Dribs and Drams - May 31

 Iechyd Da opens tomorrow in Elkhart. Eric Strader has the skinny. On tap, a pale ale, a session beer, an American paleale, and amber and a porter. 20oz pints will be $4. Half pints half that. Good price guys. Pizza, sandwiches a mug club a couch and hand-pulls. Perfect.

Headline: Good ale boys still on 28-year pub crawl after 16,337 bars. Subheadline: How do the (they) keep their marriages going with this act?

For about the eightieth time someone "figures out" why nitrogen bubbles sink in a Guinness. This time it's the BBC and it's the shape of the glass.

Don't try this at home: Drunken Albertan unharmed after B.C. train runs him over. "And he got up, grabbed his beer, and was on his way,:

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