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IndianaProhibitionBookThere’s a backstory to this but we’ll cover that in a minute. This robopost is to tell you that Bob Ostrander’s latest book is now available. 122 pages. Plenty of pictures, many from the Derrick Morris collection – the same great source as showcased in Hoosier Beer. Thanks Derrick.

Indiana Prohibition looks at not just the 15 years that Indiana was dry; it also details the 200 years of the Indiana and county legislators controlling our tongues. For instance, in 1790, Northwest Territory rules didn’t allow alcohol to be furnished to Indians or soldiers. In 2015 the state was more congenial and allowed brewpubs and self-distributors to make up to 90,000 bbls of beer annually.

Heck, the first year that we were a state the powers-that-be got substantial income from tavern licensing. No sales on Sunday, counties could and did fix the price of beer, and sales to minors was forbidden – minors being under 16 years old.

So Bob’s new 122 page book looks at all this and lots more. Did you know women couldn’t bartend until 1967? Did you know the Prohibition Party held its national convention at an Indianapolis airport motel in 2008? They got 643 votes nationwide.

All this and lots more is available now on Amazon ($9.95) and Kindle ($2.99). Thanks for considering a purchase.

Here’s the Table of Contents to wet your whistle:



Ancient Producers (that are still in business)

Early Laws and People

  • Indiana's Frontier Days
  • Jean Jacques Dufour America's first successful winery
  • John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) The Territory's first real estate developer


  • Harmonie / New Harmony
  • Ezra Boswell

Indiana's First Prohibition: 1855

  • Indiana's Second Constitution

Post Civil War Alcohol Scene

  • The Baxter, Nicholson and other Options Laws
  • Frank Hanly
  • Terre Haute

The Temperance Movement

  • Prohibition Party
  • Womans Christian Temperance Union
  • The Anti-Saloon League
  • Other Temperance campaigns
  • The Influence of World War I
  • Billy Sunday

Indiana's Prohibition started 1918

National Prohibition

Prohibition Laws and Consequences

  • Wright Bone Dry Law
  • Businesses
  • Root Glass Co.
  • Uhl Pottery

Effects on Distillers

Hammond Distillery Hammond - Made mob spirits
Indiana Distilling, Majestic Distilling Terre Haute
Indianapolis Brewery Indianapolis
Krogman's Distillery Tell City Tried to steal back his liquor
Merchants McGregor Distillery Terre Haute
Squibb, Seagrams Lawrenceburg Made mob spirits
George Remus

Effects on Brewers

  • Berghoff Products Mfg. Co. Fort Wayne Made soft drinks
  • Bohrer Products Co. (until 1928) Lafayette Made soft drinks
  • Centlivre Ice and Cold Storage Co. Fort Wayne Made soft drinks
  • Citizens Brewing Co. Indianapolis Mothballed
  • Columbia Brewing Co. Logansport Mothballed
  • F. W. Cook Evansville Made soft drinks
  • Eagle Brewery (until 1930) Vincennes Made near beer
  • Evansville Brewing Association Evansville Made near beer
  • J.B. Garnier Brewery Lawrenceburg Closed (eventually)
  • Hoham/Klinghammer/Weckerly Plymouth Became a speakeasy
  • Home Brewing Co. (until 1920) Indianapolis Made near beer
  • Huntington Brewing Co. Huntington Made Malt Tonic
  • Indiana Brewing Assoc., Kiley Marion Mothballed
  • Indianapolis Brewing Co. Indianapolis Made near beer
  • Kamm & Schellinger / Arrow Bvg Mishawaka Made soft drinks
  • Madison Brewing Co. Madison Closed
  • Minck Richmond Closed
  • Muessel (until 1922) South Bend Sold to the mob
  • Muncie Brewing Co. Muncie Closed
  • T. M. Norton Anderson Made mob beer
  • People’s Brewing. (until 1920) Terre Haute Made cereal beverages
  • Walter-Raupfer Columbia City Made ice, then closed
  • Paul Reising Brewing Co. New Albany Made high-strength beer
  • South Bend Brewing Association South Bend Made soda and near beer
  • State Street New Albany Closed
  • Tell City Brewing Tell City Closed
  • Terre Haute Brewing Co. Terre Haute Made root and near beers
  • Thieme & Wagner / Natl Fruit Juice Lafayette Made cider
  • P. H. Zorn Michigan City Made soft drinks

Effects on Wineries

Effects on Pubs

  • Slippery Noodle Inn Indianapolis

Prohibition's Repeal

  • Governor Paul McNutt
  • Opinions


  • William J. Wittekindt Brewing Co. Inc.

Continuing Anti-Alcohol Restrictions

  • Wineries
  • “Imported” beer
  • Political favoritism of distributorships
  • The Indiana State Fair goes dry
  • Women's Issues
  • DUI
  • Other Rules



Pre-Prohibition Beer Recipe





The backstory? The History Press called to ask if I’d write this book they have a series going that includes Dallas, Minneapolis, Napa, New Jersey, Sacramento and Washington DC. Having knowledge of the subject and many sources to use I said “sure”. Wrote the book. They wanted pictures that were 600 dots per inch and 6 inches wide. And public domain. Suggested I get them all from the Library of Congress.

That size is just plain too big. And the LoC has two, count them two, pictures that are pertinent. Pictures that I took of the Derrick Morris collection were usually too big. Imagine a picture of a malt beverage bottle at 6” wide. That’s maybe 18” tall. The book was to be 6”x9”. All the pictures would be centered on a page. The book would be have over 300 pages and cost over $25.

We parted ways. Amicably. So I formatted it for Amazon’s “CreateSpace” and Kindle services and, voila, it’s now available. Sadly though, traditional bookstores don’t really like Amazon – justifiably as it doesn’t fit their business model. So only a few places will have it on their shelves. Maybe the Kindle will appear in libraries. Meanwhile, the $9.99/$2.99 price seems pretty reasonable to me.

Thanks for considering it.


A second note:

Vol3My current project is Indiana Bicentennial. A look at the history of the state. It’s a four-volume set. The first two cover the first and second century and are ready for proofing. The job doesn’t pay anything except credit, free books, and the undying thanks of Hoosiers for years to come. Please let me know if you are interested.

The third volume will showcase talented Hoosiers in arts, writing, sculptors, fashion designers, architects, actors, circuses, dancers, musicians, baseball, basketball, football, auto racers, Olympic sports, golf, horse racing, soccer, amusement parks, state parks, and gambling.

The third volume will be tables and appendices including interesting patents; medal of honor winners; Indiana themed movies, TV and songs; an atlas of counties and towns and museums; and the bibliography for all four volumes.

The complete set should hit the virtual shelves for Christmas sales.

Now back to your usual programming.

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