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Logo-18thStreetHeadline: 18th Street Brewery begins construction of new facility in Gary, Indiana. article They’re taking over a next-door 1,100 sq. ft. vault (doubling their capacity)  and putting in a canning line.

In anticipation of the sold out April 25th, here’s a Dark Lord Day History and a VERY useful Dark Lord Day Survival Guide. Hope you have your tickets.

Headline: Runaway beer keg no lucky charm for Indiana teenager. An 18-year old gets a ticket. article

Wanna be a Craft Beer Media Advertising Sales Representative? look here

LeftHandNitroMilkStoutLeft Hand Brewing will start to bottle a widget-nitro milk stout. How Guinness of them. article

The BA says Craft got 11% of the total beer market last year. fancy charts
That’s $19,000,000,000. In $ that’s 19.3% of the $101.5billion total.
Craft grew 18% while the total market was up 0.5%.
Craft made 22 million barrels from 3,418 breweries (a 19% increase).
1,412 brewpubs (up 10%)
1,871 micros/nanos (up 24%)
135 “regional craft breweries” (up 13%)
615 opened, 46 closed.
115,469 Craft employees (up 4.3%)

CanteenIns and Outs of current style choices – at least in San Diego. In, for instance is Berliner Weisse. Out are Black IPAs and (sob) Barley Wine. article

All about, well a bit about skunking. article

Scientists in Australia are looking to create beer that rehydrates you as you drink. article

4 Cocktails made with Beer. Somehow I don’t think a Black and Tan should count.

Here’s what to do with all that Guinness you have left over from St. Pat’s day.

Headline: Man who wanted Budweiser shot friend when he was given a can of Busch article. “Police did not recover any weapons.” South of the Mason-Dixon line? Sure.

And here’s a lobsterfest in Maine.

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