Indiana Beer News, Oct. 22

the Oaken Barrel brew with a cult following, Apple Buzz, is released TODAY, Monday, oct. 22, at 11:00 AM. Kwang has received calls begging for an early release but rules are(appropriately) rules. Hey, while this is a bigger brew (7%) it is not huge in alcohol and some people must get their annual fix. Limit is two pints per person.

Meanwhile Kathleen alerted you to the Pumpkin beer at Fountain Square. We met up with brewer Dan and more from FS last week for a special tasting of their Stout and Porter. The buzz at Fountain Square was all about the nicely spiced pumpkin beer which tapped late last week and should be on through this week.

And it's Pumpkin time at RAM where brewer Andrew tapped the pumpkin last week and it is flowing this week.

Yogi's Bloomington has a tapping of various Flat12 beers Tuesday, Oct. 23, and we hope to see Flat12 Flat Jack pumpkin among them.

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