Pints and New Friends.

On Thursday morning I received an e-mail which I mistakenly took as spam. I'm sure many of you have done that, looked at an e-mail and thought.. well, I don't know this person so this must be some kind of bad email. 

Thankfully, I went back later on Thursday night and discovered it was actually an email from Omar Castrellon from Thr3e Wise Men suggesting I come down to the brewery and try their new Double Pagoda Pit Road Red. 
This made me over-the-moon excited because it isn't everyday I get an e-mail from a head brewer asking me to come in; he even said he'd buy me a pint!

We decided to meet up on Saturday afternoon; after I arrived we quickly grabbed a pint of the Pit Road Red, (which I will say is another  flavorful brew, that ends with a little bit of sweetness), and then we talked as he gave me a tour. 

As mentioned in The Brewhouse Blog, Thr3e Wise Men is taking on some additional tanks to expand and produce enough beer to be on taps throughout all the company's restaurants. Select styles weren't disclosed but soon there will be at least a tap or two of Thr3e Wise Men's beer at any given Scotty's location.

On Saturday with my tour, I got to see all the shiny new tanks and talked to Omar about the new layout.  When I first heard of the addition of 14 tanks,  I was curious as to where they would go, but walking around you can tell that plans for the expansion were already in place before the first beer was ever started.  

Besides the tank ogling, chatting with Omar was definitely the highlight of my Saturday afternoon; we discussed the house beers, new beer recipes, and any other topic that popped up . I told him how my first beer when I turned 21 was actually from Alcatraz. (To those who may not know, Omar used to be the brewer of Alcatraz before it closed) Also, that the Centennial Martyr Double IPA was the one of the IPA's that started me trying more IPA and Pale Ales. Mostly due to the smoothness and more malts.  That comment prompted him to have me taste the most recent batch, because they have changed the profile by adding more hops. (It is still delicious) - Side note - They will continue changing the hop profile. 

But, like all good things, my time of hanging out had to come to an end. To readers, if you want some quality craft beer at great prices, I, again, suggest stopping in to Thr3e Wise Men. They always have a specials on either pint nights, growlers or table top taps! (101 oz of beer which is about 6.5 pints for $15 -- Thursdays only) 

At least stop by for a tapping party.. once a month, free 8oz sample - best time to try!

And you can say hi to me, I'm usually always there for a new tapping or a random pint. 

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