Dribs and Drams–the Silly Season

Headline: The most popular craft beers from each state. web page

Headlines: Sun King Leads Push to Change State Beer Distribution Laws: article – Sun King to Limit Distribution in Indiana due to State Law: article

And the silliness:

IPA-Labels-In-LawsuitHeadline: Lagunitas to Drop Trademark Suit against Sierra Nevada after Twitter Backlash. article Lagunitas doesn’t like the kerning and the use of IPA without periods. and thought the font was too similar.

The silliest beer tasting yet.  Movie with sound.

Down in Florida (of all places) A-B is going to refund 50 cents to anyone how thought Kirin was brewed in Japan, just because that was what the label said. You got it – brewed at A-B in Los Angeles and Williamsburg, VA since 1996. article

A Colorado beer truck caught fire. Wait, what? article

Here’s a picture a a New Zealander drinking beer and roasting marshmallows in a volcano.

Slate and Adrienne So think hops are stifling craft brews. Huh? But there’s a good picture of Jean-Pierre Van Roy. article

Beer Pairings for Girl Scout Cookies. article

Headline: Beer Glazed Bacon is Better than Candy. article

Headline: Dude Busted for Recklessly Driving His Amazing Gas-Powered Beer Cooler. article

Headline: Beer Contaminated with Crocodile Bile Kills 56 in Mozambique, Sends Dozens More to Hospital. article with gratuitous picture of a crocodile. It turns out this beer was served at a funeral and “Authorities believe that the drink was poisoned with crocodile bile during the course of the funeral.” “The woman who brewed the beer is also among the dead.”


Coors just isn’t all that light

Innis Gunn-Scotland-April1Joke

Wood carved with a burnt-on label


sign 3sign4

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