Ladies and Gentlemen -- Start your Brew Bracket Engines!

Brew Bracket III - Wheat Beers are coming to an Indiana State Fairground near you.. well, not specifically near you unless you live near the fairgrounds, but anyways.. Brew Bracket is approaching soon!

But.. what is Brew Bracket? It is a way for 400 beer lovin' Indiana or beyond residents to get together, try 16 different delicious varieties of a selected style of beer and be the judges on who gets to be declared the winner.  That is right! Voting is done by YOU! (well.. if you pay and show up of course)

If you need more details -- Check out my experience at Brew Bracket II: Stouts Edition.

But if you want to know how to go to Brew Bracket in two months check out below:

Saturday - April 14th (2 months away!)
12:30 - 5
Indiana State Fairgrounds
$35 to participate, $7 for DD
(visit Brew Bracket to purchase tickets - on sale NOW!)

16 Breweries who will be participating:
Bier Brewery (BBII: Stouts Edition - Winner)
Bulldog Brewing Company (First time Competitor!)
Cutter Brewing (First time Competitor!)
Fountain Square Brewing Company (First time competitor!)
Power House Brewing Company (First time competitor!)
Rock Bottom Downtown Brewery (BBI: IPA Edition - Winner)
Triton Brewing Company (2nd place winner at BBII)
Two Deep Brewing Company (First time competitor!)
Upland Brewing Company

I'll be there! It should be a great time. With of course lots of beer. Come support your local favorite brewery, or just get out and try the different fun variations of wheat beers that will be available.

Also check out Brew Bracket on Facebook or twitter. In the fall there were contests for tickets and other merchandise.

- Cheers -

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