Three New Breweries in Indy; One Week: Books & Brews, Tow Yard, Outliers

Books and Brews - a bookstore and brew pub located North between Castleton and Fishers is a nice little up
and coming place for any book lovers and explorers of beer. A used bookstore in the front, it offers a
small quaint feel when you come in. All the bookshelves and rest of the furniture are handmade, along
with the beer brewed on site. If you are looking for a place to gather, read, play games, listen to music
or participate in trivia on the north side, this is a great little place to go.

Kathleen stopped in on a Saturday night of their grand opening to try out their beer. Kathleen and a friend each got a half pint. Hers was the English Ale which, as traditional English ales go, was a
little cold, flat like but goes down smoothly. The friend had the breakfast ale. It had a little bit of a
roasted chocolate mouth feel, also smooth to drink. Overall they were okay ales.
We look forward to seeing how with time, these beers could get a little more flavorful or trying some of the other ales that are

The brewery part of Books and Brews is a small run of tables with a bar on the side. They offer a good
run of activities throughout the week along with food for customers as well. Overall the concept of a
bookstore brewery, the fact that this all began as a kickstarter project, and the handmade – hardwork
seen throughout is a good reason to visit, and try out one of Indianapolis’ newest breweries. Books & Brews is at 9402 Uptown Drive Suite 1400, Indianapolis, IN and is open M-TH 11AM-9PM, FRI 11AM-10PM, SAT 10AM-10PM, SUN 12-6PM

Tow Yard Brewing brings an Indiana brewer home to share his 'beer as food' attitude from the Pacific Northwest. Bradley Zimmerman grew up in Central Indiana getting both his college and high school education yet got his beer schooling in the hotbed of Seattle. Zimmerman worked first at Elysian Brewing in Seattle, a brewery started by Dick Cantwell from Big Time Brewing. Bradley then moved to Big Time Brewing, one of the original craft breweries in the U.S., getting great experience with a great list such as the regular Pale, Amber, Porter and IPA as well as a huge range of specialty beers. GregKitz was able to swing by there and also caught up with Bradley.

Bradley told us he particularly liked hanging out at Brouwer's Cafe in Seattle, one of the top Seattle beer bars with 64 craft and Euro draft lines + 300 bottles. There he fine-tuned his appreciation for Belgian beers, barleywines and Imperial Stouts while always loving a solid IPA.

This brewer says we should expect not only a golden ale with Maris Otter base malt and an IPA but eventually a saison, a stout and some other Belgian beers to follow his taste. The brew system will be fired up this next week and they will get some experience with it before expanding beyond primarily guest beers on tap. There is a
pilot batch of the golden ale and an IPA on tap now, though expect those to change when they come from the brewery system. Currently available to sample is Goldie Hops golden ale displaying the wheat and the Maris Otter plus Emerald Circle IPA also with Maris Otter base malt but with 5 hops. The final version will be dry hopped and should exhibit big hop character. They have a 30BBL Mashtun. Tow Yard also blends 60/40 Goldie Hops ale with grapefruit soda to make a "Shandler" (get it Shand/Radler) as a refreshing low alcohol beverage.

Tow Yard's brew pub is 2 1/2 blocks from Lucas Oil Stadium and five blocks from the Circle on Madison Avenue South, one block south of South Street in downtown Indy. The gorgeous remodel of the old Chateau Thomas Indy winery gives great views of the Circle City as well as plenty of view of the brewing operation.
The space is partly separated into restaurant seating and a mini-bar, a bar area, and The Larder deli/restaurant with more seating, a deli case, and locally made sodas. For food expect signature sandwiches like The Pig (pork shoulder, uncured ham, Swiss and more) and Holy Schnitzel (pan-fried schnitzel with cheddar, onions & more) as well as specialty burgers, small plates and soup. Owner Jim Siegel takes a back seat as Mike DeWeese, well known in the beer world of Indy, is the Director of Distribution.

Tow Yard is currently open Mon - Thurs: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM, food til 9; Fri - Sat: 11:00 AM - 1:00 AM food til 10,
Sun: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM. There is alley or street parking on Henry St. between Madison & Penn. or on Scioto Street (more of an alley) off of South Street.

Outliers Brewing is in Phase 1 of operation with growler fills from the large brewery that is associated with Brugge, Indy. This new downtown location replaced their Terre Haute brewery. Outliers is 1 block both East and South of Mass Ave or approx. 7 blocks from the Circle at 534 E. North Street. As a point of reference you could walk about 1/2 block West from the Outliers' door to Mass Ave and walk a block South along Mass Ave to arrive at the Athenaeum Rathskeller.

Currently Outliers has 5 of their beers on tap for growler fills or a pint on Friday 4-7PM and Sunday 12-3PM. The Whitcomb Rye is NOT a RYE-PA, but 40% Rye malt giving it the wonderful spice of rye and very low bitterness in a light golden ale, making this a very tasty and very different beer and easy to drink at 4.5%.
County Brown (is this an Indiana take on Ireland?) also is sessionable at only 4% with surprising chocolate notes and a nut-like flavor (no nuts were used or harmed) in a medium body but flavorful offering that delights from an English malt bill with some roasted malt using golden and fuggles hops.
Blau Machen Pils (literally, to "make blue" but refers to skipping work on Monday in German) has solid grain notes and an expected slightly bitter finish from European malt and American hops, clean and light at 5.5% alcohol.
Buffalo Jacket IPA is very balanced with smoothness from malt at the start and floral finish from Cascade at 6%.
Triple de Ripple, brewed here for Brugge as their signature beer is also available.

This brewery with beer out the "garage door" on North street is Phase One as construction will begin soon on the kitchen and restaurant on the North or 'back side' of the building (Phase Two)! Owner Ted Miller (of Brugge fame) shared with us that Outliers allows them to expand to American craft beers in addition to the Belgian style under the Brugge name as well as expand the relationship between beer and food in this downtown location. Ted hopes the restaurant will be open yet this summer! So if you think frites and mussels think Brugge, Broad Ripple. When you think American craft think Outliers. Ted is an entrepreneur who is always thinking so expect more in the future. While Ted enjoys a good strong beer or IPA he said later in the evening he has really been enjoying the Whitcomb Rye. So did Greg!

Written by Kathleen and GregKitz

Beers leading to Bloomington Craft Beer week and more.... Indiana Beer News March. 27

Spring is an extraordinary time to be a craft beer lover and as we focus on the upcoming Bloomington Craft Beer Week we become aware of so many events and tappings. While we normally leave the "tapping here" announcements to Facebook and Twitter, take today as an example of special items!

FIVE Barrel Aged beers from FIVE Indiana Breweries, tonight at Tomlinson Tap at City Market web site here, Indianapolis. Sun King, Flat12, Bloomington Brewing, Barley Island and Black Acre each provided a BBL aged replicale strong ale were just tapped. This ties to the Bloomington Craft Beer Week because information and tickets for the April 12 Beer Fest will be available tonight at TomTap!

Also in Bloomington, today Bloomington Brewing taps Biere de Mars, an offshoot of the biere de garde style medium body, boldly malted beer with spice notes available in their Tap Room.
And let's not forget that Triton Brewing at Ft. Harrison put on Pink Ribbon saison for tonight's Girl's Pint Out Event Facebook details HERE with the Mentoring Women's Network.

All of this leads us to preview the Bloomington Craft Beer Week from April 4-11 preceding the Bloomington Craft Beer Festival on April 12 Details here where special events will unfold nearly daily starting on Friday April 4. Bloomington based Upland brewing announced new Haystack Lightning American Wheat, the 2nd in their new Side Trail Series tapping at all Upland locations (Indy area + B'ton) on April 4. This new wheat is filtered for clarity and delivers mote hop (including Amarillo whole leaf hops) and a more grain flavor as an American style.

On Saturday, April 5, Bloomington Brewing release their first ever beer in bottles! Rooftop IPA, a gold medal winner at the Brewer's Cup '13, will be available at Big Red Liquors Bloomington main store. Flat12 arrives at famous Nick's English Hut in Bloomington that Saturday with Half Cycle IPA, Walkabout Pale, Van Pogue Porter, and their Hinchtown Hamerdown Pilsner plus 'give-aways.'

Other examples of events that week include

- Flat12 tapping and info at Yogi's Bar and Grill April 6 (3:30PM+)
- BCBW Beer Dinner at The Farm Restaurant's Root Cellar on April 8 (6pm)
- Tap Takeovers such as Cutters and BBC at The Tap Beer Bar on the square in B'town April 9 (6pm+)
- Tap Takeover of New Albanian and BBC at Nick's on April 11 (7PM)
- Special keg of Quaf On Brewing at The Alley Bar April 11 (4PM+)

and obviously more.... we will keep you posted.

And of course, this leads up to the Main Event of the Bloomington Craft Beer Fest on Saturday, April 12 DETAILS HERE

Let's say you already had the urge to go to one of the Midwest's premier fireworks extravaganzas in Louisville called Thunder Over Louisville on April 12 (or let's say you are SO adventurous that you will attend BCBF in Bloomington & still drive down to Lou'vall for the Thunder event! Well, there is Craft Beer at Thunder - and in Indiana! Buckhead Mountain Grill and Rocky’s Sub Pub will host their 7th Annual Craft Beer Festival for Thunder, which will showcase local craft beer favorites like Bluegrass Brewing Company, Falls City, Kentucky Ale, Daredevil Brewing, Sun King, Upland and national top breweries such as New Belgium, Stone Brewing, Sierra Nevada, Oskar Blues, Bell’s, Founders and many more! The craft beer event includes a buffet, great view, and a ticket for a sample from each brewery present (as well as sodas and wine available). More information CLICK HERE or call 812-2842919.

And... twitter land was abuzz this week with late news that the FDA is considering controlling animal feed which could regulate or even eliminate the use of brewery spent grains now given free to many farmers.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing regulations for domestic and foreign facilities that are required to register under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the FD&C Act) to establish requirements for current good manufacturing practice in manufacturing, processing, packing, and holding of animal food. FDA also is proposing regulations to require that certain facilities establish and implement hazard analysis and risk-based preventive controls for food for animals. If you are a regulatory lawyer you can read more HERE OR read one take on it HERE Yet, my experience is that by the time all of the comments get in by March 31, the regulation will change significantly.

Craft Beers from the Borders

I haven't had a chance to drink too much at new breweries or tap takeovers these days. I miss getting out and trying new beer and hopefully will get out more as 2014 carries on.

Even though I haven't gotten out to some local Indiana craft beer events or breweries I have made it to some craft breweries in states bordering Indiana.

A few weekends ago I was out and about in Cincinnati.  Made my regular trip to Jungle Jims, which I highly suggest popping into if you are ever in Cincinnati, they really have a great selection of beer.  After Jungle Jims I popped into Rivertown Brewing Co..  I will say, you have to know where you are going to find Rivertown. It is in the middle of an industrial park.  Once inside you are greeted with barrels of beer aging, and a nice little bar.

It was quiet Saturday afternoon, not yet busy so my friend and I got an opportunity to get a flight and talk with the taproom associate on staff.   Of course the first thing I ordered was a flight. If a flight is available, I'm all for trying as many new beers as possible. I did cheat, in my flight the first thing I ordered was the Roebling Imperial Robust Porter. This beer caught my mouth back at the Beer Blogger's Conference. I love how the vanilla blends well with the espresso. Generally espresso is bitter but this beer makes it nice and smooth.  Next on the flight was Dunkel, which was nice. Had a slight toffee flavor to it.  The rest of the beers were Hop Bomber, Bock Lager, Brewmaster's choice which was a blonde. All decent beers, but the stand out besides the Roebling was the Winter Ale. It had a molassess, spice mouth feet that literally felt like chewing on a gingerbread cookie. I'd definitely say it was my second favorite.  My suggestion? Pick up a 6 pack of Roebling if you can.

This past weekend I stopped by Bluegrass Brewing Co. brewpub on 4th St.  in Louisville. BBC's Bourbon Barrel Stout was the first bourbon barrel beer I tried. Immediately I fell in love with the concept and the flavor of beers that were aged in bourbon barrels. That extra creamy, vanilla undertones complimented the stout even straight out of the bottle. I was excited trying a pint of it from the tap, at the brewery it was made. Of course I also went and ordered a flight to try the more of the BBC lineup. (Because more beer trying is never a bad thing).

I was a little hesitate for trying the green beer. After all, it is a little gimmicky due to St. Patrick's Day. The lineup  for the flight was: a Dark Star Porter,a Alt Bier, Wit Bier, an IPA, an APA, a Blonde and a Smoked Rye.  I really liked the Smoked Rye, which was surprising because I don't really like smoked beers. They can be a little over powering. I also don't really like rye beers but something this beer had a nice flavor that wasn't overpower in the heavy smoke flavor.  If I didn't already have plans for having a pint of the Bourbon Barrel Stout, I would've had a pint of the Smoked Rye.

The food at BBC is also very well. A mix of southern with having fried green tomatoes. And a little bit of other southern inspirations as well with the burger toppings and entree offers.  I highly recommend getting a pint, a bison burger smokehouse style, with garlic fries and an appetizer of green tomatoes. Or just beer. Because according to BBC - Beer is Food.

It's been nice adding more breweries to my list of visited places. I hope to add more of our new up and coming Indiana breweries as well. If anything, I highly suggest popping down to KY or over to OH and trying out Rivertown or BBC.

- Cheers,

Dribs and Drabs

In old news, Monarch Beverage is going to court in a bid to add distilled spirits to its library of beer and wine.

HandblownGlassesHand blown beer glasses from The Pretentious Beer Glass Co. Yes, that’s a black-and-tan glass in the middle.

The great Medieval water myth: “The idea that Medieval people drank beer or wine to avoid drinking bad water is so established that even some very serious scholars see no reason to document or defend it; they simply repeat it as a settled truth. In fact, if no one ever documents the idea, it is for a very simple reason: it's not true.” explanation

Rita Kohn watch: She, a physicist and two novelists will talk about Once upon a Time (space, matter, energy & light) on April 4, 6-7pm at the Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall, Butler University. Free. Artsfest sitemore info

It’s a toss-up. Either Stella Artois Cidre or Lamb-flavoured beer.

House plumbed with beer. saliva-inducing article about the prank

Growth chart of craft beers, 2008-2012. Blue Moon 104%. PBR 97%. Yuengling 94% Stella 82%. Mich Light down 51%. Wait, Craft? Maybe that’s overstated a bit.

A suit in Boise claims their hockey arena serves the same amount of beer for either $4 or $7. The cup is designed to be deceptive. article

Yet another beer-in-the-bathtub story. This on is from the spa’s own brewery in a castle. In Austria.

In the party-pooper files: Waterloo, Ontario police seized 183 cases of beer from a “home” just before St. Paddy’s day. Some students were selling tickets. Busted by the Liquor Licence Act.

And of course, some pictures:

friskywhiskeylabel NUTELLA-FIN PopTarts StPaulyBoy

And finally an update – a happy ending to the Grolsch accident of a few years back.


Pence Signs Bill Allowing State Fair Alcohol Sales

StateFairLogoThis will expose a million Hoosiers to good beer. For the first time since 1947 beer and wine will be sold during the fair itself. The only restriction in the law is that sales are by the glass only in a controlled area. No bottles, no carryout.

Of course the State Fair Commission has to approve the marketing and reserve a spot, tables, chairs, tents and clean-up services for the area. They are VERY likely to do that and have previously said they want to see the State Fair represent this part of Indiana’s agricultural (and cultural) heritage.

One thing to keep in mind. It probably won’t be just Indiana-brewed beers. While the Brewers of Indiana Guild members will glom most of the taps and all of the advertising, the Commerce Clause prohibits the state of Indiana (which finances the Fair) from discriminating against inter-state sales. In 2005,for instance, Michigan was told they need to allow interstate wine shipments to the public if they allow Michigan wineries to do the same.

So it would seems that Bell’s or Schlafly or one of the Louisville breweries could ask politely to be included. Actually their Indiana distributor should do that of course. And that’s not a bad thing.

The Bottom Line is that someone with a retail license, a distributor, a Rising-Moore, or the B.I.G. itself will do just fine setting up an outdoor stand and selling craft beer. With a million people passing your door in three weeks and your door being the only adult watering hole at the Fair (except the smaller wine booth) the biggest problem will be staffing and handling the line – besides keeping the trash cans clean.

The Real Bottom Line will be the exposure of Indiana Craft Beer to tens of thousands of new customers. That will help the existing breweries and will encourage even more start-ups. Hooray.

Chilly Water Brewing adds to the Indy Near-Downtown beer scene this Summer and other Indiana Beer News Mar.18

The Fletcher Place neighborhood in Indianapolis is getting a new brewery-brewpub in early-Summer at Virginia Avenue and McCarty Street. Chilly Water Brewing is being opened by veteran pro-brewer Skip DuVall with 8 taps of fresh local beer and a music themed atmosphere. I recently caught up with Skip to learn about the venture.

Skip has always liked music and the name of this brewery comes from a Wide Spread Panic Southern Rock band song of the same name "Chilly Water" (1987). Lyrics include: "As long as there's water, Chilly well water' Gimme some of that cool, cool water." Skip hopes to have some graphic art representing music on the walls and feature some small-venue local live music at times. Chilly Water has bicycle parking and plans to add more, encouraging patrons to ride or walk. The location is a 10 minute walk from central downtown and just a few minutes walk from nearby
Fountain Square. While there is no off-street parking, Chilly Water can be reached off I-70W using the Fletcher Avenue exit. This is in the heart of the historic Fletcher Place neighborhood. For a Fletcher Place walking tour and more information CLICK HERE

Chilly Water Brewing plans to have 8 taps to start and will feature an American Pale and a German Lager while rotating beers, all made on site to start. The brewpub will serve light food like paninis and hummus with a simple menu. The Asian fusion restaurant ROOK (corrected, earlier post misspelled) is next door and they may find a way to partner. The design will allow the brewing operation to be visible through glass and will have efficient seating for about 50 inside as well as outside space for another 30+ patrons. For those interested in the technical side, Skip will be using a 7 BBL system with extra fermentation capacity. Skip DuVall is a former brewer from Alcatraz brewing which is now gone and moved from there to nearby Fountain Square Brewery. Skip is so conscious of recycling he does not plan to sell bottled water -- so no recycled plastic. The construction will take a couple of additional months so Skip will only say "early Summer" but I look for a late-May to early June possible opening.


Evil Czech Brewing is now Evil Czech of Mishawaka, IN, as previewed in our Fall story about them Read about Evil Czech HERE
They have opened a brewery and brew pub on the site of the former Mishawaka Brewing, but make no mistake says General Manager of Brewing Operations Shawn Erickson, the building looks totally different! While the community has respect for the legacy of a brewery (one of Indiana's earliest brew pubs) at 3703 N. Main St. in Mishawaka, the building was completely gutted, a new gastro-pub was built and entirely new brewing system that is four times larger than their Culver, IN site was opened.

While the Culver operation will remain open as a brew pub the former system may be used as a pilot but all beer will be brewed in Mishawaka. The family that owns Evil Czech already owns Corn Dance restaurant in the city where Evil Czech beer is served. The brewing operation started in 2012 and expanded to taps throughout portions of Indiana during 2013. Brewing capacity increase clearly allows further expansion of such beers as BobbleHead, Evil Czich, John the One Eye, Stalin's Dark Side, and many more. Stalin's Dark Side was released again this month and is a bold and toasty Russian Imperial Stout at 10% alcohol. The Bobblehead wheat is a flagship beer. The family group grows many of their own hops and raises bison for meat in the restaurant. Owner George Pesek is originally from the former Czechoslovakia and is a trained and noted chef.

The new restaurant had a soft opening this past week and is open 5-10PM during March with the bar open later. Evil Czech offers Mug Club memberships online; check out their Facebook site for details.

RAM Restaurant & Brewery will tap a Schwarzbeer they've named "Arnold SCHWARZenegger" using Pilsener and Munich malts with a touch of roast barley character, this German style beer is dark in color while being lighter bodied and smooth. Tapping is 6:00 PM, Thursday, March 20, at the Indy downtown location, 140 South Illinois St.

Sun King releases Lonesome Dove, a bourbon barrel aged Tripel at 10% alcohol on March 20, in the Tap Room, 135 N. College, Indy. Patrons are limited two 2-packs per person and it is $17.50 each 2-pack. beer profile click here

Get the Bloomington Beer Festival and Bloomington Craft Beer Week on your calendar. The BCBW festivities will begin at local pubs and restaurants Friday, April 4, with special tappings continuing through Friday, April 11. The festival is Saturday, April 12, in the Woolery Mill 2200 Tapp Road 4-7PM for $35 with early bird available one hour earlier. Hotel rooms at group rates are available at the Fourwinds Resort with shuttles to and from the event. Tix online HERE or at Big Red Liquors stores. A 4-way collaboration between: Upland Brewing, Bloomington Brewing Company, Quaff On! Brewing and Function Brewing produced a Black American Wheat to be available at this fest.

Tickets for the Upland Third Annual Sour + Wild + Funk Fest are available online at Eventbrite here The festival to be held at the historic Indianapolis City Market will be Saturday, May 17, 2-6 PM. A VIP Sour lecture and private tasting will be held from 12:30-1:30pm. VIP tickets can be purchased for $75, and will include VIP lecture, lanyard, commemorative T-shirt, swag bag and access to the VIP lounge.

Of course Dark Lord Day on April 26 is sold out but a few tickets can often be had from those who do not attend.

Reminding you that March 27th is the night Girls Pint Out and the Mentoring Women's Network hold a social/happy (hoppy) hour at Triton Brewery Tap Room, 5764 Wheeler Road, Indianapolis, IN 46216 . Triton's Pink Ribbon Saison will be on tap, and there will be a behind-the-scenes tour of the brewery. Mentoring Women's Network is, "an organization for professional women. Our mission is a community of empowered women supporting one another personally and professionally through mentoring relationships and our vision is the largest and most effective mentoring organization for women in the nation." (

Saint Patrick's Day weekend! What beer to drink?

Saint Patrick's day 2014 spans nearly 4 celebration days as some toasted on Friday and will continue through the actual day on Monday. While Chicago colored the River green on Saturday, Indianapolis parallels New York City's timing and the 34th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade is Monday, March 17th, 2014 in downtown Indianapolis starting at 11:30AM, with a festival on Vermont Street from 10AM to 3PM. While Guinness, Murphy's, and perhaps Harp or Kilkenny are likely the most traditional beer there are plenty of craft beer options!

Just a block away from the festival, Flat12 Bierwerks has established a St. Patrick's Day spot above the Elbow Room, one of Indy's quaint older pubs, for a parade viewing spot and serving up a special beer called Kiss Me, I'm Irish Amber, the amber aged in a Jameson Whisky barrel! This is a small batch that may only end up available at this one spot on this one special day! There is a drawing at 10AM for the earlier birds to get a Flat12/Elbow Room gift pack. Flat12 also has their LactoMatic Milk stout at the TapRoom which is open Sunday noon-6.

Sun King has again brewed their delicious Ring of Dingle, a GABF gold-medal winning Irish dry stout which has been available in cans since February and will be available on draft at select pubs and restaurants throughout.

Daredevil has J.W.P. AMERICAN STOUT™ in distribution at limited pubs, a rich, silky espresso and chocolate flavor in an expressive American Stout.

Triton delivers with their Deadeye stout found around central Indiana.

Indiana City Beer has Shadow Boxer oatmeal stout as a flagship (and the earliest beer we tasted before the brewery opened) and is open Sunday until 4:00 at 24 Shelby Street a block from Washington.

Upland has Rad Red, And without listing every brew pub around, most have some version of a Stout or Red available for your celebrations.

If you can find this beer, 3Floyds has one of the top rated stouts according to BeerAdvocate. The Black Sun 6.5% ABV dry stout has a nose of coffee, roasted malts and piney hops.

One of the more interesting Craft Irish Style beer's I've had recently was Boulevard Irish Ale (Friday, on tap, at the Alley Bar, Bloomington, but available in Indiana)which combines six kinds of pale and roasted barley to give it rich malty flavor and a nice light 'toast.'

And then for the traditional, Indianapolis' oldest Irish pub is actually a tiny spot at 2533 E. Washington Street, called the Golden Ace. Their St. Pat's celebration is huge with tents, visits by the local priests, and plenty of family plus lots of music from Ireland. You'll likely find Guinness on tap and not local craft beer. The music starts at noon and goes all day into the night. Details here

Of course, every Irish named bar from Claddagh to Kilroy's, from The Brockway Pub on North Meridian in Carmel, to Mo's in Noblesville, and even the German themed Rathskeller and the American themed Slippery Noodle downtown will help everyone squeeze out any bit of Irish heritage or just get a good pint!

We've been out and about in our hometown but will get out and about in Indy on the Big Day and bring back some photos.

Flat12 opens in L'ville metro of S. Indiana; Sun King plans 5th Anniversary, and more Indiana Beer News, Mar. 12

Flat12 may be the first Indiana brewery to have two tap rooms in two major metro areas when they open in Jeffersonville, IN, on the Ohio River literally within walking distance of Louisville in early-Summer this year! Co-founder and Director of Brewing Operations Rob Caputo gave us lots of details recently as we learned there will be some exclusive features to this new venture. After launching distribution in Louisville in late January, Flat12 announced they leased a building that provides ample room for a taproom as well as sufficient space for distribution or even brewing operation if warranted at some point in the future. The building is across from the Ohio River bank near the Jeffersonville amphitheater and a short walk from the new Jeffersonville park at the base of the pedestrian bridge linking Jeffersonville with Louisville. We caught up with Rob the day after he had been back down to the building who told us, “my initial vision for this is… we will have the 5 house beers, we will have our seasonal beer available, then there will be a lineup of beer that is exclusively available at that taproom. We may simultaneously tap some beer at the two locations. I don’t know how many taps yet.” Rob also shared that while they have only completed a rough floor plan, they do envision the space to eventually have a small kitchen so food is easily available. Caputo also stressed, “the nice thing is it is just blank inside…” so there is opportunity to design whatever fits best.

Rob was pleased that the City of Jeffersonville has a strong plan for development and is welcoming Flat12 to the area. We will keep you posted on developments and we will plan to be some of the first to enjoy a beer at this location! As long as Rob keeps some crazy, cool beers flowing beer-lovers in several states will be happy. I got to try some of the FlatTuesday Mardi Gras features including Mud Bug which was brewed with crawfish in the boil – giving it a decidedly seafood spicy flavor, without the actual taste of the crawfish, which we understood the brewers got to eat after the brew day! The King Cake porter was a big porter with extra sweetness and hints of the almond. I also found Big Black Dog American Stout with rye on tap at the Tap Room for big bold notes.

Flat12 also just announced a partnership with IndyEleven, the new soccer team in Indianapolis. In between Indy Eleven’s exhibitions against the Tourbeau Soccer Academy (March 15) and Indiana University (April 4), Indiana’s NASL side will take to the road on Saturday, March 22, for a contest against the University of Louisville Cardinals. Whoa, in the long run It could be Indy Flat12 Tap Room vs. Jeff Flat12 Tap Room!

There will be big news from Sun King Brewing this Thursday, March 13 7-11P, coordinated with their Naptown Brown Release Party with the Naptown Roller Girls. Not only will party goers get some of the American brown ale, plus tunes by A DJ Squared and food from a Taste of the Caribbean Food Truck, Sun King will announce the Headlining Act for their big SKB 5 Party this summer. SunKing turns five years old this summer and plans a major party on Saturday, June 28. This week first details for the party will be announced. Those at SKB 5 in June will get the first Grapefruit Jungle 2014. Then on the official 5th anniversary of Sun King on July 1, GFJ will be released in cans and to bars and restaurants as will BigIron Bourbon Barrel aged barley wine.

Sun King currently has Hopquarius, a big double IPA with Mosaic and Azacca hops at 69 ibu and 8.4 abv. With 7 Belgian yeast straina where the hops are prominent and provide a mango, lemon, citrus mix while the yeast tingle your taste buds with a spicy flavor. The Doctor of Style (yes, the Doctor is in!) is another Sun King creation providing banana bed and zest in a spicy Weizenbock at 8% alcohol. Both are in the tap room now and at select establishments. And then there is my friend Timmie, the Russian Imperial Stout with 9.4%, molasses, brown sugar, and dark chocolate.

Bloomington Brewing has gone to great length to introduce a new glass at their Lennie’s Brew Pub. A German style “Becher,” German for cup, sends more aroma to you with its curved sides. I found it sleek and stylish and the taste of my Imperial Ruby Bloom Amber that is so tasty on a cool evening.

Upland Brewing announced brand logo and artwork changes are coming soon. Company President Doug Dayhoff says there will be an evolution to the Upland logo as well as to some depth of character to labels. Stay Tuned. Upland also announced Lightwave Belgian Pale is now being tapped with German style Munich malt and Belgian Trappist yeast. Lightwave is a small-batch brew so only available at Upland brewpub and taproom locations in Indiana. Upland released Coast Buster Imperial IPA brewed with Simcoe, Amarillo, Cascade, and Columbus hops and dry hopped twice for aroma in January and it is more widely distributed. Campside Session IPA, a drinkable lower alcohol beer, is also now being widely distributed. And a quick reminder that tickets for Upland Sour + Wild + Funk Fest have gone on sale and if any are available you can find those HERE

Remember that the Bloomington Beer Festival returns April 12, and tickets are available NOW HERE There will be many event locally the week before starting March 4. Check back as we announce events! Rob Caputo of Flat12 stated he feels this is the best festival.

I stopped by Indiana City Beer at 24 East Shelby where I-65 downtown meets Washington Street to learn their fund raiser for the restoration of the historic 1916 Obelisk standing proudly almost in front of the brewery went well and received attention from Indianapolis’ mayor as well as many who donated. While I find their Shadow Boxer oatmeal stout delightful I was also impressed with their Beast of Laurey’s Belgian Golden Strong at nearly 10% alcohol. It has a nice mix of spice with warmth and a pleasant note of malt.

Triton Brewery hosts Girls Pint Out and the Mentoring Women's Network on March 27th for a social/happy hour. Triton's Pink Ribbon Saison will be on tap, and there will be a behind-the-scenes tour of the brewery. Mentoring Women's Network is, "an organization for professional women. Our mission is a community of empowered women supporting one another personally and professionally through mentoring relationships and our vision is the largest and most effective mentoring organization for women in the nation." (
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Beer at Farmers' Markets; Daredevil to Speedway; & more Indiana Beer News for March 3!

Hoosiers might be able to buy cold, local beer at Indiana Farmer's markets after July, although this beer may need local support. Senate Bill 0016 allows an Indiana micro-brewer to sell the brewer's beer to consumers for carryout at a farmers' market that is operated on a nonprofit basis, in a quantity of not more than 576 ounces per consumer at any one time (according to Ind. Gen'l Assembly,

Clay Robinson of SunKing Brewery is President of the Brewers Guild of Indiana and told IndianaBeer, "The farmers market initiative is about parody with Indiana's wineries, but it is also about allowing Indiana's small brewers greater access to consumers. The majority of our members are fairly small and don't even package their beer except in growlers. Allowing them to showcase their businesses and vend their products alongside other Indiana growers and producers will offer them increased exposure to a segment of the population that has demonstrated their desire to support local, buy fresh and in most cases pay a premium to do so."

The Executive Director of BIG, Lee Smith, says many Hoosier, "May not know there is local beer where they live…." This would be a great way for Hoosiers to support other Hoosiers. Smith added, "a lot of tiny brewers, have fewer employees, some have only 2 employees and this is a way for small breweries to market their product locally.” Clay Robinson added, " ...all of the profits from the production, distribution and sale of that beer benefits our economy. In the case of Indiana Brewers, the profits, taxes and economic development implications are HUGE. Every time someone purchases a locally produced Craft Beer, they are helping to create jobs and investment in their community and economy. Craft Brewers have a tradition of giving back and participating with community and charitable organizations in order to benefit their communities and help make them better places to live and work."

The BIG sees exposure at Farmer's Markets a natural extension of local product sales. Jeff Mease, BIG board member and owner of Bloomington Brewing recently commented to us on SB 0016, "I don't see anything to be is a local agricultural product." Beer is made from grain, water, and hops. The only concern voiced at an Indiana Senate hearing was from a major liquor store chain opposing the sale of chilled beer outside of liquor stores. Chilled beer is currently also available at brewery tap rooms, although some local breweries do not operate retail establishments. That retailer did not return our phone calls. Indiana legislators are open to comment from their public.

Daredevil Brewing to build a Brewery Complex in Speedway, IN! “A craft brewery on Main Street provides a new type of destination location that complements and adds to the growing diversity of local businesses and restaurants in Speedway,” said Vince Noblet, President of the Speedway Redevelopment Commission. “We are excited to welcome Daredevil Brewing Co. to Main Street and our Speedway community.”

Daredevil Brewing Co. is currently located in Shelbyville, IN. The Main Street, Speedway, location is an expansion of their growing craft beer business and will be Daredevil Brewing Co.’s first public taproom. Initial development will also include a 10,000-square-foot production brewery with additional expansion possible in the future.

Indiana City Beer released a new specialty 750 ml bottling of Mimi’s Tabernacle Bourbon Barrel Breakfast Stout with pure maple syrup, chocolate and oats infused with locally roasted coffee beans and aged in a Kentucky bourbon barrel. Available this week. They also offer Crimson Bombshell bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Amber Ale and Cratchit's Ale Winter Olde Ale both in 750ml. Indiana City is at 24 Shelby Street, Indy, just East of Downtown.

Bloomington Craft Beer Fest is Saturday, April 12, at 2200 Tapp Road 4-7PM for $35 with early bird available one hour earlier. This year you can be shuttled to the event from your room at the Fourwinds Resort with special rates of $89. Details HERE ; Bloomington Craft Beer Week will kick off the week before and we will keep you appraised of local events!

Flat12 Bierwerks celebrates Flat Tuesday
with Doors open at 4pm on March 4th. There will be crawfish races, King Cake, Beads, Beads and more Beads. Plus, four wacky beer concoctions that are crawling with flavor. Beer List Here

Thursday, March 13th is the Naptown Brown Tapping Party at Sun King from 7pm to 10pm. The Naptown Roller Girls will be onsite as well as A Squared Djs, food truck, and pints will be available for $5 each.

Bloomington Brewing releases "Bomber" bottles of Rooftop IPA, the well balanced First Place winning slightly orange in color hop-forward beer with Cascade and Falconer’s flight hops in early April! Also, their Ten Speed Hoppy Wheat release this year is Bicycle Day, April 19.

Remember the Upland third annual Sour + Wild + Funk Fest will be on sale at on Eventbrite on March 10. The event is Saturday, May 17th from 2pm-6pm at the historic Indianapolis City Market, preceded by a VIP Sour lecture and private tasting from 12:30-1:30pm. VIP tickets can be purchased for $75, and will include VIP lecture, lanyard, commemorative T-shirt, swag bag and access to the VIP lounge including food and private bathrooms. General Admission tickets are $45 and include light snacks, with the City Market's artisans open to sell heavier fare throughout the festival. An Upland Secret Barrel Society members-only party will follow from 7pm-9pm.

Dark Lord Day has been announced by 3Floyds as April 26. Check their website for release details