Dribs and drams - April 11

An ad, if you will, for Kahn's in Indy. They have a six single-barrel Bourbons bottled for their stores. I think the Eagle Rare 10yr-old single-barrel at $28.99 is a steal. The Four Roses barrel-strength, 113 proof OBSQ or OBSF at $49.99 might prove very interesting. The difference between them is the fermenting yeast (web site). Hope Kahn's will give samples.
Oh, and Leffe Brune is $8.99 for a six-pack.

If you ordered a Coors Light or a Bud Light at Little Daddy's strip club in Kokomo you might have gotten Keystone Light. That's a $250 no-no. interesting article

According to What's Brewing: Because British Fuggles hops have a comparatively poor yield and are subject to some diseases they aren't grown any more in Kent and Sussex, just in the West Midlands. Fuggles, a standard base hop for British Ales including Bitter and ESB, are actually being imported from Oregon and Slovenia - Styrian Goldings.

Organic Maris Otter is available and being used by the Stroud brewery in Gloucestershire.

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