Drims and Drabs, Early snowbird edition

Todd Antz has moved Keg Liquors to a new store down the road. 4304 Charlestown Road, New Albany.

Another brewery is looking for a variance to open in New Albany. Charles Halwerk is looking to open the Wrecker Brewing Co. at 1419 E. Market Street next February.

The question of cold beer in convenience stores is going to come up again. Headline: Cold beer fight heating up again, Indiana convenience stores file appeal article

Headline: Villagers enjoyed impromptu party after beer truck overturned. article

Headline: Heroism during Ottawa shooting leads to free beer for Alain Gervais article
Facts. The Molson rep and the House of Commons bought him “several hundred” bottles of Molson and Coors (his choice). Favorite quote: "We just need to constantly make sure that that person never has to pay for a beer at any pub in the country for the rest of his life."

Headline: Minneapolis firm awards beer to workers who fill out their timecards article

How to turn a pumpkin into a beer keg (although you’ll have to put those eyes and mouth back in. video

Mike Atwood has reminded us that Nov 25th is the birthday of Carrie Nation and Dec 5 is the birthday of Prohibition’s demise.

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