Flat12 Fall Preview

I recently had the good fortune to sit down with Rob Caputo, Director Of Brewery Operations at Flat12 for a sneak peek into some of their plans for the fall season; and while it isn’t my place to reveal all of the upcoming surprises, I can tell you this fall looks to hold a full fermenter of fun for you savvy beer fans. Here’s what can be know for the moment:

Prairie Plat
es – September 7th at Connor Prairie. Flat12 will be offering small batch-cask conditioned beers to be paired with amazing food choices from Chef Neal Brown (of Pizzalogy and the Libertine fame). Some of these beers, I am told, will even feature some ingredients from the gardens on site at Connor Prairie (chamomile, mint porter anyone?). This looks to be a wonderful event held on the grounds of a beautiful venue. Tickets are still available.

Defining Drink Local – September 25th at the brewery on Dorman St, in conjunction with Indiana Girls Pint Out and Indy Beer News, this event is a panel discussion on the topic of defining what it means to drink “local” beer. Special tappings for this event include a beer where all four of the components used to brew beer (for you beer purity law fans) are Hoosier born and raised. For all of you brewers out there (home or pro) this looks like an exciting development for the local community.

Indy Urban Acres Farmraiser – September 27th onsite at Indy Urban Acres Organic Farm. Flat12 is helping to promote this organic farm that not only provides information and workshops on organic farming, but also donates 100% of the produce raised there to hungry families via Gleaners Food Bank. I have it on good authority that beers featured at this event will also focus on including local ingredients as part of the brewing process. Rumor has it the brew liquor (water) used in one of the beers was seasoned with sweet corn from the farm itself. And who doesn’t enjoy a little locally grown sweet corn  late in a Hoosier summer? Always fun, and always innovative, as usual – Flat12 pushes the envelope.

All this and more: Flat12 is currently putting the finishing touches on their new facility down south in Jeffersonville, with build-out happening now. And for anyone who has been to a Halloween celebration in the past, you can always expect Rob and crew to raise the bar. This seasons’ event is no different. Make it a priority for your Halloween season, you’ll be glad you did. And finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention the annual Black Friday celebration at  Dorman Street. Much like the annual Halloween celebration, this event is always a lot of fun. This year promises more of the same.

Watch this space for more details on the events as they draw nearer. In the meantime: relax, don't worry, open a bottle of Flat Jack and check out tickets to the September events. There’s sure to be great beer, great food, and lots of great times.

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