Dribs and Drams

Rick Burkhardt suggests a Bicentennial Collaboration for next year. info

A State Court has upheld the cold-beer-only-in-liquor-stores law. info

Josh Hill has come back to New Albanian. link

Eric Strader has fresh info about the Goshen Brewing Company. blog

Three Pints is looking to move from Plainfield to downtown Indy. The Tap Room in Martinsville will continue. press release

If you haven't noticed, the Indiana Craft Beer Blog has been putting up old patents and nostalgic (to my father) Beer in Ads. link

Beer at Colts games will be $7 (16oz). Yike. But Oakland charges $10.75 (20oz). DoubleYike.

Roger talks about Lou's Brew here.

Indiana On Tap posts their trip to the Great Taste of the Midwest.

The American Beverage Licensees honors 21 retailers at the 2015 Annual Conference. Including Nancy and Charley Brock's Northside Liquors in Seymour. info


Google's App store has a sell-by date decipherer. $1.32. for instance "Half Acre uses a packaging dae on their cases. The code on the cans is the manufacturer's code, not Half Acre's" test it out

Another app: Next Glass Knows If You'll Love a Beer or Wine By Scanning the Label

Good explanation. Why a 5% Beer Gets You Drunk So Much Faster than a 4% Beer

Saccharromyces eubayanus led the UofW to figure that lager yeast evolved at least twice. article 

Here's a printable Beer & Food Pairing chart.

Beer And Breakfast Go Together Like Pop Tarts And India Pale Ale. Wait, What?

Your New Morning Brew: Beer Jelly 

Who made that boutique beer? I, for one, didn't know Founders sold 30% to a Spanish company.

A maybe current list of the strongest beers. With sometimes disparaging tasting noted. link

Huh? Get your box of wine. For the Football Season? link 

Menus: Whiskey Sour 

Burglars Open 1,200 Bottles of Koenig Pilsener Beer, Steal Bottle Caps. An idea that won't win many prizes.

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