Founders Tapping at The Sinking Ship

I am definitely a fan of Founders Brewing and The Sinking Ship.  Last month when I went to the Stone Brewing Tap Take over and saw that Founders would be coming.. I knew that no matter what..  Wednesday 4/11 - My butt was going to be at The Ship.

Especially when as the day got closer and it was announced that Founders was tapping KBS -- a coffee, chocolate stout bourbon barrel aged

I instantly turned on my tunnel vision and thought of nothing else because wanting KBS.  I went as far as making sure I was at the ship at 5:30 so I would have plenty of time to get one (the tapping didn't happen til 7)

I was not disappointed. Thanks to my waitress, right after the rolling in of the 1/6 keg (again, not much KBS to go around), and the bagpipes played.. My table recieved 6 10oz of KBS for each of us. Despite the $10 for 10oz  - It was worth every penny.

Smooth taste in the beginning and a nice chocolate after taste. It was my first time trying KBS and will certainly not be my last.

Afterwards I did try Founders Centennial IPA - Which has me discovering that I prefer more of a citrus enhanced IPA instead of a floral. I wouldn't say I love IPAs just yet, but I am enjoying more IPAs and even Pale Ales. 

In closing -- 
Another good night of new beer. The Sinking Ship has beer tap takeovers every month. When I found out the next one I'm sure I'll be there if any followers want to meet up. At this month's event I saw Rodney from Hoosier Beer Geek, John Host - Founders Sales Rep and somewhere elusively was Josh H.  from @Flat12_Josh.. which is me saying... those who are excited about beer - these tapping are a great time to meet people who are part of the beer community and share with newbies. 

Til next time - Cheers!
- Kathleen

P.S. - I will be at Brew Bracket III - Wheat! Tomorrow. Make sure you say hi - I'll be easy to locate. I'm busting out the beer knee highs! :) 

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