Misc News – Oct 4

Lafayette Brewing's website has a nifty map of where you can buy Tippecanoe Common and other bottled beers.

Students hop to it at Towle Theater Beer School in Hammond.

Muncie liquor stores still not selling beer by the keg.

IUPUI now has 2 beer classes. In addition to Omar Castrellón's Beer and Spirits Management class, Ron Smith has 5 students in this inaugural semester of Beer Styles Appreciation and Evaluation class. Both are in the catalog for the spring semester starting in January.

There's no 2009 Thomas Hardy's but we'll be seeing the 2008 40th Anniversary edition in stores.

Great Divide has Fresh Hop beer coming to stores in bottles.

Boulevard's Tank 7 will replace the Saison in the Smokestack series. article

Hoosier Beer Geek's 2009 GABF Road Trip Wrap-Up Post with lots of pictures.

Tasting three Asian brands from Cavalier.

  • Saigon Export – One of the standards of SE Asia that most Viet Nam vets left behind. No head and little hops but clean and not soapy. No aftertaste at all. 4.9%
  • Chang – Thailand's leader. High carbonation; actually fizzy on the tongue. No head. Bigger than Saigon. A touch soapy. Actually has a dry finish. Our favorite of these three. 5%
  • Kingway Premium Lager – China's fanciest label. Greenest. Again, no head. Small-bubble carbonation. Malt taste lasts a bit as it declines. 4.7%

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