Misc News – Oct 10

BigWoodsTimber Big Woods Brewing in Nashville has the Timber Framing done for the patio and restaurant expansion. Good thing Jeff McCabe, one of the owners, also owns Hearthstone of Indiana, timber frame specialists. They are anticipating an October 24th soft opening.

The Indiana Excise Police are looking for people who don't look for IDs. Seemingly they find plenty.  They say 35% failure rate (maybe using the guy who is "the size of a moose with a bunch of tattoos"). article

Crown Point debates churches vs. bars.

The Knights look in depth at Southern Tier's Biers.

CAMRA did a study and found Real Ale sales in Britain are up in 2009, the first rise since 1982. 825,000 bbls in the first six months from 660 breweries.

"America’s anti-alcohol movement is composed of dozens of overlapping community groups, research institutions, and advocacy organizations, but they are brought together and given direction by one entity: the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation." Thus starts a look behind the group behind the neo-prohibitionists. articlefull report (28-page pdf)

Speaking of the anti-alcohol movement, Bud Light Golden Wheat hits the shelves any day now. "Whether garnished with an orange or enjoyed straight from the bottle or in a glass, Bud Light Golden Wheat offers a light wheat-malt sweetness upon first sip, which quickly gives way to a refreshingly crisp, citrus finish." 4.1%

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