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Logo-CedarCreekCedar Creek Winery and Brew Co is OPEN near Martinsville. Amber, Blonde, IPA, and Porter. Gotta love the names.

Rita tells us about the new Redemption Alewerks in Fishers. And the St. Joseph Brewery and Public House in downtown Indy. And more beers. And the Midwest Sour+Funk Fest. And this year’s growth of Wabash Brewing.


New Albanian’s Roger Baylor’s web facebook site is up and live and growing. It’s titled “Roger Baylor for Mayor of New Albany”. Yeah gotta love his “Shift Happens” motto. We wonder which will be the official picture.

Australian GrainCorp has a U.S. malting plant and they hope to double the output. article

USA Today looks at Gose. Don’t know about Gose? This is a must read if you’re going to Leipzig or even Meissen or Dresden. article

A shipwreck near Finland contained some champagne from the 1830s in green corked bottles 55 feet down. “It was phenomenal. And we tasted it without any knowledge of what we were drinking.” They also found two bottles of beer. “Burnt rubber, over-ripe cheese, and goat.” Now they’re trying to reproduce it. The beer of course. article

Here’s a map of taxes (per gallon) on beer in each state. Indiana comes in #41 at 12 cents.


Fan Uses 1 Hand to Catch Bat Thrown into Stands, Doesn't Spill His Beer video

The Scientific Reason Bloody Marys Taste Better on Airplanes

10 Super-easy beer cocktails with 5 ingredients or less

Gin made from red wood ants

Most Americans have never tried the most popular beer in the world. Snow brand. A lager with a “poor” rating on Beer Advocate. Probably better than Tsingtao though. Yep, Chinese.

110-Year-Old Man Credits Long Life To His Daily Can Of Beer. It’s either that or the Nebraska weather?

Soft drinks and non-alcoholic beer: are the battle lines being drawn? Nope, I’d rather have iced tea than an O’Doul’s.

Can tea bags turn mass-market beer from average to amazing?

Lager is feeling the love from craft breweries

And of course the most popular topic of the month: Researchers develop yeast that converts sugar into morphine. It’s already a target for regulation. article




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