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Diego (Johnnie Walker, Guinness and Smirnoff) will start adding nutritional labels article

Largest Craft Breweries Per State

Since the 50-50 Brewing Co. is moving past Truckee and into California their B.A.R.T. (Barrel Aged Really Tasty) is objectional to the Bay Area Rapid Transport. article

There’s a  class action lawsuit against arsenic-infused wines. Including Two-Buck Chuck. Oh, and Franzia and Beringer.  article

The Manual has tasting notes from “the rarest beer in the world”. It isn’t that but it is hard to get. Westvleteren 12.

71-Beer-Westy12We sai in 2005: In De Vrede - West Vleteren - Actually 4 miles outside of West Vleteren Down 1-lane (paved) tractor paths following obscure signage. In De Vrede means "In the Shadow" which is appropriate since it's immediately across the street from the St. Sixtus Abbey brewery and sells only their products. Starkly modern cavernous place with most of the charm of an airport waiting room. Complete with gift shop and carryout counter. Despite the size and large staff, only soup and sandwiches are available for food. Oh, and a plate of cheeses made at the Abbey. Eat outside.

Westvleteren 12 - Served warmish from the bottle at In De Verde. Very malty but my gawd it's very bitter. Leviathan strong of both.

The Abbey brewery at St. Sixtus does not allow visitors but they have a carry-out shop. Since their Westvleteren 12 was named "the best beer in the world" it's been tough to get. In fact, when we were there, the Twelve, Eight, and Blond were all unavailable at the brewery. The In De Vrode across the street did have supplies.

71-Bar-VredeOutside 71-Bar-VredeBar


The beer menu at the brewery is not just up front. Its outside.

10910634Headline: Canadian brewery worried you can’t tell the difference between Moosehead and Moose Wizz root beer article

Meanwhile, in Czechoslovakia the Czech Republic, small brewers seem to be having a revival. article

OK, pretend it’s St. Paddys day again. You’re an 18-year old in South Bend. You’re taking it in your pickup to a party. Than your tailgate flops open and the keg rolls out. The police must have been nearby because they got there before you could muscle the keg back up into the truck. They give you a ticket for “illegally transporting an alcoholic beverage”. This is your really really lucky day. Then on March 9th. the local Fox TV station puts up a blog post about the incident and puts your name in it. That’s your really really unlucky day.  article

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