans to invest more than $1 billion from 2011 to 2014 in its U.S. facilities to modernize brewing operations and reduce emissions.

The latest collaboration: Mitchell's Ice Cream and Great Lakes Brewing have teamed up for... wait for it... Christmas Ale Ginger Snap ice cream. article

Miller news ...  "taste flow" cans for Miller Lite, which will debut next summer and feature a second opening on the can top designed to increase airflow and reduce "glug." The optional new hole can be opened with a key or other object. article (without and reference to "church key").

Headline: Man believes he is in heaven after finding a free beer truck. Yeah, the usual after-festival mixup. article

Washington DC opens a stock-market bar. The more pints you buy of any particular brew, the farther its cost will drop. This seems a bit opposite of the laws of supply and demand. And what happens when 99% of the beer is brewed by 1% of the brewers. Oh, it is. Anyway, here's the article.

And we finish with a picture that has nothing whatsoever to do with beer.

Indiana Beer News - November 2

This week in beer:
Bier Brewery and Taproom is getting two new 80-gallon fermenters added to their farm. This week you'll find Porter with a touch of Harvest Cafe's Paradise Blend.

Todd Antz is about to open a second Keg Liquors store. This one in New Albany,. A kick-off event is scheduled for November 26th. 2-6pm.

The largely-English and Belgian breweries imported by the Shelton Brothers are again in Indiana via the new Starlight Distribution located in Southern Indiana.

Put the 2012 Beer Bloggers Conference on your calendar for July 13-15th. Hundreds of beer gawkers, lurkers, hawkers, mockers, knockers, walkers, and talkers should inundate our fair city. The awww factor of Sun King's 8 medals and the support of Brewers of Indiana Guild and World Class Beverages who sponsored the previous conference brought it home. We beat out Asheville, Austin and St. Louis.