The inaugural running of Indianapolis' first Tap 'N' Run!

Yes.. You could go down to Bloomington and spend money to walk around Woolery Stone Mill for four hours and have craft beer... or you could come over to Broadripple at participate in:

Imagine starting a race, either as a team or alone and the whole point is to have a hilarious good time by dressing up in a costume, creating funny team names and ... drinking beer as your run!

This race is a 4k aka 2.5 mile run that starts with a beer and the beers keep coming with 4 beer stations that runners MUST stop at and chug before heading on down to the finish line. 

It promises to be a great time for all involved.. but if you aren't up to the run and chug challenge, check in with Sara Craft at who may still be looking for volunteers to either pour (server's permit require, reiumbursement for permit is available) or help registration efforts. 

I will be at one of the stations  - with my pouring hand ready! 

Hope to see you there.

- Kathleen

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