Dribs and drams - April

New stuff from New Albanian. Black & Blue Grass is a saison with blue agave nectar and spices. In bottles. Everywhere. Even Bloomington - at Bloomingfoods and Sahara Mart. On tap in New Albany soon will be their first Wheat beers: a Weizen Bock and a Weizen Doppelbock - both around 7%.

Alcohol Beverage Control in Alabama has banned Founder's Dirty Bastard. Fat Bastard wine  and Raging Bitch beer is OK. And to think Huntsville was the center of our space program. Now it's just space.

OK, what would you do if handed this ID at your Kroger store? A) sell him the 12-pack. B) Call the cops and have him arrested. C) Laugh uproariously and send him back to his mother. article

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