Dribs and Drams–Turkey & Gravy edition

Nope, no Gravy beer although the internet has lots of Beer Gravy recipes.

The Beer Barons bring news about Scarlet Lane in McCordsville. Simon Sothras has joined as head brewer. He comes from Nnikasi Brewing of Oregon. article

Flat 12 has opened an outlet in Jeffersonville. Grand opening party Dec. 6. info

Following Bank Street Brewery’s lead, “Sun King launches silly menu to follow the law” article

Headline: Speaker Bosma opens the door to Sunday liquor sales article

Indianapolis Monthly has done a 10-part look at a list of “Best New Breweries”.

Black Acre (Indy east side)
Cutters (Avon)
Indiana City (Indy downtown)
Outliers (Indy Mass. Ave)
Quaff On (Nashville)
Scarlet Lane (McCordsville)
Taxman (Bargersville)
Tow Yard (Indy downtown)
Twenty Below (Indy Broad Ripple)
Union (Carmel)

Other recent Indianapolis Monthly articles:

Trickle-Down Economics: A Local-Brewers Family Tree. A look at the moves of brewers and equipment as they have moved. From Indianapolis Brewing Co. through Twenty Below. Click your View Image to see the chart. article

Is Indy Really A Craft-Beer Boomtown? article

Headline from Eric Strader: Canned beer is making a comeback, thanks to popularity with craft breweries article

Headline: 11 Ways Hard Cider Shaped American History article

Headline: Kentucky Bar Selling Rare Bourbon In $10 Jell-O Shots Because Why Not? article

Headline: Dogfish Head to Debut a Beer Full of Breakfast Food. It’s flavored with scrapple and will debut Dec 5. article article2

Headline from Boston: State investigates brewers, others on pay-to-play allegations article article2

Headline: Pabst Blue Ribbon Remains American, Wasn’t Actually Purchased By Russian Brewing Company article

Headline: Is Seattle Seahawks Stadium Watering Down Fans’ Beer? For instance, Bud is4.4% instead of 5.0%. article

Headline: Weird alcoholic beverages from around the world (10 Photos) article

Headline: This Woman Is on a Quest to Have a Drink in Every ‘Red Lion’ Pub in the UK. She’s already been to over 500 of them. article

Oktoberfest saw 6.3 million visitors in Munich. They drank 6.5 million mass (1-liter mugs)

Police recorded a drop in crime this year to 1,290 offenses, down from 1,525 in 2013. The incidents included at least one attempted heist of a trolley full of beer mugs and the destruction of a ‘monster’ in a fairground ghost train by a visitor who had taken offense at being spooked. The lost property office declared it had received, among other items, 230 pairs of spectacles, two wedding rings, a set of dentures, a French horn, and a ball and chain.

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