Misc News – Aug 21

Everything you wanted to know about the origin of New Albanian's Old 15-B as a Bob Capshaw Pro-Am beer. Actually just an excuse to post this label of a two-fisted cheeky WWII pinup.

Sun King gets ink in Metromix the easy way, by inviting the reporter to brew the beer. Genius.

As usual. Gina tells us what's being served where in the Hoosier Beer Geeks' Random Beer Roundup.

Have you heard of The Chicago Beer Riots of 1855?

Avery will have bombers of Dugana, a Double IPA out in late October. 93 IBU, 8.5%. It doesn't replace Maharaja. We wouldn't mention it but scantily clad women on beer labels seems to be a theme today and their label has been approved by the TTB.

According to Beer, Its History and Its Economic Value as a National Beverage, 1880, the twenty largest U.S. brewers in 1879 were: (for comparison, Bells does about 100,000 bbls.)

Rank Brewery City BBLS Sold
1 George Ehret New York 180,152
2 Philip Best (later Pabst) Milwaukee 167,974
3 Bergner & Engel Philadelphia 124,860
4 Joseph Schlitz Milwaukee 110,832
5 Conrad Seipp Chicago 108,347
6 P. Ballantine & Sons Newark 106,091
7 Jacob Ruppert New York 105,713
8 Christian Morlein Cincinnati 93,337
9 H. Clausen & Son New York 89,992
10 William J. Lemp St. Louis 88,714
11 Flanagan & Wallace New York 84,825
12 Anheuser-Busch St. Louis 83,160
13 Peter Doelger New York 80,000
14 Beadleston & Woerz New York 78,093
15 Boston Beer Company Boston 77,232
16 Albany Brewing Company Albany 71,568
17 Clausen & Price New York 69,271
18 Downer & Bemis Chicago 66,878
19 George Ringler New York 65,658
20 Windisch-Mulhauser Cincinnati 62,157


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