Misc. - Bloomington, Oct. 10

It is SchwartzTag at Upland Brewery in Bloomington today, Oct. 10. Ok, so that translates to "black day" but on this sunny, fall day refers to the Schwartz beer or Black Lager just put on tap. This is a solid lager at 5% alc (ABV) with a nice roast slight character which brewers Caleb and Eileen say comes from the dark malt used (just a tiny hint of roasted malt was added). This is a very smooth drinkable session type beer.
A live bobcat is to be making an appearance until 7:00 PM for a fundraiser for the exotic feline rescue center. Bands will be on hand tonight. If you miss the Saturday fun, the Schwartz beer will continue on tap along with the delicious Rauch bier or German style smoked lager and the Oktoberfest! Of course the normal popular Upland beers such as wheat, Rad Red, and Porter are also on tap.

Though mentioned on these pages once, cudo's to brewer Eileen Martin of Upland who scored the first ever American Distilling Institute Craft Distilling Internship to work with another distiller in the making of whiskey in the greater-Louisville area, Eileen's hometown.

Across town in Bloomington, Lennies and the Bloomington Brewing Co. brewpub has a very delightful Mild on tap weighing in at only 4% alc (ABV). Brewers Floyd and Asst. Dustin did a great job on this session beer.

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Bob Ostrander said...

I'll second your praise of the Bloomington Mild. Good caramel up front with a balanced unbitter finish from all Goldings hops. A+. This beer would be wonderful on the handpull (hint, hint).

The Quarrymen Pale Ale is on CO2 and on the handpull dryhopped with homegrown Cascade hops.

Floyd's Java Porter is coming back this season and the first batch is being brewed now.

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