No tickets to Dark Lord Day? Then get ye backside to Lafayette this weekend!

Allow me to start off this week’s entry with a sincere, heartfelt apology for completely dropping the ball on last week’s missing Lafayette blog.  Such a level of disappointment had, until last week, only been experienced by past girlfriends.  So look at the bright side, you’re now in fairly exclusive company.
Ok, enough dwelling on my failings as a blogger.  Believe it or not, Lafayette is full of good stuff going on this week.  We’ve got firkins going on at the Lafayette Brewing Company on Thursday and People’s Brewing on Friday.  In addition, People’s has a special tapping going on this Saturday.  Details for these can be found further down the column.

In the mood for a little Zombie Dust?  This tasty offering from Three Floyds can be found on tap exclusively at the Lafayette Buffalo Wild Wings.  You heard me, Buffalo Wild Wings.  Additionally, they feature beers from People’s, Flat 12, Sun King, Triton, Bell’s, New Belgian, Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams, & Leinenkugel.

The big shindig beer event of the weekend, TAP at TAF:  A Craft Brew Fest, takes place on Saturday the 28th from 2pm to 6pm and features beer from:  Half Moon Brewery, Flat 12, Das Big Dawg Brew Haus, Four Horsemen, Triton, Barley Island Brewing Company, Three Pints Brewery, Power House Brewery, and Lafayette’s own, People’s Brewing and the Lafayette Brewing Company.
The event is a fundraiser for the Tippecanoe Arts Federation and highlights “the growing interest in craft beers and craft or microbreweries.”  TAP for TAF will also include activities that involve brewing demonstrations, food pairing opportunities, and opportunities for developing a palette for tasting.  Tickets for this event are available at People’s Brewing, Lafayette Brewing Co., and the Tippecanoe Arts Federation Box office, as well as online.  For more information, follow this link:
So, TAP for TAF ends at 6pm and your evening is only getting started.  Where could you possibly go to satisfy your insatiable appetite for craft beer?  The Black Sparrow ( and Flat 12 Bierworks offer up a solution for quenching your undying thirst.  At 7pm, Flat 12 will be offering up a special tapping of Big Black Dog 68 Rye Stout, Cuttlefish Cuvee, and a special surprise.  Log into Facebook and let them know your coming at the following link:

Here is what’s happening at our local breweries this week:
Lafayette Brewing Company -
Currently on Tap:  Star City Lager, East Side Bitter, Tippecanoe Common Ale, Pipers Pride Scottish Ale, Digby’s Irish Stout, Nuggles XXX Old Ale, Jupiter Pils, & Michinook American Pale Ale
Featured Beer:  Jupiter Pils is a medium bodied, crisp and refreshing German pilsner, light gold in color, with grainy malt and distinct floral hop notes.  It’s flavor is crisp and bitter with some grainy characteristics from the malt and is balanced by it’s hop flavor, featuring noble German hop bitterness.  Slightly higher carbonated with a rather dry finish, the Jupiter Pils features pilsner malt and German grown Tettnang hops.  ABV – 5.4%, IBUs – 44
April Firkin:        85 Ale double dry-hopped with Xythos hops.  LBC features a firkin (say that fast 10 times) on the 2nd floor on the last Thursday of the month.

People’s Brewing Company -
Currently on Tap:  Farmer's Daughter Wheat Ale, Aberrant Amber, Newman's ESB, Hoodlum Pale Ale, Mound Builder IPA, & Mr. Brown
Firkin Friday:   Mound Builder IPA dry-hopped with Galena hops
**Special Tapping this Saturday**
                                “Batch 100 "Captain Black Strap Stout" - We have been sitting on this beer for a while, it's an American Imperial Stout brewed with Flaked Oats, Honey malt, Chocolate, Black, Caramalt, Smoked malt, and Black Strap Molasses.  Roasted flavor with hints of Molasses in this black colored Stout.”   9.0% ABV, 86 IBUs

Jason C.
“Let no man thirst for lack of Real Ale.”

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