Drink All of the Beer!

By forces out of my control, my beer intake has been decreased. I've been fine with this, it has helped my diet for sure, until now. 

Today has been the day where after all week seeing all the wonderful,delicious beers being tapped by local breweries that I want to just throw my hands up in the air and drink all of the beer! 

So readers.. I feel like I need to share with you all these beers coming out so you can go and try them and try them soon. If  I know anything about local breweries and special beers, is they are here and then gone quickly. 

In no random order of awesomeness:

Flat12BierwerksOak-aged Chipotle Cinnamon 12 Penny Scottish Ale
Fountain Square Brewing Co.  - Cinnamon Girl an ale that is spiced nicely with pumpkin, cinnamon and a touch of vanilla.
Lafayette Brewing Thin Mint Black Angus Oatmeal Stout. ( Girl Scout cookie anyone?) 
People's Brewing CoAmerican Chocolate Stout with citrus hop balance ( makes me thinking oranges dipped in dark chocolate) 
Black Acre Brewing Co - Black Beard (their Beard Tax Russian Imperial Stout infused with blackberries) 
Sun KingMontezuma's Revenge - Roasted hot peppers of various kinds, blended with Sun King's Sunlight Cream Ale
Triton BrewingNutty Professor Peanut Butter Brown

And these are just a few.. a small little sample of what is available to you right here in central Indiana. 

So when that 5 o'clock time hits -- go quickly, drive safely and try some great fall beers. Let me know if they are as good as they sound.  Although I may end up caving and popping into one at least one of these breweries for a small taste. :)

- Cheers to the weekend, 

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