Dribs and Drams – Indiana

1a) It’s late in the day but the New Haven Cap ‘n’ Cork has a beer tasting going on from 5-7pm this evening. Stop in on the way home from work.

1b) Flat 12 will have a party at both the Indianapolis and Jeffersonville locations on Feb 17th. Flat Tuesday

2) The Sunday Sales bill has been moved from the committee to the full Indiana House. The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers got provisions that

a) Spirits must be behind the sales counter or in a separate area that can be controlled (handy in gas stations where there’s usually many more kids than clerks).

b) Clerks must have server training. (This is primarily how to recognizing fake IDs. Meh.)

The grocery/convenience store folks say it’s anti-consumer. See IAoBR press release, WISHTV, Chamber of Commerce (who support “b” above).

3) Scotty’s Brewhouse will be looking for investors for a Muncie location and renovations to Wise’s 12 other locations. article

4) Greg Emig of the Lafayette Brewing Co. is the new president of the Brewers of Indiana Guild. VP is Rob Caputo of Flat 12. Justin Miller of Black Acre is the Secretary and D.J. McAllister of the Black Swan, the treasurer.

5) You’ll notice a change in the IndianaBeer.com web site. The Links have a list of all breweries, homebrew clubs and suppliers. The Calendar is simplified. If you have any items to add or know of any stores that have regular tastings, please notify webmaster@indianabeer.com. Thanks.

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