Indiana Homebrewers Advance

Congratulations to the following Indiana homebrewers for advancing to the second round of the National Homebrew Competition. We swept the Specialty Beer category.


Gary Awdey Valparaiso   1st – Standard Cider & Perry
Larry Barnhart Kokomo Howard County HC 1st - Bock
Keith Baute & John Showalter Indianapolis MECA 2nd – American Ale
Harry Bielawski St. John BOSS 1st – Melomel (Fruit Mead)
Nathan Compton Indianapolis FBI 3rd – American Ale
Corbin Elliott & Benjamin Starrett Carmel   2nd – Specialty Beer
Agatha Feltus Noblesville FBI 1st - Porter
Tom Ferguson & Jon Colyer Greentown Howard County HC 3rd - Pilsner
Jason Hall Indianapolis   1st – Smoke & Wood-aged
Dustin Kirk & Dennis Nee Munster Boss 3rd – Dark Lager
Andrew Korty Indianapolis FBI 3rd – English Brown Ale
Robert Lusin & Allen Birdsell Schererville Illiana Beer Rackers 1st – Specialty Beer
Michael Pearson Indianapolis MECA 1st – India Pale Ale
2nd – Strong Ale
Jason Rich Claypool   2nd – Traditional Mead
3rd – Other Mead
Tom Sakowski Schererville   3rd – Standard Cider & Perry
Mark Schiess Carmel FBI 3rd – Belgian Strong Ale
Bill Staashelm Indianapolis MECA 1st – Strong Ale
Bengamin Starrett & Corbin Elliott Carmel   3rd – Specialty Beer
Brian Steuerwald Brownsburg FBI 1st – Amber Hybrid
2nd – Smoke & Wood-aged
2nd – European Amber Lager
3rd – European Amber Lager
3rd – Belgian and French Ale
Jeff Thomas Goshen   3rd – Traditional Mead


ajk said...

Hi, Bob. Some additional detail on Agatha's beer: it was a Baltic Porter and took 1st.

Andrew Korty

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob - you left me off the list. Subtle way of saying I don't belong? I won't argue with that.....

Nathan Compton

Unknown said...

Nathan - I do apologize. Shouldn't type up these lists at 2am.


Anonymous said...

Moved from Arizona. Looking for home brewers located and around Anderson. I am also a potter. Looking for them also. Only been in Anderson a little over a year. I will be 76 in a couple of months. I need all the short cuts I can get.

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