Dribs and Drams - February 21

I was discussing with Brock Benefiel of Indysphere last night that a true German brewery would probably do well in Indianapolis.

Today Laura Jacewicz (thanks) spotted this website about a possible upcoming brewery:

An American craft brewery that melds American beer-genuity with Old World European craftsmanship and brewing techniques. New Oberpfalz Brewing is planning to locate in Northwest Indiana.

The Oberpfalz is a district of Northern Bavaria where our founder's ancestor emigrated from in 1855 to be a homesteader on the Wisconsin frontier. On their honeymoon, our founders made a pilgrimage back to the Oberpfalz and to the very town that Georg Johan left so many years ago.

They drank helles bier from the Castle Brewery Holnstein- a building in existence since the 1100's- in the shadows of the old castle- and very likely the last place that Georg Johan had a beer before riding on horseback to Hamburg, and then on to America.

Avid homebrewers, they determined that day to bring the family friendly, quality focused and responsible beer culture of that quaint Bavarian village to America.



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