Drims, Drabs and Ghosts

Nuvo details the pumpkin beers available around Indiana. And a weekend calendar you need to treat as a menu of your time during this first really cold time of the season. link

Bloomington Brewery’s Persimmon Ale gets released tomorrow. On tap and in 22ozers. link

NABC’s ThunderFoot Cherry Imperial Stout (12%) gets released Saturday. Parties at both locations are bing called the Thunderfoot Halloween Hanover Release Party. On tap and in 22ozers. link

Mashcraft Brewing of Greenwood will be tap Mr. Wicked Imperial IPA today.

Vince Luecke of Ferdinand (that’s a town near the Ohio River) has permission to open a microbrewery. Look for it in the spring. link

The Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis has an exhibit “American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition” going on through Feb 15 of next year. link

History! The Presidents’ favorite drinks. link
Washington – Porter.
Adams – Cider, Porter, Rum, Madeira.
Garfield – Common Ale.
Cleveland – Had a 4 beers per day limit.
Cleveland – Common Ale.
Kennedy – Bloody Mary, Daiquiris, Heineken.
Bush (1) – Beer, Vodka Martini.
Clinton – Snakebite (equal parts lager and cider).
Bush (2) – Dry due to alcoholism.
Obama – Honey Ale brewed at the White House.

MarketWatch says Indianapolis is the least expensive city to by cheap white table wine at $4.24. The same in Portland, OR is $13.22. The cheapest beer is in Baton Rouge ($7.51) and the most expensive is in Aurora, IL at $13.32 a six-pack. They say prices will drop near Xmas and the best prices are usually at Costco and Sams Club.

Headline: Craft Brewer Admits He’s The Guy Responsible For Town’s Mysterious Count Chocula Shortage

Headline: Finnish Brewer Set To Sell Recreation Of 172-Year-Old Beer Found In Shipwreck. The yeast was still viable and and bottles using that list will go for $143. Replica ingredients versions will be $7.

A meme quotes La Cross WI as having the most bars on one street: 360.
Terre Haute, in 1900, had 14 houses of prostitution in one block of North Second Street.
That same meme says Andre the Giant could drink 120 beers in one sitting. We call bushwah.

CenosillicaphobiaCenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty glass. Naw, that’s another internet made-up thing. It isn’t in the OED. If fact the Urban Dictionary is the only “reputable” source for the word.

Empire Brewing of NY has received a complaint from Lucasfilms about “The Empire Strikes Bock”.




Chuggers OldBarrel
Anheuser Busch bottling plant in Indianapolis.

Nope, it’s a fountain.

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