Thankful for Beer

Just a few days away is the annual stuff ourselves until we comatose from turkey overload. We'll entertain with family, football games, or board games and be thankful for everything we have aka Thanksgiving time.

In a launch of pre-Thanksgiving tidings, I've been thinking about things I'm thankful for in relation to beer:

 I'm thankful for this blog, where I can obsess of beer and talk about it all the time. Although lately I've been a little busy with a new job, I still love beer more than ever.
 I'm thankful for the network this blog has brought to my life.
 I'm thankful for the Indiana Brewer's Guild who helped pass a law that Indiana breweries can sell growlers of draft beer on Sunday.
I'm thankful for the sheer awesomeness that is all the Indiana breweries. They are pure creative geniuses in brewing and I'm thankful to be able to try so much deliciousness.
I'm thankful for breweries who make vanilla porters, pumpkin ales, and christmas ales which are some of my favorite beers ever.
I'm thankful for beer festivals that make it possible to try so many different beers all at once time.
I'm thankful for Bier Brewery being a walk away. ( I'd be more thankful if they served pints more often!)
I'm thankful for brew pubs so I can bring my kid and have a good dinner, with good local craft beer
I'm thankful for other beer groups like Hoosier Beer Geeks and Girls Pint Out

It is really something I could go on an on about, over a small topic like beer, but craft beer is important to so many, and it is just really darn good.  If you still haven't tried any local craft beer, go out and try some! I'm sure the brewers would be... thankful that you did! (see what I did there)

So I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving, enjoy some local craft beer and prepare for the holidays!


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