Winterfest Updates and other Indiana Beer News.

Winterfest is sold out so if you are NOT GOING we bring you some other updates first and remind you that OTHER beer fests are coming up in the next few weeks. Check those from our post HERE

Girls Pint Out plans a Beer and Food pairing talk (not a dinner) at Tow Yard Brewing, Feb. 5. TIX are $20
GPO also features a movie night with Labryinth at Scarlet Lane Brewery on Feb. 14 at 6pm for $30 with movie, burger, popcorn, 2 beers included and take-away gift
On Feb 17, from 6-9pm GPO has inside cornhole and a shandy tasting at Mashcraft (Guys welcome to this one)

Upland releases a new Side Trail series beer at all Upland retail locations on Feb. 27th The beer called Let's Get Weird is a blend of Belgian Golden Ale & an Oatmeal milk stout -- described as spiciness with sweet chocolate and roasted malt notes with underlying berry tartness.

Daredevil Brewing is making good progress on their Speedway, IN, Facility to be open by May 15, and just celebrated their 2nd anniversary with BBL-aged Muse & JWP. Both were delicious and we hope to find each at Winterfest.

Function Brewing and gastro pub, Bloomington, celebrated their first anniversary this past week with a sold-out beer dinner and by releasing a BBL-aged Imperial Porter and a Double IPA. Both remain on tap!

Bloomington Brewing Company
(@Lennie's) released this year's addition of Ol' Floyds Belgian Dark Strong which gets a unique plum and flavor from a blending of yeast strains! BBC B'ton also current has a Winter Ale and a BBL-aged Winter that are nicely spiced giving notes of a Mounds bar!

Salt Creek Brewery of Bedford has moved their Bloomington Tap room above Macri's Deli in the old train depot at 6th & Morton.

and more Bloomington news, we caught up with upcoming Switchyard Brewing co-founder Curtis Cummings who tells us they are closing in on finding a better building for their operation which plans to open off of the B-Line Trail on the South Side of Bloomington Fall 2015.

HopCat Broad Ripple celebrates a PRE-GAME pre-Winterfest tonight, Jan. 30 with special beers from at least 7 Indiana breweries from the North to the South of Indiana. They have 1 pair of Winterfest TIX to give away tonight (after 5pm).



Over 102 Breweries! GET THE MAP HERE You CAN get an express Checkin by visiting local beer bars in advance including: HopCat, Oaken Barrel, Tomlinson Tap, + Great Fermentations. There is both a NORTH and a SOUTH Entrance (Champions and Marsh pavilions) . There are 3 major stations in a rectangle in the NORTH area (A,B,C) and 4 stations in the SOUTH area. The Cask Tent is between the two.

Have a strategy. To state the obvious, 102 breweries times 2 oz. from each = 17 normal (12z) bottles of beer or equiv. of 5 beers/hour -- if you drink like this have a Designated Driver or way home.

The strategy is often where we fall apart: Do I want to visit all of the breweries of not been able to get to (say in the last year)? Then what about those I know well? What about the special beers? Still it helps a lot to start out with a PLAN, and at least try to stick to it. If I want to talk with every brewery for 3 minutes that means 5 hour with no time to potty! So... If I just saw you recently I may wave and grab someone I've not seen in a long while!

Again, here was our Nathan's post on Strategy for LAST YEAR -- It still holds!

We've all heard "this is a marathon, not a sprint" but drinking beer and remembering a goal may not be what happens.

Here are just a few beers I am hoping to sample:

Iechyd Da Dragon's Lair coffee imperial stout (10%)
Scarlet Lane's Night's Watch Amer Strong Ale (10.5%)
Wooden Bear Brewing Growl at the Moon, Brown with hop notes (6.95)
Zwanzig's BBL-Aged anything... Kurt has promised us something unusual and he always delivers
Taxman Tax Holiday Christmas ale with choc. malt (10.2%) or BBL Aged Deduction with cherries (if avail.)
18th Street BBL-aged surprise beers
Daredevil Muse (BBL if available)
Upland Lap Dog peanut butter oatmeal stout
NobleOrder Thistle Sitter Scotch Ale (8%)
Sun King we hope BBL-aged Timmie

Okay, that is a pretty fair list. Make yours now!

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