Dribs, Drams, and time to clean the Augean stables

Hi, we’re back. Here’s some good news (as opposed to the mideast, midwest, and Southwest Airlines).

The 18th Street Brewery in Gary plans to double capacity and start canning by the end of the year.

Sun King plans to add a 2nd brewery and tasting room in Fishers. article

Triton is celebrating their 3rd anniversary on Sept 20th. Family party with games and kiddy artists: 2-5pm. Tappings and music start at 6pm.

Quaff On Brewing will have a Beer & Music fest on Sept 19 & 20 at the Bill Monroe Music park in Bean Blossom. info

Robbie Mehling, with friends, made a half-hour video about Indiana brewing as a master’s thesis. See Caleb, Clay, Nick, Ray, Rodrick, Roger, Ryan, Derrick, Me, and an impressive work of visuals. video & article

An article about Kent Martin who oversees TTB’s label chief. The guy who doesn’t like Bad Elf.

Headline: 30 great beers you've probably never heard of. article

Popular Mechanics headline: 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Beer article

And, bad news:

Headline: Corona Extra Beer Recalled Because Glass Particles Don’t Go Down So Smoothly article

Headline: Brewery removes ‘fart-smelling’ beer from sale. Yep, Norwegian. article

Everything’s bigger in Texas. article

Headline: Bavarian bakers threaten strike during Oktoberfest, pretzel shortages loom article

Beer floats. That’s ice cream floats, not like, floats on water. Thankfully this is in Philly, not IN. article

Guinness Blonde American lager. Brewed in the USA. Thump, thump, thump. article

Headline: Beer shortage and heatwave spells misery for Cubans. article

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