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I can only imagine just how much anticipation has been building for my first official blog covering the Lafayette area craft beer scene.  I could sit here and list a myriad of clever reasons as to why I have neglected my newly appointed duties in bringing you news from the greater Lafayette region, however, let’s just chalk it up to equal parts work, play, and laziness.

So, let’s get down to business.  My primary focus will be to provide weekly updates on our two Lafayette breweries, the Lafayette Brewing Company and People’s Brewing Company.  At my absolute laziest, I plan to provide a tap rundown and a featured beer for each of the breweries.  Additionally, I hope to include information regarding any upcoming special events that either or both places may be involved.

As a secondary goal, I plan to provide coverage of other Lafayette area establishments that have made the effort to fill their coolers and taps with quality craft beers.  A few places should be familiar to some while others may take a few of you by surprise.

Overall, I suppose my sweeping goal would be to steer anyone reading this blog to any number of the area’s fine establishments so that they may imbibe in a pint of their favorite craft beer.

Whew, now that that’s out of the way, here are the tap lists for the Lafayette Brewing Company and People’s Brewing Company that I promised earlier.

Lafayette Brewing Company -

Flagship beers:  Star City Lager, East Side Bitter, Piper’s Pride Scottish Ale, Tippecanoe Common Ale, & Black Angus Oatmeal Stout

Specialty & Seasonals:  Fuggles XXX Old Ale (just tapped), Electric Chair Espresso Black Angus Oatmeal Stout, Star City Marzen, Digby’s Irish Stout, and Wildcat Amber

Featured Beer:  Wildcat Amber – This is an American style amber ale that is a rich, amber color with a robust nose of both malt and the citrus aroma of classic American hops.  A hoppy, modestly strong amber ale, features bold flavors of nutty malt character followed by a burst of lemony hop flavor and bitterness.  This brew boasts the use of pale, caramunich, crystal, and chocolate malts, along with cascade and Chinook hops.  ABV 5.6%; IBUs 65

People’s Brewing Company -

Flagship beers:  People’s Pilsner, Moundbuilder IPA, & Aberrant Amber

Specialty & Seasonals:  Newman's ESB (just tapped), Farmer’s Daughter Wheat, & Hoodlum Pale Ale

Featured Beer:  Hoodlum Pale Ale – This classic American style pale ale is a well balanced beer with a dry hop character.  All Mt. Hood hops were used in the boil and in dry-hopping the beer after fermentation.  American base malt and a touch of caramalt give this beer its body and straw color.  Finally, People’s used their HopBack on this beer, running the wort through whole leaf Mt. Hood hop cones, to give the beer a bolder hop aroma and mouthfeel.
                        ABV ~5.4%  IBUs~42

Jason C.
“Let no man thirst for lack of Real Ale.”

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