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The production limits for Indiana breweries have been raised from 30,000 to 90,000 barrels. Horray! This will let Sun King, Three Floyds and Upland keep their tasting rooms and self-distribution for a couple of years before it will need to be raised again. The SupportIndianaBrewers.com petition got over 3,000 names which helped.

Here’s the pour list for this Saturday’s Indiana-Michigan Craft Beer Mayfest in Granger. 2-7pm. $55.

The Indy Star has a Sneak peek: 5 things to know about 12.05 Distillery – located in Fletcher Place neighborhood.

Also Dinner-and-a-movie plus a brewery opening in Carmel

NWI Times: Brewmasters and Winemakers Tell All: How Did I Get Into This Business? Spotlighting Butler Winery, Crown Brewing, Round Barn Winery, 18th Street Brewery, New Oberpalz Brewing, Tabor Hill Winery and 3 Floyds. Who’s the most photogenic? Not Steve Mazylewski. They chose a better picture that’s suitable as wallpaper.

The Sunday Sales is dead for the year. So is it in Minnesota: Opponents of Sunday booze ban fail again in House, but margin shrinking

Gosehn soap maker uses beer in the bars. Eric Strader’s article

Headlines: Oh really?

Bell's brewery brews a pumpkin peach beer in response to ad mocking craft beer by Eric Strader

Actor Wil Wheaton to unveil beer at Ottawa ComicCon - Brewed the "HefeWheaton" with the help of Ottawa's Clocktower Brew Pub - "I'm a fairly experienced homebrewer,"

Tecate vs Corona: Which beer company has the hottest ring girls in 2015?vbqGD51

Why Craft Beer Will Be Almost Unrecognizable by the Year 2020

How to Tell if You Are a Beer Geek or a Beer Snob

Video: teeth replaced with bottle opener implants

FRANCHISOR 101: Time for a Tall One? 3rd Circuit Affirms MillerCoors' Victory in Dispute – “Distributor frosted” – MC sent Batch 19, Third Shif and Redd’s Apple Ale to a different distributor than the one who handles Coors & Miller in PA

MillerCoors Sued For Selling Blue Moon As A Craft Beer

More beer means more jobs at Bell's Brewery – This one must have been easy to write.

BeerEquipmentBud Light Apologizes For Its Date Rape Label - “The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night.”

Brewery gets community to grow hops for craft beer – Folks in Sacrament are asked to sell Helvetia Brewery hops. Will supply rhizomes and a ball of twine.

Opinion: Craft beer’s biggest enemy is itself, not Budweiser and Miller – “Smaller breweries ought to focus on fights they can win instead of battling against the big guys”

BYOB: It's Brew Your Own Beer at Some Colleges – Classes with kettles in CA.

Hoppy trails to you: Beer-centric touring in the Philly region and beyond

Even Utah Is Drowning In Great Beer

And from England:

Three in a row for CAMRA campaigners as new laws are enacted to help pubs

CAMRA announces the UK’s 200 best local pubs

From Orgasmic Cider, to Janet’s Jungle Juice and Dragon’s Breath: CAMRA names the UK’s best Ciders and Perries



Bath Ales company, which is planning the biggest expansion in its history and Roger Jones - Managing Director, Warmley, Bristol.

Photographer: Artur Lesniak
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