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SanctuaryBrewingLogoRita’s Beer Buzz has an extensive review of Indy’s Sanctuary Brewing. Another article.

Rita also has news of new beers from Bloomington Brewing, Fountain Square, Half Moon, Mad Anthony, Sun King, Thr3e Wise Men, Triton and Quaff ON!.

It’s time to register for the Indiana State Fair Brewers’s Cup.’go here

Warren Scheidt  of Cork Liquors in Columbus has been elected as president of the American Beverage Licensees trade association and Ray Cox of Elite Beverages in Fortville (and six other stores but only one with a pink elephant) is the new treasurer. Congrats.

Chicago’s Revolution Brewing is over the 30,000 bbl Illinois limit. The state is raising the limit to 120,000 bbls. article 

Why do states (including Indiana) have limits that they raise every time a brewery gets too big? Do they just need to get lobbyist money or get lobbyist’s money? Why not just do away with these artificial limits?

Indiana On Tap blog:

Tickets on sale now for the 2nd Annual Indianapolis Tour de Biere

3 Floyds And Cigar City Bet Involves Collaboration Regardless Of Outcome

A Beer Guy Goes To A Wine Fest... And Learns To Like It... Mostly

Wildrose Brewing Company Hitting Its Stride In Griffith

Anderson Brewfest Highlights Local Businesses Alongside Excellent Beers – Review of last Saturday’s festival.

Snoop Dogg wants 10% of Colt 45’s fruity Blast income now that Pabst has been sold. strange article

1917PatentPeople are railing about powdered beer. Brookston has found (part of) a 1917 patent for “dry extracts of beer”. Click to biggify but it doesn’t show much.


No Babies On Beer Bottles In New Hampshire After Governor Vetoes Labeling Bill – Go to the article if want to see a kid eating cereal. (Note we don’t show children or animals on this blog)

Senate Passes Resolution on Craft Beer as Patriot Act Expires – “the Small BREW Act, which would reduce the federal excise tax for small craft brewers.”

You’re Drinking Beer Wrong: 7 Reasons Basic Pint Glasses Suck

Beer company's top exec fired for drunk driving – The head of A-B InBev in Germany has been replaced.

Older headline:

Texas floods: Budweiser brewery to can water instead of beer to help flood victims

Fun and games:

How 15 Scotch Whiskies Got Their Names

The Names of 11 Huge Wine Bottles

Robot Tongue Identifies The Correct Beer Every Time

The Naturist Foundation is holding a Jazz and Real Ale Festival near St Mary Cray - June 25-28. Get your airline tickets to England now.



A bit pricey at $50,888.


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