Dark Lord Precursor

So here we are, T-minus 12 hours before the most anticipated day in all of craft brewing.  Hyperbole aside, I have to admit that I am fairly excited to finally experience all that is Dark Lord Day.  As many may have noted, I have not been a huge supporter of the Three Floyd's brewery experience as of late.  Granted, my experience has been relegated to a 15 year anniversary party that has been enjoyed by some, panned by many, but ultimately produced a great tasting beer.  I hope that I have learned from my rookie mistakes so that this time around I can make my friend Anonymous happy with a good review.

Several weeks back, Three Floyd's did one last ditch ticket sales effort live on the premises.  Although I already had tickets in hand, I decided to go to grab a barrel aged beer and buy a couple more tickets to offer to my fellow Indianabeer.com correspondents.  So, to all our readers out there, in an effort to have more than my continual negative bias, D. Vern will be joining me up in Munster and hopefully provide the Dark Lord Day commentary you would rather be reading.  Be advised, D. Vern has been here before and is probably better equipped to handle the outcome.

The DLD ticket investment scheme may not have worked out very well for those late in the game.  As of the time of my writing, no eBay auctions exist (for obvious reasons) and the market on craigslist has seriously come down.  Tickets are still available there for trade or a more reasonable price (if you say $50 is reasonable).

The weather tomorrow calls for showers and highs in the 40s.  It's going to be cold, wet, and crowded.  Hopefully the beer will keep everyone from getting too grumpy.  I am going equipped with a nice Founders collection: CBS and Better Half.  Those should keep me warm.  If your nearby I may even be generous and give a sample.

If you are fortunate enough to be going, please make an effort to find me.  I will be in line at 7am and should be around for most of the day, peeling away sometime after noon.  I will be sporting an obnoxiously blue Milwaukee Brewers cap that I picked up last weekend.  What better way to honor a brewery?  Corny?  Yes!  If you say, "Wilk, I love Indiana beer!" then I will give you a nice gift.  Supplies are limited.

Also say tuned.  One lucky reader will have a chance to win an even better prize.


Anonymous said...

well buddy have fun because i did not get a ticket....enjoy!!

Cindy Modesitt said...

Stay safe, have fun and look forward to reading about your experience this year!

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