Misc News – Now with more pumpkin

"Supporters of an effort to allow carry-out Sunday alcohol sales and expanded cold beer sales in Indiana say they are "not deterred in the least" article

What to do in the next week or so:

Rock Art Brewery wins, Hansen backs off Monster Energy letter. video news. But Vermonster cannot be reformulated as an energy drink. another article with a letter from a US Senator

There's a brewery for sale in Wisconsin and none of the BAs know which one.

Australian Jamieson's Raspberry Ale ad has Disney ticked off. Seems Ho White, Filthy, Smarmy, and Randy aren't approved. Ahh, Aussies. You just have to see the article and picture.

We'll leave you with the classic drunken pumpkins.
At least they don't need someone to hold their hair back.

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