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Indiana’s “come to our business-friendly state” features Sun King and Clay in his new Amish beard. web Hope he can use that when it’s time to testify on Support Indiana Brewers. BTW HB 1311 which will raise the limit to 90,000 bbls. has unanimously passed its House committee.
Synopsis: Alcoholic beverage issues. Raises the barrel limit for a small brewery from 30,000 barrels a year to 90,000 barrels a year. Specifies the barrel limits apply to the aggregate amount that the brewer manufactures at all of the brewer's breweries. Prohibits a small brewer from selling and delivering more than a total of 30,000 barrels of beer directly to a person holding an alcoholic beverage retailer or a dealer permit. Clarifies language regarding food requirements at breweries. Establishes requirements for farmers' markets where wine or beer are sold. Provides that the holder of a farm winery permit or a small brewer's permit that provides only wine or beer by the glass at a festival, fair, or other temporary location and does not provide food: (1) is exempt from the sanitation requirements governing food establishments; and (2) may not be subject to local government licensure, registration, or certification. Allows a small brewer, with the approval of the alcohol and tobacco commission (commission), to participate in a trade show or an exposition for not more than 45 days in a calendar year. Allows a small brewer to store or condition beer in a building separate from the brewery that is owned or leased by the brewer. Provides that to qualify for an artisan distiller's permit, a person must hold at least a majority ownership interest (instead of 100% ownership interest) in the entity that holds a farm winery, brewer's, or distiller's permit. Provides that a township or county (in addition to a city or town) may not regulate a liquor retailer's business or affect a person's ability to hold a liquor retailer's permit. Repeals a provision requiring the clerk of a city or town to certify and mail to the commission an ordinance regulating a liquor retailer in violation of the law. Effective: July 1, 2015.
There’s a class action lawsuit filed against Jim Beam for calling it “handcrafted”. Australian article
A for sure startup: Realistic baby flask. Not what you think. It discretely holds beer in an insulated belly-baby-carry-around.  kickstarter. shudder.
Carlsberg sales are down 7% due to the bad Russian economy. Actually this is due to Carlsberg subsidiary Baltika. article
Headline: The most expensive ingredient in beer? It’s not hops, it’s taxes. Reuters article But their idea of craft beer is an orange in a Blue Moon.
Headline: Beer researchers look for the secrets behind the perfect head article
Isn’t it a shame there is no grey beer. Brown, red, pale, white, but no gray. So many (50) beer name puns going to waste.
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