Dribs and Drams – Arctic blast edition

3Floyds2-22-15IndianaOnTap has a picture of the new construction at 3 Floyds. So I stole cribbed a small version.

An article in CBS-4 says the economic impact of Indiana’s 100(+) small brewers was about $600 million in 2013. (as the writer celebrates the Support Indiana Brewers passing out of committee).

The Examiner does a short tour of Flat 12, Sun King, Chilly Water and New Day.

Everyone bemoans Indiana’s lack of Sunday sales but they should try Kansas where true beer (and wine and spirits) can only be sold in liquor stores. In groceries and convenience stores, yep, the 3.2% days are still with us. Whadda ya want from a state that still hasn’t ratified the 21st Amendment and had “nothing by the drink” laws until 1987 – banning pubs. 13 counties of the 105 are still pub-dry. Consider your young adulthood in Kansas. Now shiver. No, that isn’t the arctic blast, just a cold chill down the back of your neck.

But “Kantsas” is progressing. There are 22 brewpubs now and groceries may get “full-strength” beer by a bill in committee. That bill would go into effect in July 2018.

Headline: Carlsberg is Developing Non-clinking, Biodegradable Beer Bottles. And bottle caps. Made of wood chips. article

Headline: Beer and Doughnuts … yep, they’re that good article

Content: “Over the past decade, craft breweries have more than tripled their market share, from 2.5 percent by volume in 2003 to 7.8 percent in 2013” article Maybe that explains the infamous Superbowl commercial.


Now find a cozy place and pop a Winter Warmer – or an Eisbock if you’re a polar bear.


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