Dribs and drams - Feb 6

Kevin Cox of Muncie has been notified he is a semi-finalist for Wynkoop's Beer Drinker of the Year Award. The wininer gets free beer for life (in Denver).

The Milwaukee Crispin Cider, made in California and made very popular here by Chad Lushin has been sold to Miller-Coors where it will become an independent arm of the independent arm Tenth & Blake.

Headline: Woman accused of illegally transporting 112 gallons of beer Who knew that was illegal in Alabama? Who's not surprised it's illegal in Alabama? Bonus quote: "According to the report, Salazar was planning to have a party."

Headline: "Pub landlord suspended for serving pints 'too full' of beer" Yep. The well-respected Sam Smith brewery in England . . . well you have to read it to believe it. CAMRA will be livid. article

Boulevard Chocolate Ale sells out in one day - at the bars in KC. article

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