Years Back - Luxembourg

Wiltz, in northern Luxembourg, has the National Beer Museum. Maybe every country should have one. It's owned by the Simon brewery and most of the display is beeriana of Simon and other brewers.

An old wort chiller. This one in the best condition of any I've ever seen.
An old drum filter and a suit of armor. Don't ask why. Don't ask why his left arm is laying at his feet either.
 The real jewel of the National Beer Museum is the micro-brewery built in 2001. And I mean Micro. Unfortunately there was no solid information about this system nor anyone to ask. It's just dirt cute. The perfect homebrewer's setup. The coppers have little opening doors and stainless steel tanks inside. It's computer controlled by a Siemens unit. A wort chiller. Two fermenters, complete with chilling systems, were bubbling away with condensation on the outside. I want one (and so do you).
Two serving tanks in back were full. But there weren't any glasses or anyone to pour us a beer. The high-school girl at the ticket counter didn't know a thing but she seemed to agree when I suggested they make beer for festivals. Maybe they do; maybe she just agreed.

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