Dribs and Drabs

Rita's Nuvo Column spotlights Twenty Below, Black Acre, QuaffON, Big Lug and more. Last week she wrote about Black Acre, Fountain Square and, of course, more.

LaOtto Brewing is open. LaOtto is north of Fort Wayne.  Video

Indiana Craft Beer Week is April 24-30. Organized by Indiana On Tap. They say it's the first of the kind but they probably didn't know about the BIG Indiana Beer Week of July, 2008.

Martin's Supermarkets in Michiana have increased their beer shelving dramatically. (Thanks, The Beer Is Good)

The Ratebeer ratings of best in each state are out. Winners: the New Albanian Public House, M. Moggers, New Day, Keg Liquors, the Heorot.

The state Senate committee has approved bills to increase the number alcohol permits in Hamilton and Boone County. Sunday sales for artisan distilleries. Growlers of mead and cider. Turns down Sunday sales again.

Beers to hit the state soon include Ballast Point (launch at Boombozz in Carmel March 8, 3pm. - Thanks Eric)

Meijer's is going to bring in Michigan beers. Bell's Founders, Short's, New Holland, Atwater, Arcadia.

Tallgrass Brewing is coming in via Cavalier.

10 Reasons to Brew Your Own Beer.

Whaaaaa? AB InBev is trying to buy SABMiller? Cost $100 million. Heck you can buy a presidential nomination with those bucks. Stock $ goes down.

Chicago's Field Museum has an ancient Peruvian beer on tap starting Mar 3.

Here's Men's Journal's pics of the best 10 new IPA.

Coffee fixes your liver. Well, it keep your liver healthier. Got to give this a try.

The Sandford Park Alehouse in Cheltenham is CAMRA's best pub in England. Runners up are a couple of perennials, The Drovers Rest in Carlisle, Kelham Island in Sheffield along with a micropub, Broadstairs, in Kent.

Marble's Chocolate Marble was named the Champion Winter Beer. It's a "strong mild" from a small small brewery in Norwich. "It embodies everything a great winter beer should be, packed with flavour, complexity and depth, but still incredibly drinkable."

Meanwhile in England, CAMRA found half pints are charging between 41p and 50p more for two half pints than for a full pint. They are not amused.

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